Happy Equinox!

I know I’m a day late, but the equinox energies really knocked me for a loop yesterday. There was a two-hour nap involved. The ringing in my ears was tremendous. I have no idea how I slept. The energy coursing through my body was palpable. There are definitely some intense shifts going on. Many people contacted me between the full moon and equinox, because everything in their lives was turning upside down.

Even with the intensity, I have always loved the Libra equinox. I recently learned a possible reason why, from astrology. It is the time we go from ME to WE. The six signs from Aries to Virgo are about discovering ourselves as individuals (me). The six signs from Libra to Pisces are about how we interact with others (we). We take our self-knowledge, and apply it to the whole. Beautiful.

This also explains why my yearly energy forecast never conforms to the calendar year. I feel like the true energy of a year happens from March until September, between equinoxes. This is when we integrate the energy on a personal level. From September equinox until March equinox, we have a fade-out of the old energy, and a fade-in of the new. A blending. This is when we choose how to carry this new energy in our daily interaction with others.

We have just stepped into the blending period of 2022. While overall 2022 feels gentle and beautiful, it also feels like we enter into it in shocked silence. I have no idea what that will look like, but being that 2021 is the year of revelation and realignment, I would guess there are a few big revelations to come. Always remember the old must crumble to make space for the new to be built, both personally and collectively. Of course, we always have the option to jump timelines, at least in our own lives.

We are in a mass awakening, and if you are reading these words, you are far enough along the path to be of service to this shift. You don’t need to quit your day job, or start leading retreats. You just need to be open. Your open heart and open mind will naturally draw people to you. Talk with them. It’s actually more about listening that talking. Let them know they aren’t alone. Point them in a direction, by suggesting a class or an online group or a book that helped you. All this really takes from you is a willingness to be open. The Universe will take it from there.

Feel free to send people to this blog. It’s free, and mine isn’t the only option. I also have three books available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle. I try to offer some things that are free or low-cost, to be sure everyone has access to the information. Waking Up Indigo is for all levels of awakening. Walking In Both Worlds goes a bit deeper. What’s Next, which just came out, is aimed at the mastery level. I’m sure you have other options to share. Be willing to share them.

We are being called to service. The service you offer by grounding the energy and living intentionally is every bit as important as becoming a full-time healer or teacher as a day job. We are all a piece to someone’s puzzle.

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