Grounding the Energy

The energy has been coming in waves, each day stronger than the last. It started feeling undeniable on July 26, 2021. It is important that we not only acknowledge this energy, but that we allow it to pass though the body, to ground into Gaia.

It’s not that Gaia needs our help. She is doing just fine in her ascension process, and is perfectly capable of grounding whatever comes in. Plants and animals are naturally grounded, with energy passing freely through them. Humans, on the other hand, aren’t as natural as we used to be, and may need to consciously ground. Open your feet chakras, and let the energy flow through you. This allows the body to be a conduit, instead of bearing the brunt of this energy.

I have a compromised nervous system, so I am very aware of energy running through me. If energy gets blocked in the body, and then more energy keeps coming in, it’s not going to be a good thing. All day Monday I was making sure my feet chakras were open, and checking for any other blocks. I did a great job, but was still wiped out on Tuesday. Running energy all day is exhausting, no matter what you do. It feels great at the time, but it’s hard on the nervous system. Energy hangover.

The energy is just coming in, it’s just happening. Whether you call it ascension, or evolution, or because our galaxy is moving through a dust cloud in space, it’s just happening. Our job is to adapt. Meditations have been magical, dreams are awesome, energy and optimism are high, but the physical body may need a little extra care. Here are some tools:

Open your feet chakras, and visualize the energy moving through your body, into Gaia.
Walk barefoot, preferably with direct contact to Gaia.
Drink plenty of water.
Take baths with Epsom salt.

Get plenty of rest.
Check-in with your body often, and do whatever it asks.

This energy is strong, like a high voltage current. Keeping it in the body will be damaging. It may just cause a little irritability or a small headache, or it could be much more serious. This is the first mass physical ascension ever attempted. Usually, the body doesn’t make the journey. There are many stories of Tibetan monks going into caves to ascend. Observers reported rainbow light leaving the cave, and all that was left of the monk was a few body parts. Rainbows and body parts. We are trying to do it differently this time.

All that said, the energy is a good thing. If humans were still natural beings, we would just feel a little tired as the energy passed through us unhindered. Now, we live in a mental world, so we must make mental decisions about the body. Make good choices, that’s all. Befriend, listen to, and support your body. You (on all levels) were built for this.

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