Embodiment Is Weird

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I know I haven’t written in a while. Honestly, the embodiment experience changes everyday, and I’m having trouble pinning down some way to translate it into language. It’s been weird. Quite happy overall, but so strange. My body’s need are always changing. My emotional state is usually somewhere between content and blissful, but there have also been a couple crazy-train days. My reliable discipline has turned into an ever-changing flow. Weird is the only word that covers it.

As is the new normal, time is becoming less linear. 4D is shifting dramatically, and along with it our sense of linear time, and also mental manipulation. 4D houses the astral plane, which has been used to manipulate and control through fear and group-think. The question is not what’s on the news, but how many people are turning it off, in favor of internal processing. Humanity is tired of being led. We are ready to guide ourselves by our own inner compass.

In place of linear time comes an ever present now moment. This is part of your immortality. Every step, every moment of your journey brought you here, and the journey will continue in that fashion. If something doesn’t feel quite right, then wait to act. When it’s the right situation and the right time, you’ll know it. I like to research, but I immediately know the right path when I feel it. No more getting lost in mental gymnastics. When I try to work things out with only my mind, progress grinds to a halt. The path must be felt, then the mind can join in for action steps.

Our bodies are changing, both energetically and physically. 3D holds our physical existence as little carbon-based units. This is a physical ascension to 5D, so our bodies are becoming more crystalline. My ascension symptoms used to be fatigue and pain, now it is more about adjusting to increased hearing and smell, and animal telepathy. My senses are getting sharper, no matter what medicine says is possible. The important thing to remember about science and medicine is that they only tell us our current level of understanding. Never mistake our current level of understanding with the actual truth. As our physicality evolves, so will our science on the subject.

For me, my body has been clear about its changing needs. Some days I eat a good amount of food, while other days I have a handful of mixed nuts and a lot of water. Some days sugar sounds terrible, and other days it’s salt. I can feel my nervous system changing. My body requested I stop all supplements for a bit. I am complying with all requests, and my body feels relaxed and happy. I got Covid in November, and after a month of exhaustion, I truly feel better than I have in decades. I’m not the only who has mentioned improved health after recovery. Could this plague be acting as a DNA upgrade? Without doubt, it is a man-made virus (symptoms changing everyday), but nature always bends things to her needs. Nature always wins.

Mentally, I have much less worry and judgement. The catch is when my words get away from my personal integrity, I spiral hard. All of a sudden I can’t stop thinking about what I wish I had said differently. This is new for me. The result is that I am much more careful with both my words and my thoughts. It really has very little to do with the other person, and everything to do with my own integrity. Alignment with the Higher Self makes integration smoother. Anything out of alignment quickly becomes obvious.

I think what is most strange (in this super strange process) is my complete personality change. I have always been a planner, with great skill at discipline, and now plans are an outline (with no real timeline) and my discipline is in maintaining my flexibility. Was my personality that far out of alignment before? I think so. But I also think it was a necessary coping skill to survive on this planet before now. My old personality served me well, now it’s time for something else. Every morning I wonder what part of myself I will discover. It’s like soul retrieval with confetti. Weird, but fun!

Anyway, I hope this update is helpful. You are not alone, and “you’re just as sane as I am” (Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter). I wonder what will happen next…

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