2022 – The Great Reset

I feel fantastic about 2022! Of course, I’m a Scorpio, and pretty partial to death and rebirth. The illusion must collapse to make room for the truth of who we are, and why we are here. Everyone thinks they want the illusion to fall away, until they start seeing exactly how much of our world is illusion. 2022 & 2023 will be labeled by history as “the turning point”, but living through it is a day-to-day business. The outcome will be well worth it, and the collapse of the illusion will be amazing to witness, if you keep your focus on the big picture.

This won’t be a single event, but more like waves coming in to wash away the distortions. Between waves, we will be integrating this new, less distorted information, and adjusting our mental framework to match. On a personal level, the work of 2022 will be reassessing stories and values. For those who have been working with their own stories, and are comfortable with mental re-framing, this year will feel like a dance. We can wake-up each day with curiosity: I wonder what’s different today? For those stuck in their opinions, or married to a narrative, it will be a trying year. It really comes down to what you believe is the underlying truth – human structure, or divine structure. Human structure is about to be knocked down a few pegs.

2022 could easily be called “Truth, Faith, and Healing”. Sounds lovely, until you think of what’s required to find truth, faith, and healing. The timeline split will be even more pronounced. I feel quite loved and safe as I project myself into 2022, but I have absolutely no desire for the future to resemble the past. If there are still folks out there planning a future around the values and strategies of the last century, this one’s gonna hurt. Be kind, and let others feel safe when changing their minds. For many, the hardest thing to change is their mental stories. This means no judgement, of self or other. Let people change – this year will demand it.

“Truth”, in this context, is closer to “transparency”. Instead of arguing over which group has the correct story, the manipulation is washed away, leaving the actual event exposed for all to see. Some say they want truth, when they actually just want to be right. They are so embedded in their story, that seeing what actually took place will cause a bit of shell-shock. This will probably happen to us all at some level this year. Stay mentally flexible enough to say: I used to believe in that? How silly of me! Forgive yourself, and move on. Manipulation and distortion existed in 3D. Transparency exists in 5D.

“Faith” really means “trust”… trust in life, trust in evolution, trust in a bigger picture. There are a few still talking about the importance of making the “right” choice (free will) to keep this Ascension thing rolling. We are past that point. While free will choices will definitely affect your personal journey, the ball of evolution has picked up enough speed that it’s happening either way. Trust in that. No matter how messy the world stage may look, we are heading in the right direction, with increasing speed. Yes, add your light to love the collective through this transition, but you no longer have to push. Your light adds to the speed of the shift, but it’s happening either way.

“Healing” means “soul-alignment”, moving from ego stories to actual soul-driven living. Think of a happy four-year-old: They sing and dance and love, they are always creating in playful ways, and they love to help (they want to be included in everything from cooking to fixing the car.) They never worry. What if this is what being human is really meant to be? Leave open the possibility that soul-based living looks nothing like the 3D life we have built. Every time your ego starts to act up, comfort it by telling it this new way will be easier and more fun. The ego can’t stay in resistance if you stop fighting with it. Just treat the ego with love and redirection.

The structures that will collapse this year (and going forward) simply can’t exist in 5D. This means all power hierarchies, and all enslavement tools. Perhaps the most successful enslavement tool is money. It is part of 3D life, and I’m not saying money is inherently “bad”, but it most definitely doesn’t exist in the 5D future. Please work on removing your bank account from your sense of abundance. If you had all your needs met, what would abundance look like to you? I feel abundant when I spend time one-on-one with people. I feel abundant when I am supported, both emotionally and practically (help with projects). I feel abundant when I am surrounded by rocks (making jewelry, sitting in my rock garden). If I had all the money in the world, it wouldn’t make me feel abundant. Spend some time contemplating what fills your heart.

Money is a finite, linear, mental concept. Finite and linear meaning scarcity is built-in – if one has a lot, someone else has less. Love is the opposite – the more you give away, the more you have. Money is only a concept, an idea. Your body needs air, water, and food to survive (at least for now), whereas people existed for thousands of years without money. It was an interesting tool for a time, but it’s not going with us as we evolve. If you are having a hard time understanding that money isn’t necessary for progress it may be time to re-watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. To learn more about money and a possible money-less future I recommend Zeitgeist The Addendum and Zeitgeist Moving Forward.

Just like dandelions bursting through cracks in the sidewalk, 5D technologies are popping up all over the place. I recommend GoodNewsNetwork.org for the latest on amazing technologies and positive stories. I also highly recommend distance from both social media and news. 2022 is all about disconnecting from group think, and reconnecting to the intelligence of your own soul. It will be a smoother process without propaganda and opinion. I understand the desire to stay informed, which you can do through something like a headline only, non-biased email, like 1440. Find a news source without commentary or dramatic music, and limit your time there. You can be aware of the world-stage chaos, while choosing to focus on the amazing future. This is one of those free will choices that will change the quality of your personal journey.

It’s a great time to question everything. As we reassess our stories and realign our values with our soul, we may decide some things in our life no longer serve us. That’s okay. It’s okay to drop whatever or whoever you have to in order to align with your soul. It’s also okay to keep your situation, and just drop the stories that no longer support your evolution. I’m quite sure you will know exactly what you need. If it feels expansive and full of love, it will be the easier path.

None of us can know what 5D will look like, but I can tell you how it feels. 5D is expansive, and joyful, and abundant from the heart, and amazingly free and easy. Anything that feels restrictive or scary is part of the old paradigm, without a doubt. As Cynthia Sue Larson asks about jumping timelines, “How good can it get?’ Witness the fall of the illusion with some emotional distance, and focus your attention on the New World coming into play. The Great Reset – what an incredible time to be alive!

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