The End of Striving

The world has taught us to achieve. We have been led to believe that constantly striving for more is the path to happiness. As we know, happiness isn’t a destination, it is a perspective. We are either happy or we aren’t, independent of our striving. But constant striving creates a bubble of distraction around us, it keeps us occupied and removed from our body and our feelings. This was the point of the game – to keep us playing by dangling a carrot that isn’t really there and keep us in our minds, like a rat in a maze.

Striving (achieving) isn’t bad or wrong, it just can’t be the driving force if we are to be truly happy. The ego is the part that strives, the Spirit is the part that really wants happiness. The Spirit is ready to embody, meaning the Higher Self is ready to co-create with the body. Now is the time to honor and align with the body-temple. When my body is healthy, I’m happier. I have been working with my body, with intention and loving devotion, for three years now and I have the relationship pretty dialed-in. I even feel a significant difference with a change in temperature. I’m just happy and relaxed when I’m warm. I always knew I disliked being cold, but now I feel my whole body relax and open up when I’m warm.

The upside to this level of body awareness is being able to reach a state of meditative bliss much easier, just by asking my body (partner) what it needs right now. It’s almost like I am being rewarded just for listening… and who doesn’t feel better when they are heard? The downside is that I can no longer indulge in the social nicety of an occasional non-organic (GMO laced) meal with friends. Someone was nice enough to cook me a meal recently, and it seemed rude not to eat it. Right away I could feel the discomfort in my digestive tract, and the next morning my spleen hurt. Just a subtle discomfort, but it was definitely my spleen. It’s strange, even for me, to be this aware of my body. In order to build my body-relationship I had to stop and listen. I had to stop striving and letting my ego mind lead.

Worldly achievement is an ego endeavor. If the goal is career advancement, more money, and better stuff, then it is just distraction. The ego structure is dissolving rapidly, and anything you have been doing based on that structure is about to be glaringly obvious. Not all striving is based on an outside story. If your reasons for doing something are your own, striving (as a part-time thing) can be quite healthy. We’ve just gotten lost in an imaginary fairyland of mental dominance.

As above, so below. Above, we have the cocoon of space-time (3D & 4D) changing rapidly. This is the barrier between Earth and the rest of the galaxy. This barrier made us feel alone in the universe. Below, we have the cocoon of the ego changing rapidly. The ego kept us feeling separate and alone in our individual lives. Humans are built for connection. At this point, letting go of fear and judgement will bring almost instant connection. As the isolation of ego 3D & 4D dissolve, the unity of 5D builds. Be willing to release what needs to be released in your life. It won’t take three focused years to build a body-connection at this point. It will happen quite naturally, if you just get out of your own way (out of the mental stories).

What happens on the other side of striving? Intuitive direction and joyful motivation. I still chop wood and carry water (more like laundry and cooking), but it no longer feels like an endless “to do” list. Most of the time I feel absolutely amazing, and this feeling has been my new baseline for weeks. I’m usually a bit early, so it’s on the way even if you haven’t felt it yet. We were taught to strive (do), now we must learn how to be. This is a move from talking to listening, both inner and outer.

For some, this won’t be an easy transition. Be kind to yourself and others. Try to flow with the current of life. Some ties will need to be cut, but some things can stay in your life, if the story is changed. If you are already flowing with life, be assured that everything is perfect. The ascension is going quite well, and the energetic support is truly amazing. The goal for 2022 – The Great Reset is to get out of the head and into the heart. That 18 inches from head to heart is said to be the longest journey one can take. Start each day with curiosity, and end each day with a gratitude list. This is what we came here for. Thank you for being on the planet right now. I see you ❤

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