End of an Era

Image by Anna Veronika from Pixabay

You know, I’m kind of in awe of those teachers who can work on the same level their whole lives. I guess I’m like that with some things. When I used to teach dance, I taught all ages, but I specialized in young kids, age 3-6 years. It worked out well, because most studio owners struggle with teaching children under seven. I had no problem. The kids were happy and attentive, and my classes grew to capacity.

In the realm of self-development, I don’t stay with one level very long. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because I like to teach what I’ve just learned, and I like to keep learning. The problem I’m having right now is that I have reached a place where everything seems to be in perfect order, thus no longer calling for my commentary. At least for now. This view may change next week. I can’t tell where I’m heading… I’m just floating on bliss and faith. It feels pretty amazing.

Maybe this blissful condition is due to finally deciding to be all-in on the higher timeline. I am fully aware that the 3D world looks like it’s going to hell in a hand-basket, but I can also see how it is working out perfectly. It is giving people reason to pause, and really consider their worldview. It is giving people a chance to make a choice to act on what’s truly and deeply important to them. I am completely comfortable (at least right now) letting people be wherever they are in the process. Maybe my boundaries have improved. I know my faith in life has.

I know what denial feels like, and this isn’t it. I know what apathy and defeat feel like, and this isn’t even close. I just don’t care, but not in a bad way. I have complete faith in everyone’s ability to make this shift from within, and it will happen in their own time. I believe it’s worth while to plant seeds, but then just walk away and leave people to their own pace. My seeds are my books.

I have been asking others to step into their roles as teachers for almost five years now. A few have, and you are appreciated. I have also recently stumbled upon a blogger you may enjoy. Her name is Anna Mercury, and her site is AllGodsNoMasters.com. She can also be found on Medium.com. I enjoy her style and insight. With my current lull in writing, you may wish to check her out. When I found her, it was such a relief to see someone filling the gap I feel I’m leaving. I know you will each find whatever you need on your own, but it was still easier on me to know she’s there, writing away.

I plan to keep writing, though not as much. On the other side of this shift, most of my time and attention is spent integrating new energy and being in awe of the natural world. Linear time seems irrelevant, as everything happens in the now moment. My latest hobbies are jumping timelines and telepathy with animals and insects. Not really something I can put into words. At my core, I am an explorer of inner space. I do lots of things that we currently have no vocabulary for. At least, not yet. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries of possibility, shall we? In my experience, people are exactly as powerful as they think they are. Freedom and sovereignty are part of that package, so let’s be who we came here to be. See you in the new NOW.

If this info is helpful, you can follow my blog (lower right side of page) to have posts delivered directly to your inbox. You may also enjoy my books, Waking Up Indigo, Walking In Both Worlds, and What’s Next, available at Amazon, both in paperback and on Kindle. Please feel free to share and re-post these writings… we are all just walking each other home.

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  1. As an explorer of inner space I think the term “endonaut” is appropriate : )

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