“Allow” keeps ringing in my mind. Every time I try to push the river, I hear “allow”. Every time I start to worry about something, I hear “allow”. Just sitting by while life happens has never been my strong suit. It makes me wonder if those prone to inaction are now being told “act now”.

I think the bigger point is to follow whatever guidance you are given. I believe we are being re-balanced to our Divine nature. For me, this means relaxing into the flow of life, where it is no longer up to “just me” to make things happen. I am being supported by life in new ways, and it is my job to acknowledge that and trust it. What does it mean for you?

Whenever I am told to allow, I close my eyes, repeat the word, and notice the changes in my body. When I do this I feel every fiber of my body relaxing, almost like the energy had been restricted by my unconscious grasping. The sensation is sudden and visceral. I sit in this space and take a few breaths. I am stating to notice when my body starts to tense up, so I can shift into allowing before I am told.

Again, follow your own guidance. I am kind of the canary in the mine for physically attempting ascension. Being wheelchair bound with a degenerative neurological disorder is always a bit of a challenge, but the incoming energy is integrated through the nervous system. Sitting still and allowing life to flow may be balancing me psychologically, but it also seems physically wise. Follow your guidance!!! There may be more than one reason your intuition is yelling at you. I am felling physically stronger, even with the excessive amount of nothing I’ve been doing.

I have read several articles about how to prepare for the upcoming eclipse, none of which feel right to me. I do believe this eclipse (April 19-20 2023) is a major reset for humanity, but the preparation is different for each of us. The only thing that alleviates the intensity for me is connecting with nature or my own body. Follow your own guidance, as your Higher Self knows what’s best for you.

The shifts in perspective have been enormous in the last month, and we are about to see the rubber hit the road. Just stay inner-focused, and develop your relationship to your Higher Self. The old is crumbling quickly, so anchoring inward will make for the smoothest transition. The new world is already growing, just focus on the good news. We got this!

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3 Responses to Allow

  1. Thank you for your message. I am very pleased to hear that you’re feeling stronger!
    As a person who has allowed the river of life to sweep him wherever she desires, I am being asked to tune into my feelings – which takes presence – and take responsibility for them. In a way, allowing myself to be conscious of feelings.

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  2. The Wave says:

    Yes! Allow!!!

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