2021 – Year of Revelation and Realignment

“We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”Joseph Campbell

For some months now, every time I try to see into 2021 all I hear is circus music. I sill think that’s how it’s going to look on the 3D stage… clowns endlessly appearing from a tiny car, spectacles of all sorts, death-defying acts… a great show. It will seem very chaotic, like no one is in charge and we are at the whim of fate. The good news is that fate is on our side, and it really works best without middle management.

We are being guided and supported more than we can imagine. If a choice brings tons of roadblocks, stop pursuing it. It may be the wrong direction or just the wrong timing. If you are heading toward your path, things will flow easily. Free will is not the same as we merge into unity. At this point, we can only make our own lives either easier or harder, but evolution is driving. The nice part is we really can’t mess it up. Like spiritual training wheels.

Both collectively and individually, we will find ourselves in an almost constant stream of new awareness, and then the resulting change that awareness creates. For those that love flow and adventure, it will be an exciting time. For those who crave stability and control, it’s an opportunity to find that grounding within. I know how that sounds, being a recovering control freak myself. 2020 at least gave us some practice with letting life flow, and releasing our ego grip on reality. Keep up the good work!

There will be an unprecedented number of “ah-ha” moments in 2021, on every level. This year will tell us with complete certainty that nothing is going back to pre-2020 normal. Ever. Expect changes in your perceptions, behaviors, and emotional reactions. The best way to cope with these shifts is allow yourself to flow with them. Spend more time in quiet contemplation, and be prepared to release the old you. We are simply waking up to our real selves. The illusions built by the ego as coping mechanisms are falling away. Let them fall. Don’t argue with reality.

These “ah-ha” moments will include every aspect of our daily life. With the body, this may mean new ideas about health and habits, or a new relationship with the body. Emotionally, our reactions, as well as our needs, will be different. Mentally, we will be re-framing pretty much everything we thought we knew. Know that change is part of evolution, and is much easier when welcomed. This includes outer changes in job or relationships – what used to work simply may not anymore. It’s okay. You’re being realigned to fit your original purpose. As Joseph Campbell says, “We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

There will be much shifting this year. With each change in perception, the outer world will realign to match it. Relocating, changes in relationships and jobs, health changes… everything is shifting to where it ought to be. For those who aren’t shifting much you are already on course, though being the vast minority, plan to see others moving around quite a bit. What comes, let it come; what goes, let it go. Let life move. Let life breathe through you, without having to direct it to satisfy ego structures.

Please note that the chaos is only in the human realm, as we have built our reality on ego structure. Nature is doing great. While humans will invent new ways to deal with the damage we have caused to our biosphere, the Earth is also healing herself. Even as I watch the final leaves fall this autumn, I can see a new glow around everything in nature. When you feel overwhelmed, go outside and really connect to the planet. She’s happily ascending, as planned.

Be incredibly gentle with yourself in 2021. Leave post-it notes on your bathroom mirror: “Be Gentle”. The kinder you are to yourself, the kinder you can be with others, and the smoother this whole year will be. Plan to give yourself time and opportunity to grow at your own pace. This means more contemplation time, and a positive inner dialog. This will be a challenging year for many. The more light you can hold within, the more light you can provide others. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I recommend getting away from news and social media. The world stage won’t be pretty, and many will be spouting doom and fear. Discover the true power of now by staying present to your own reality, without other’s input. If you choose to go there, cue the circus music. Stay out of blame and judgement, and know that everyone has their own path, which you can’t change. My theme song for the year is “Thank U” by Alanis Morissette. Stay in gratitude, because everything is happening for you, not to you.

Maybe your revelations will include being a multi-dimensional being whose Higher Self is now in charge. Maybe you will notice how strange linear time is. Maybe you will sit back and enjoy getting to the decade we came here for. History will mark this decade as the turning point. 2021 is full of potential, just waiting for us to relax enough to see it.


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22 Responses to 2021 – Year of Revelation and Realignment

  1. NathaJay says:

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    Remember, the yearly energies don’t start right on January 1st. We are already seeing hints of this, and it will be full swing by the March equinox.


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  8. The Wave says:

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  10. gratzite says:

    Excellent bog
    I like any emphasis on Gratitude, it is the title of the 5th. Blessing
    .Unselfish service is said to be more important than meditation in these times.

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  11. gratzite says:

    After several errors in that response the motto should have been,
    “Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment”


  12. NathaJay says:

    Funny you say that. I say that my phone doesn’t like me. I’m excited for telepathy to kick in!


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