Patriarchal Identity

We can all feel the fall. It is past the tipping point and gravity has taken over. In human terms, we finally have more people against the patriarchy, than for it. All things tied to the patriarchal system are falling away, faster than anyone planned. The issue I’m concerned about is how this will change our personal stories. At least 2000 years of our cultural history has been built on these values. Though we are all looking forward to this change, it’s best to also look into how we have molded ourselves to survive this system.

Before we go on, let me be clear that “the patriarchy” refers to a social system, NOT to individual men, or even men in general. It’s easy to point out the damage a patriarchal system has done to women, non-whites, and non-heterosexuals, but the damage done to men, especially white men, is harder to discern. It is easier to explain white privilege, than gender privilege. Patriarchy is the water we all swim in, and that fish bowl is about to shatter.

A few years back I read a number of books on white privilege. Being a white woman, I wanted to learn more about the subject and how I could help with equality. One of the books addressed cultural appropriation by asking, “What is white culture?” Wow. That one really hit me. When I think of any specific non-white group culture, I can easily think of their history of music, dress, and customs. So my question to you is, “What is male culture?”

Women have a culture, which spans all colors. Women keep the home fires burning and the kids fed. This they must do, and there is no other option. If I had to choose one word for female culture it’s “long-suffering”. Not that women’s culture is always a bummer, but there is a definite culture. You can see why women are eager to see the fall of the patriarchy.

What is male culture? To provide? How does that look in a world without money? To be an eternal child? How does that look when the women no longer have any interest in supporting a man’s whims? My point is this: it is urgent to identify as a soul, rather than a cultural role in the patriarchy. The men that have been doing their inner work seem to be handling the current situation well, but those who have been avoiding their soul seem to be floundering. Please gently guide folks to an inner definition of self, because the outer is falling fast.

From my post Return of the Goddess, 2015:

“First, we need to understand this isn’t a gender thing. All humans have both masculine and feminine energy within them, and we can have an imbalance in one or both of them, regardless of our human gender. The phenomenon we are calling ‘Return of the Goddess’ is really just a return to balance within ourselves, and then expressing that new balance in society. Not only have we been heavily emphasizing the masculine (lots of doing and getting, as opposed to being and nurturing), but we have also been living mostly in the shadow side of both energies.

For example, the shadow of the masculine can be either aggressive or an eternal child (Peter Pan complex), among other things. The feminine shadow can include manipulation and victimization (martyr complex). Again, this is NOT about gender. I know lots of women with control issues (masculine imbalance) and lots of men who live as victims (feminine imbalance). When in balance, masculine energy can be protective without being possessive, focused without being dominating; feminine energy can be nurturing without being smothering, creative without being flighty. It’s a matter of balance, as well as living in the light instead of the shadow.

Masculine energy is what our world is currently built on. It’s an outward moving force, yang energy, with the emphasis on doing and acquiring. It’s a mental energy, and likes step-by-step processes. It’s about focusing the will, and making things happen. It’s a linear energy, and is represented by a straight line.

Feminine energy is largely missing from our current culture, thus the Return of the Goddess to bring us back into balance. It’s an inward force, yin energy, with the emphasis on being and nurturing. It’s an emotional energy, and likes spontaneity. It’s about allowing life to flow, and surrender to Divine Will. It is a cyclical energy, and it represented by a circle or spiral.”

Another good post is Alignment, 2018.

While I am quite sure the fall of the patriarchy will affect us all in some way, those who are unconsciously governed by it will have an abrupt awakening. Please take the time to consider your own ego alignment. Be gentle with yourself and others, but now is the time to make the adjustments you can.

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2 Responses to Patriarchal Identity

  1. gratzite says:

    Interesting challenge to origin in the Bible, which is primary in creation of Man. It could well be that Female is the first aspect in our formation.

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  2. NathaJay says:

    I always read “man” as “mankind”. But then again, I generally think holy texts are generally metaphorical. Could just be because I’ve never managed to identify as human, let alone gendered.


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