From Me to We

Is this even the same world it was last week? This eclipse week has brought many epiphanies and collective shifts. I feel the most pronounced shift moves us from the insanity of extreme independence to the joy of interconnection. Humans are truly meant to rely on each other. Unity consciousness requires unity. No one is an island, and I am excited to see how this next step evolves.

I’m not sure how, or when, we decided that success required extreme independence, when the opposite is true. From cradle to grave, it takes a village to sustain us all. Even if you have more money than you can count, being isolated from those you love makes it worthless. The whole Covid experience taught us a lot about how backwards our priorities have become. We are never truly happy without spending some time with loved ones. I am one of the most introverted people I know, so if I’m feeling it, the pull is strong.

The other interesting thing that fell into my awareness this week was my place in this new paradigm. Turns out, the knowledge that seemed so obvious it wasn’t even worth mentioning is exactly what I am here to share. Our true gifts are hidden in plain sight. Ha! Of course they are! I am still distilling the information, but my life is about to take a sharp turn. I’ll keep you posted. What is completely obvious to you, that no one else seems to understand? It’s time to share your unique gifts.

In the midst of all this new paradigm discovery, I seem to have lost my usual ego concerns. I’m not sure if this is permanent, but I’m certainly enjoying it while it lasts. Of course everything will work out! I can’t even worry if I try. This condition is new to me. I have never been one to just worry, but I’ve always had a plan (and a few back-ups). At this particular point, there is no plan, and I’m fine with the situation. The flow of life has been taking care of things. I feel supported by life (another new sensation).

Along with this feeling of support, my focus has also shifted from me to we. Service to the whole has always been a nice idea, but second to survival. Now, it feels like survival is supported by the flow of life, and I can focus entirely on being of service. Service feels internalized. Again, not sure how long this will last, but it feels like service has taken the place of old ego desires. Have you noticed major ego shifts?

The current experience is so different than the old 3D thing we were doing. I’m not sure how I managed that old existence for so long. Close your eyes and look around. Even Gaia feels different. It’s like the entire world is supported and supporting. The new is being built faster than the old is dissolving. Be sure you are focusing on the new… it’s amazing out there.

The Gene Key of the Week audio is a perfect thing to listen to right now. You can sign-up for the Gene Keys Pulse newsletter, and get a new audio each week. Great to keep the contemplation going! Please leave a comment about you experience, so we can all benefit.

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  1. The Wave says:

    Amazing article, as always, Natha!


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