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We tend to think of the future in relation to the past. Mentally, we have no other choice, because we can only know what we’ve been exposed to. However, the intuitive community keeps saying that the future will bear no resemblance to the past, without much practical detail. I love practical detail, and I’m also a bit before the first big wave, so I have been diligently working out this new paradigm. I can say, with the certainty of experience, that the future bears no resemblance to the past.

The past was based in either the subconscious or conscious mind (that would relate to the second and third chakras.) The point of the game was to crawl out of subconscious patterns, and direct your actions with your conscious mind (free will, personal power). This included much effort. There was a lot of personal shadow work to liberate the mind from subconscious programming, followed by a lot of discipline and focus to harness free will (conscious creation). These are essential steps, and many are still working things out at this level. Again, this is essential work. One must be conscious and empowered before they can move on. The point being, there is now something to move on to and it’s available to all, when they are ready.

The old paradigm was based on pushing, while the new is based on pulling. Magnetizing with heart energy is the new form of manifestation. Instead of making things happen we let things happen, as a match to our vibration. If our vibration is pulling in unwanted people and experiences, we can use that as an indication we have something to shift from within. This works quite efficiently if you have already done the work in the subconscious and conscious mind. If there is more to be done with them, then by all means, just do it. We all have to go back and clear things out occasionally.

The real work of the new paradigm is to adjust and maintain our chosen frequency. It is obvious when our frequency is off, because unpleasant things start happening, and increase in severity until the base frequency is adjusted. It’s like the cartoon of a snowball rolling downhill, gaining size and speed as it goes. The best thing is to catch the error early, and make corrections quickly. This is why a person must be conscious and empowered before taking this step – they must be self-aware enough to notice when things are going sideways, and empowered enough to change their own thinking. You can think of this as keeping your frequency high, or keeping yourself on the higher timeline. Same thing.

Please understand I don’t mean to sound flippant or in denial. I am aware the 3D world is crumbling, and it’s quite painful to watch. The true revolution won’t come in fighting the old, but in entirely turning away from the old and embracing the new. If everyone turns their backs on the old games there will be no one for the old paradigm to fight. More importantly, there will be no support of the old. Let it crumble… it’s the only way forward. Take time to grieve the loss of the old, but know there is also a birth of the new.

We each have access to any frequency (timeline) we choose, and we can each move from one to the other at any time. The higher timeline is based on the frequency of love, while the lower timeline is based on the frequency of fear. All human emotion is rooted in one of these two expressions. I have never had much fear in my life, but I had quite a bit of anger, which is rooted in fear. Just because you may not be feeling fear as fear doesn’t mean it isn’t your baseline emotion. Maintaining a frequency of love may take some diligence to retrain your thoughts.

To maintain the higher frequency takes three things:
Discipline the mind, support the body, and practice gratitude every single day. The mind requires your awareness and discipline to keep from dwelling on fearful thoughts or spiraling into overwhelm and anxiety. You get to choose what you dwell on. Choose wisely. The body needs your support to be as healthy as possible. Poor gut health can seriously impact your mind. Probiotics and a good diet can change your life. Gratitude is a practice anyone can do, and it is the fastest way to open up that magnetic heart energy. It also increases your relationship within, and your trust in life’s path.

All these things take time and practice. Start today, and keep going. Everyone is different, but we all have the room and the ability to grow. Welcome to the New Paradigm!

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