Goodbye 2021

At the end of each year I look back at the amazing lessons I’ve learned. Instead of a list of resolutions, I highly recommend you honor yourself, and the past year, by reviewing the insights you have gained. I felt quite guided this past year, like I was being prepared for something. There was much purging, both physically and mentally. Even though the year flew by, it feels like I learned at least five year’s worth of lessons. Here are some of my lessons from 2021:

Saying goodbye to a furry friend never gets any easier. The grieving process gets smoother, but the parting is always hard.
Codependency is much more ingrained and entangled in my psyche than I had thought.
To lovingly hold space, I must fully release all hope of the person ever growing.
Hope and faith are totally different. Hope has attachment.
Knowing it is darkest before the dawn doesn’t make the dark any easier.
My friends support me, even in my darkness.
Healers show up at my door at just the right time, usually disguised as new friends.
Living in the present requires forgiving the past.
Living in the present requires trusting in the future (no more disaster planning).
I still have to remind myself to trust my path. Planning ahead got me where I am, but its time is over.
Community is where it’s at. I feel safe knowing I can call on others, and I’m not in this alone.
Learning I am on the autism spectrum gives me a new way to know myself, a new take on my reality.
Most of the things on the list of autism “disabilities” are what I’ve always considered my superpowers.
I’m sad that people with superpowers are considered disabled. Not for much longer, I’m sure.
Just seeing the light in another reminds me of who I truly am.
I hope I remind others of who they truly are.
I would like to be more lighthearted.
Redirecting my thoughts to the positive is now habit.
I was built to tear down the old. I have no idea what to do now. I have faith that I will be led.
This is the first year I have experienced extended periods of peace and bliss. I had no idea that was possible before. I could get used to it.
My life has been treacherous at times, but it has led me here. Excellent planning.
I feel honored to have carried the torch, and I feel great about passing it on. The next wave is ready. I’m excited to see where the future goes.
I am blessed to be filled with gratitude, curiosity, and excitement!

In case you missed it, check out the energy forecast for 2022 – The Great Reset. I also enjoyed rereading the forecast for 2021. Things always make more sense in hindsight. The coming year starts the turning point for humanity. What an amazing time to be alive! Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Goodbye 2021

  1. Annette says:

    Happy New Year Natha!!

    “This is the first year I have experienced extended periods of peace and bliss. I had no idea that was possible before. I could get used to it.“

    When I read this, first of all I’m so very happy and excited for you. 💞

    For me, this year, and the one before was the absolute opposite, so much so I’ve thought, darn I use to get more extended periods of peace and bliss, yet lately NO-thing!! I’m sure this will eventually SHIFT, as much is, and it will be SO welcomed!!

    Much love, peace, and bliss to us all,

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  2. NathaJay says:

    Happy New Year, Annette! I am a bit early, so I’m sure most of the world is like “What is she talking about? It’s been stressful!” You’ll get back to the bliss soon, I’m sure. I had to make some crazy leaps of faith before the pandemic started, and I think the past two years have been that way for most everyone else.


  3. Annette says:


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