Your Half

So many of us seem to be a bit concerned about missing the ascension boat. The Higher Self is driving at this point, so all we have to do is our half of the process – keep the ego where it belongs (in the backseat). Easier said than done some days, but you get points for trying. Anytime fear or anger try to lead you down a darker timeline, just stop and remember you get to decide which thoughts to dwell on. The world is changing rapidly, and you get to choose your focus. Where attention goes, energy flows.

Your half of this creation process is all about taking responsibility for your own issues, because personal responsibility is the gateway to personal power. Let me say that again – personal power comes directly from taking personal responsibility. If you feel dis-empowered, look at where you can take more responsibility.

If a person has an issue that they don’t address, it simply becomes everyone else’s issue. This applies to all issues from childhood trauma to addiction to ADD. To use a brutal example, if an alcoholic gets drunk and beats his wife, it is a way of throwing the issue of alcoholism at others to deal with, instead of taking responsibility for dealing with his own addiction. This same lack of personal responsibility happens frequently, at much more subtle levels. Only you can decide to heal yourself. Only they can decide to heal themselves. It has to be a choice from within.

This is really a bad time to shirk personal responsibility. Waves of power are coming in, and lack of responsibility is a huge energy leak. I love this video by Will Smith about fault and responsibility. It doesn’t matter whose fault it is you have the issue, it is still your responsibility to correct the issue within yourself so you don’t keep spreading it to others. Additionally, blame is possibly the biggest energy leak / self-sabotage in humanity at the moment.

If your unhappiness is someone else’s fault, you have work to do. I’m not saying that other people don’t throw their issues around, looking for someone to carry them. I’m only saying take responsibility for your own. Be part of the solution. It could be that refusing to carry someone else’s issues is exactly how you step into your power. I feel a lot of that, actually. Stepping away can be the most empowering thing you do.

In my own life, this issue has been at the forefront for the last week. I have heard from people saying they are ready to step away from those unwilling to take responsibility for their own psychology. It is exhausting to carry someone else. We each have enough to do in dealing with our own issues. Also, I have had almost total strangers throw their issues at me, probably just to see if they’ll stick. Not my normal, but any port in a storm, I suppose. I have found that it’s best to give no reaction at all when this happens. Like I said, it is a really bad time to ignore your own responsibility to better yourself.

My half of the current process is to let go of what doesn’t serve me, and focus on the beauty of the destination. I bring my best future into the present every time I let go of fear and anger. Fear is of the ego, and my future will not be based on ego. I’m not saying I don’t have challenging days, but I do have choices on how to react. Use your own choice to create power for your best future.

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