Happy Lion’s Gate!

August 8th every year is the Lion’s Gate. I’m not an astrology type, but it has something to do with our planetary alignment with Sirius. I am, however, an energy type, and I can tell you the energy is strong.

I always feel better with a higher vibration, and the incoming energy is amazing. That said, this stuff is probably wiping everyone else out. I get the same thing when I teach the Merkaba. I’m flying high, while my poor students can barely function. I usually crash when the energy comes back down, and sleep for 10 hours straight. This feels different though. My nervous system doesn’t feel as frazzled. Then again, the past week has been a day of activity followed by a day of rest. Sort of integrate as we go.

In times of energy, take action. In times of exhaustion, get rest. Don’t be hard on yourself for down days. Rest is essential for integration. I get the feeling we will all be used to this higher energy level soon. Some will only take weeks, others months, but it will get easier.

Keep your focus on your highest timeline. Not for setting a goal, but for being open to the possibilities. I am currently reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the way books just show up at the perfect time! It’s the perfect thing for allowing life to expand. Go big. Even if you have no practical way to make it happen, put it out there as an option, if only mentally. Even on your days of rest, keep your dream alive, and let it take on a life of its own.

Turn off the news. I only watch about 10 minutes twice a week, to have some idea of what’s going on. It’s just too much at this point. The brighter the incoming light, the more obvious the shadow. This is just the last gasp of the 3D matrix. It’s terrifying out there, but it will all be different by the end of September. From my intel (from higher dimensions), things are going quite well. More than expected are choosing to wake-up voluntarily, rather than wake-up to an alarm. Unplug, so you can focus on expansion.

Open your heart, and let in this beautiful light!

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6 Responses to Happy Lion’s Gate!

  1. Mae says:

    Love this!


  2. Annette says:

    Yes, the energies are amazing right now! I’m learning so very well how to navigate with much greater ease, had to ask/yell for some help, as the high vibes followed by the crash was just pissing me off..lol
    So yeah, it’s all about the importance of integration!!

    I’m with you on the news thing, and I doubt I even do 10 min. a week, like you, just too much. I do read some headlines from time to time from NPR to keep somewhat informed, yet that too is quite distracting.

    Thanks for another great post, and Happy Lions Gate to you as well.💖

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