The New Normal

I am all kinds of excited, because this is the part of the shift I’ve been looking forward to most. Yay! The masses will start to look behind the curtain of conditioning, and see that this whole system is not only limiting, but actually encouraging physical death and disease. This broken system was designed on purpose (at one time) to keep humans separated from their true power. It is easier to keep people in line if they are removed from their power. It’s odd that more of us don’t know this, but our human power is in our physical body. The lower 3 chakras need the most attention.

The only reason we get to have this physical life is through the gift of our body. Our consciousness continues after physical death, but the whole point of physical life is the body. The body is our human expression. Our body is our power. Our body is our joy. This truth has been suppressed for so long, even the oppressors have forgotten the magic of this secret.

Taking care of the body includes not causing it harm. Sounds like common sense, but there has been considerable conditioning to encourage self-harm. Everything from loathing our body image to consuming alcohol (poison) has been considered normal. Coming out as a non-drinker is currently similar to coming out as gay in the 1990s… it’s a big deal, and people assume something is wrong with you.

Having healthy gut bacteria is tied to health on all levels, including mental health. The cycle used to run like this: I should drink socially, alcohol kills gut bacteria (that’s why we can use alcohol to sterilize stuff), the microbiome is off and now I feel stressed, I’ll have a drink to calm down, repeat. The new cycle won’t include alcohol, or anything harmful to the body. Part of this new normal will be a true understanding of how the body works and how we can best support it.

Mental clarity is also required to fully experience our power and freedom. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. A healthy mind supports a healthy body. Interdependence. We are (finally!) moving from codependency and conformity to interdependence and diversity. Marijuana is on the way out also. Before anyone tries to defend the benefits of any drug, consider this: Anything that alters your perception and cognition lowers your ability to be fully present. You must be fully present to be fully empowered. These things were just marketed to us with skill, even within the spiritual community. Ever heard of beer yoga? It’s a thing.

This shift to awareness of body health is brought to us courtesy of Gaia herself. The earth is realigning herself with her true nature, and taking all physical life with her. Some will choose to shift with her, some will leave physical embodiment. Neither is right or wrong. The priority of respecting and supporting physical life is the wave of the future. As unity consciousness comes online, we will understand and feel how our individual choices effect all. The time of extreme individualism is drawing to a close. Again, yay!

Knowledge is power. How can we make a choice without the facts? Long story short – do some research, and pass on what you find. “Research” has to come from the scientific community. There are plenty of articles on the benefits of alcohol and marijuana consumption. One thing science can’t offer is an energetic description of consumption, so I’ll share what I see. Both alcohol and marijuana consumption dampen the inner fire. Alcohol slowly drowns the passion for life, and marijuana stops any drive to live fully. On this energetic level it’s much easier to see the effects; just look for the spark in the eye of a regular user.

If you have fallen into one of these traps, forgive yourself. You didn’t know what you didn’t know. Take the information, and choose a path forward. Any change to improve your health is fully supported at this point. Both your invisible team and Mother Earth are with you on this!

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    I love talk and you are brilliant. ❤️

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