Inner Peace

Many of us seem to think inner peace results from either a state of mind, or peaceful outer circumstances. What if that’s only part of it, and a small part, at that? What we experience as emotion is simply chemical reactions in the body. What if these chemicals are the most important thing? What if inner peace really is peace within our bodies?

We all know that outer stimuli cause emotional reactions. Being chased by a lion releases the adrenaline for fight or flight. Even reading something about politics can make your blood boil, as the chemicals of anger saturate the body. Sexual arousal can be a consequence of a visual image, or even just a thought. But what if it works the other way, also? The chemicals cause the thoughts. Chemical imbalance isn’t a new concept for sever depression and anxiety, but it may be more subtle, and important to everyone with a body.

The ego plays a supporting role here, because its job is to maintain our stories, whatever those stories are. When we get intuitive information, the ego tries to make it fit into our existing storyline. When we get chemicals of emotion, it does the same thing. If the chemicals of anger are felt, the ego looks for a story to go with the emotion. That’s what we pay it for.

So, if you’re happily driving to work, then suddenly feel angry, you make up a reason. “I hate my job!” “My spouse always upsets me!” “That political commercial is turning my stomach!” When in reality, it wasn’t anything on the outside. Maybe your breakfast just hit your liver, and it’s talking to you the only way it can. Maybe we need to spend more time listening to our bodies, and less time looking outside for a story.

Clarity and peace are mental, but also physical. We need to pay attention to both body and mind, to feed each properly, and keep each clean and clear. Most of us put the body last, but maybe it’s the foundation of our overall wellbeing. We have been taught to ignore our bodies in industrialized countries. We are expected to use our will power to force our bodies to look or act a certain way, regardless of how we actually feel. Not only that, but our food and water has been altered almost beyond recognition to our bodies. It no longer promotes health.

There isn’t one specific diet that will benefit all. Some thrive as vegans, some really need meat. But there are a few things that all of us should avoid: GMO, factory farmed meat, processed sugar, alcohol and recreational drugs, and excess of any kind. These things aren’t healthy for any body, not even your pets. Our bodies weren’t designed for what has become “normal”. What’s worse, GMO and factory farmed meat (usually fed GMO) aren’t required to be labeled as such in the USA. If it’s not labeled organic, then it’s probably GMO. Care enough about your own health to do some research before you buy.

Emotional chemicals were meant to be fleeting in nature, used as feedback as a teaching tool. Anger lets us know a personal boundary has been violated – we feel the surge of anger, notice where something went wrong, and it dissipates naturally. With our diets gumming up the process, emotional chemicals can’t leave the system as quickly or completely as they should. Additionally, the body itself is sending distress signals in the form of chemicals. It’s just a big chemical soup inside. Ew.

The discussion can go further, by looking into the gut-brain ties. The gut is considered the second brain, and healing the gut makes significant improvements in cognitive abilities. In many spiritual traditions, we are taught we have three brains: the brain, the gut, and the heart. In my observation, we need to heal both the mind and the gut, before we can reach the wisdom of the heart.

Instead of searching for inner peace in our circumstances, let’s focus on creating it in our bodies. Befriend your body. Treat it like the center of wisdom and awareness it is. Pay attention to how your diet affects your emotions. Your body is talking. Are you listening?


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My Path

As I was doing yoga today, it occurred to me that I have been misunderstood. Not by everyone, of course, but by enough that I feel compelled to clarify. I write, both blog and books, based on my own experiences and observations (I think everyone got that part), and how they apply to my personal path. My path is self-mastery and embodiment. Yours may be different. Use whatever resonates with you, and leave the rest. Seriously, only you know what direction you need to go.

Self-mastery isn’t a destination, it is a constant evolution. Every time I find my way to the edge of something, reality expands. It’s a constant journey, with introspection at the center. It’s self-improvement at every level. It’s a driving need to touch my own soul; to relinquish ego constructs, so this beautiful body-temple can hold more of my very essence. It is unending, and worth every second. I am my mission.

The thing I want to clarify is judgement vs. discernment. Not everyone is on a path of self-mastery, and I know this. Hedonism isn’t “wrong”, it’s just the opposite direction. Nothing you ever do as a conscious choice is wrong, but it needs to be conscious, so you can discern if it is in alignment with where you want to go. Never let anyone tell you you’re on the wrong path. Yes, it might be the more difficult one, but all I’m concerned with is awareness.

My Grandma was amazingly strong, and her stories always had an impact. In her late 20s, still unmarried, her severe shyness turned into extreme anxiety. Now, she had every reason for shyness and anxiety. She endured a lifetime of abuse (including sexual), and got to witness the same with her eight younger siblings. One day, her favorite Aunt & Uncle came to visit. Hearing the knock at the door, she immediately hid under her bed, when she had an epiphany. If she kept up this behavior, she knew it would end by eventually being institutionalized. She decided, at that very moment, to make different choices. She was now aware of the bigger picture.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but she managed to find ways to calm herself, and eventually led a normal life. The combination of awareness and choice helped her overcome her phobia, and to set her own course in life. She inspires me to this day. If you have ever been gripped by fear, you know the determination it takes to break away. This story might be the foundation of all my writings. Awareness and choice. Thanks, Grandma (1916-1990).

Neither one of her options were wrong, but once she had her head above water (awareness), she decided against the more difficult life she was heading for. My point is always this: Look at where you are, look at where you want to be, make choices (and changes) accordingly. Only you know where you want to end up. Only you can change your  actions to align with your goal. Only you know your “best” path.

So, if you want a lifetime to pursue pleasures of the flesh, then go for it. It isn’t “wrong”, and you only have your own Higher Self to answer to. It’s between you and You. My guess is, if you are reading these words, at least part of your journey is about awareness (self-mastery). And if any of my ramblings can ease your process, then I am truly honored to walk this path with you.


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Kundalini Activation

Having hot flashes in your chakras? Followed by a cold wave? It’s happening, and you aren’t alone. It’s completely different than the standard hot and cold sensations we’ve experienced in the past. These hot flashes are definitely centered in various chakras, and you can feel the energy surging through the body.

The heat is almost unbearable. It feels like everything old is being cleansed by fire, from the inside. Then the energy surge can be felt up the spine, and blood rushes to the face, feet, and hands. This isn’t something I can sleep through. It wakes me several times a night. It happens at random times during the day also, but it isn’t quite as jarring when I’m already awake.

As I understand it, these are kundalini activations, meant to move out the old, and make room for the new. I’m exhausted today, because last night I spent ALL my dreamtime working with my Higher Self to integrate these new codes. I usually work some while I sleep, but this felt like overtime. So much coming in.

Funny story… at one point, while talking with my Higher Self, she activated my throat and heart chakras. I jumped awake from the heat. As I fumbled back into my body, I heard my one dog panting, and the other one ran for the water dish. This is a planetary ascension, not just a human one. My dogs remind me of that all the time.

The new codes are new geometries to create a new experience. Everything is based on Sacred Geometry, and our world is no different. There has been much talk about our bodies changing from carbon to crystalline base, and now I see how that’s possible. Just do it a little at a time, so the system isn’t overwhelmed. Extra toxins make your body work harder to clean out the old. My system is pretty darn clean at this point, and I’m still exhausted. Many people have been getting various levels of sick, just because the upgrade is a lot to put on an already taxed system.

There are two distinct things going on. First, the incoming codes are just coming in. It’s just evolution. Solar activity and cosmic stuff is way above my pay grade. Second, free will matters. We get to decide if we want to clean out our systems to make evolution easier, or not. We can choose to support the inevitable, or fight the change. Spoiler alert – change always wins.

As I said, this is happening to all Gaia’s creatures. Animals handle it better because they don’t use toxins as recreation, and they don’t have the cache of beliefs to clear. Our free will allows us to build stories, and to dismantle them. It allows us to use the body, or support it. Animals don’t have the ego, so they are just doing whatever feels right (like running for the water bowl at 1 a.m.)

I’m not lecturing, just reminding you that you have a choice. I just want you to be aware these energies are coming in either way, so your choice lies in how you handle it. Yes, there are further choices, mastery choices, like aligning your vibration with your highest timeline. This is the first choice. Beyond whatever you think about the body being a temple, there is no doubt your consciousness is only here as long as you have physical host, your body.

The nice part is that many of the old archetypes have been cleared from the collective consciousness. It is easier to make personal changes now than ever before. Victim mentality, addiction, poverty, power hierarchy, and so many more, have fallen. The conditions will persist for a bit, but the archetypes holding them in place are gone. This means things that used to be a real struggle personally are just easier now. Even if you have tried to shift something before, try it again. Beliefs and patterns shift much easier at this point.

Also, remember that all physicality is all one thing. As we feel these activations in our chakras, Gaia is activating, as well. Earthquakes and volcanos and cold snaps, oh my. We are all feeling the kundalini awaken… feeling the power surge. We were built for this. We are here to ride this wave. Extra sleep, extra water, extra awareness… you got this!


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* Thoughts on Thoughts *

Well, this is interesting… We all know that our thoughts matter to our own life. Our thoughts are the stories that shape our lives, and the quality of our experience. But what happens when we can hear everyone else’s thoughts? What happens when the people around us can hear the dark and negative judgements we hold? It gets loud, and unpleasant.

For several years, I have noticed a direct link between my thoughts, and my balance. I was diagnosed with a neurological condition, which impairs balance and coordination (ataxia), so balance is a weak spot for me. When I dwell on negative thoughts, what little balance I have goes out the window. That gets my attention. It also abruptly moves my thoughts. It’s hard to focus on judgement when you’re about to fall. Survival takes over, and superfluous thoughts dissipate.

In the past few weeks, this phenomenon has accelerated. I can no longer dwell. If I stay in a negative thought pattern for more than a few seconds, I’m paying for it. It’s like someone is actually pushing me, and my body can’t compensate, so down I go. It brings awareness to a whole new level, one I obviously couldn’t find on my own. It’s an instant alarm for thinking off-track. This is actually great, for a number of reasons.

I also need to mention this isn’t “punishment” for “bad” thoughts. The old paradigm was about a punishment and reward system of conditioning. The new paradigm is about awareness and remembering. This instant physical feedback on the quality of my thoughts allows for an expanded awareness. It also lets me choose timelines by showing me what vibration I’m holding. That one is huge. On the evolutionary front, it is prepping us for telepathy. All wonderful things, in my view.

In the past, a person could harbor negative thoughts for years before they would manifest physically. With that long-term exposure to negativity, the physical effects were usually chronic and debilitating, or even deadly. Now, we have an almost instant feedback system… if you are willing to listen. The most fabulous part is that subconscious thought patterns are being disrupted. Interrupting thought patters usually takes a considerable amount of diligence and dedication, and still, some of them hide too deep to find. Not anymore.

The thoughts you think frequently set a certain vibration in motion in your body. It isn’t about good and bad, positive and negative, although those words are pretty much the best we can do within the limits of language. It’s a vibration. Love is at one end, fear at the other, and everything else on a spectrum between. The vibration you hold in your body aligns you with experiences and people at the same vibration. That’s how we choose timelines. Choosing a timeline isn’t about wishing, it’s about holding a frequency. This is important to understand.

When I am suddenly alerted about thinking at a lower vibration, the Universe is saying, “Are you sure this is where you want to be?” Then I have awareness and free will to choose my vibration, my timeline.

When I am faced with this choice, I do three things:
Reframe the issue I’m thinking negatively about
Meditate, or do Ho’opono’pono, to release negativity 
Make a mental gratitude list, to return to the heart

For a current life example, I recently got a really bad haircut. Seems small, but I am ridiculously protective of my hair, so it caused quite a bit of stress. First, I reframed the experience from “done to me” to “done for me”… it made me reconsider what hair means to me, it reminded me (again) to listen to my intuition, it reminded me (again) that it’s okay to outgrow people, etc. Second, I meditated, followed by Ho’opono’pono – visualizing the person or situation, and telling them: I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you, I love you. This Hawaiian healing technique is quick and effective. Third, a return to the heart with gratitude… I’m thankful my hair grows quickly, I love how healthy and resilient my hair is, I’m grateful for hair products that heal, etc. Like I said, I’m protective of my hair, so this process was repeated several times for over a week before it really sank in. It’s completely normal to snap back into old thinking. Just keep adjusting until it holds.

Bringing our focus back to the heart, and our vibration back to Love, opens us to telepathy. The more consistently we can hold the still, open heart space, the more receptive we become. Contrary to popular belief, the heart isn’t the seat of emotion, it is the balance point, the void of creation. Please read about the heart HERE. Telepathy is the function of an open heart. Yes, it is quite possible to have an emotional outburst with an open heart, but only briefly. Emotions lower than Unconditional Love will eventually lower your frequency, thus closing your heart. Choose carefully what you dwell on.

All that said, always remember two very important things:
Let people be where they are. Not everyone is at the same place on the path.
Be gentle with yourself. You are learning new skills.
No one is expected to master this in a day. With the instant feedback the process is faster than ever before, but it’s still a learning curve. At this point in my own journey, it’s kind of fun and exciting to learn new things. But I clearly remember wanting to “be” rather than “become”. Spoiler alert – your whole life is about becoming. Ascension is a constant growth process. The good news is that you are built for this.

So, now more than ever, mind your mind. Self-mastery is mental mastery. Be the observer, and think about your thoughts.


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Unsupported Archetypes

Before we really get into this one, let’s talk about the structure of our reality. Before a “thing” pops up in our world, it first has to have an energetic blueprint. This applies to all things, whether a physical construct (like a building or a car), as well as thought form constructs (like racism or religion). The energetic blueprint is like the bones holding the structure up. The following relates to thought form constructs, including archetypes, and how they are changing.

Most of what we believe is a result of social conditioning, based on ancient thought forms called archetypes. It has always been quite difficult to escape, change, or even be aware of this influence. This is now changing, rapidly. These thought form constructs reside in the 4th dimension, and as 3D and 4 D dissolve to make way for 5D, both time and archetypes are greatly affected. If time is acting funny, and all of a sudden your priorities have shifted, you aren’t alone. Let your beliefs change. Clinging to the old causes the pain of struggle.

Basically, there’s nothing holding the old together anymore. No more energetic bones to hold up outdated thought forms. Our entire worldview is about to shift as the old archetypes fall. Power hierarchy, money, relationships, racism, any us vs. them mentality, misogyny, marriage, religion, governments, victim mentality, fear… anything based on fear and power over others is no longer supported. Only “ideas” based on love and unity are energetically sound. I want to clarify a few of these…

Money changed from being a physical thing to a thought form when we stopped using gold as currency. First we printed money, then we made it all digital. So, no, money isn’t “real”. Money has alway been used as a way to have power over others, and it isn’t needed at all in a world without power issues. You need fresh air and clean water, not a stockpile of money. The fact that we are charged for what the Earth provides is proof that it’s unnecessary.

Religion, again, is more about power and control than anything else. ALL religions require us to look outside of ourselves for answers, in the form of holy writings, or a deity or savior. Developing a strong inner moral compass requires that we stop looking outside ourselves for answers. We are each fully capable of connecting with a Higher Power, and receiving unique guidance for our unique lives. To truly reach our potential, we can’t spend our time trying to fit into an imposed mold.

Marriage has always been about ownership and obligation. Commitment and love go much deeper. The problem is even when people marry for love, unless they are very aware, they pull in the old archetype. Someone gets possessive, or lazy, because they feel like the knot is tied, so their partner can’t leave. Again, this one has been weakening for a while (divorce rates going up), but now people won’t even see it the same way.

This doesn’t mean these things will disappear overnight, but the supporting structure is gone. Free will and strength of the ego are all that’s holding them in place. For years, many of us have been telling the world that these structures are thinning, but now… there’s just nothing holding this thing up. It’s pretty impressive to witness on the inner planes, actually.

On a practical note, if your priorities suddenly change, let them. Don’t feel obligated to believe what you used to. Money will shift to abundance, which could mean time or community to you. Religion will shift to spirituality, emphasizing our own moral compass. Marriage will shift to commitment, and be based on respect, growth, and support. Let your heart move to a place of Love and unity.

If you are unsure about a life change, close your eyes, and breathe in love and unity. Just breathe consciously for a few minutes, until you are really comfortable with how love feels in your body. Keep your eyes closed, focus on that feeling, then introduce the thought of your change. Does it expand the feeling of love? Or does it bring a dissonant vibration? Your body know’s what it’s doing. It’s the mind we need to work with.

Release the old. Let the new show itself in your reality. All that is unsupported is falling.


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* Supporting the Body *

Support is never dogmatic. Support is lovingly listening to someone’s needs, acknowledging them, and making appropriate changes to behavior. It’s based on love and communication, not a list of rules to remember. This applies to interpersonal relationships, as well as your relationship with your own body. Would you speak to others the way you speak to yourself? This is a great insight into your relationship with yourself.

The body needs rest, and exercise, and proper diet, but what that means changes daily. Are you listening? Sometimes I need to do yoga, sometimes I need to sleep in instead. I have set time aside for a disciplined exercise program, yet I am receptive and responsive to my body’s needs. Needs change, and so must we. Right now, my body is leading the way. Evolution requires it.

I always double-check anything that may be a craving or addiction, but those things feel different to me than support requests. The body is constantly striving for health and vibrancy, we just need to support that process. No dogmatic lists (diet, exercise, or rest periods), no feeding of addictions (physical, emotional, or energetic), just true support. Listen with love, and act accordingly. 

If you just can’t see your way to really supporting the body, this is a great time for shadow (ego) work. Why don’t you want to offer support to yourself? Self-worth issues? Conflict about being in body? Unresolved childhood trauma? Whatever it is, now is the time to really resolve it. Nothing is stagnant, so you are either supporting life, or supporting death. There is no “just having fun” middle ground anymore. Both are valid choices, and guilt never healed anyone. Just be honest with yourself, and figure out why you act as you do.

Psychologically, the body is listening to every thought we have. How often do you reprimand your body? How often do you thank it? We live in a culture of body-shame, with size and age being the most emphasized. Most of us will have to break the habit of negative self-talk. Start by thanking your body several times a day for it’s amazing service… “Thank you for healing so quickly!” “Thank you for breathing so deeply!” I had a teacher who said even pooping was sacred, and so it is. Have you thanked your body lately for eliminating toxins? It’s always supporting you.

Grounding is helpful for bringing your loving attention back to your body. Sitting in the sun, rubbing your bare feet, or taking a hot bath, with full awareness of supporting the body, can really shift your perspective. Several times a day, I lie flat on my back, and breathe deeply and consciously for a few minutes. Do whatever you need to do to connect with your body.

Dreamtime is used both for travel, and processing the day. If we are exposed to a lot of drama during the day, much of our valuable dreamtime is spent processing. This includes our exposures to television (video), social media, and books. Especially what you put in your head right before sleep. Many of us end the day with one of these things. Be mindful of the quality of your intake.

Sleep is essential for cellular upgrades to integrate. Are you sleeping enough? If not, why not? This culture teaches us that you must be awake and producing something to be of value. That simply isn’t true. When you sleep, your cells can upgrade. Upgraded cells hold more light. Holding more light changes the world around you. When you are in a period of upgrade, sleep is a sacred service to all of humanity.

There is no universal list of do and don’t. Release all your beliefs of a specific diet. True support is about listening. It’s about building a relationship. It’s about gratitude, respect, and trust. It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Give yourself the support you deserve.


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* New Trajectory *

We are already being moved into our new roles and locations. 2019 Year of the Gathering really means business. Even before my latest book was published I was already getting information for the next one. Yesterday, I even got specifics on my latest spiritual assignment. This one isn’t going to win me any popularity contests.

I’ve always known I came here to assist in raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Apparently, the collective is now vibrating at a level that can support physical ascension. No, I have no idea how that will look after it’s done, but I do have some insight on the process of getting there. My writings have always leaned toward free will, and respecting the body. Now it’s all coming together.

Let me try to verbalize the intel… We live in 3D (third dimension), and the vibration is really dense and oppressive. It takes a glass of wine, puff of pot, much caffeine, or some opiates just to get through a week. It can suck here, I totally get it. We are shifting to 5D (fifth dimension), where the vibration is much lighter. There is no need, or desire, to self-medicate. In fact, it would seem silly to be altered in any way, to be less than fully present and fully alive.

Here’s the sticky part: Your body can’t cellularly upgrade to the 5D template until it is clean and fully supported. In other words, if you keep self-medicating you will remain where you need to keep self-medicating. If you stop, there will be a detox period (never fun), and then your DNA can upgrade naturally. We are only holding ourselves at the lower vibration. The higher is up & running, and available to all.

This is why I’m about to be unpopular: This info applies to ALL toxins, no matter how little the dose. One glass of wine with dinner? Too much. Smoking pot on the weekend? Too much. One cup of delicious caffeinated beverage? Too much. Even my junk TV shows are kicking back at this point, disrupting my sleep, and limiting my dreamtime travels. I’m not thrilled about this information either. I don’t have many questionable habits, but I like TV, and I take Advil. At least I did.

If you feel like you need a substance to function, please look honestly at addiction and victim mentality. Using a substance (prescription, legal, or illegal) in lieu of learning a coping skill just never ends well. If you need to be numb to do regular life, please seek the support you need. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Just because your friends do it, doesn’t make it a good idea.

Metaphysically speaking, all of the physical world is one unified field. Many people voice concern about all the pollution in our environment, while eating fast food and drinking soda. Your body is of the same energy field as Gaia. Clean the pollution out of your own body, and you are cleaning the Earth. It’s not symbolic, it’s literal.

So, the point of all this is simply that your body needs your full support to continue evolving. No one is wrong, and every choice is valid. Some will carry on the way they always have, while others will try something different. My job is just to keep you informed. Free will matters. I just want you to make an informed choice. I completely trust that you will do whatever your path calls for.


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2019 Year of the Gathering – repost

This is a repost of the 2019 energies, and also an announcement: My second book is out! Check out Walking In Both Worlds on Amazon! If you love it, or my first book Waking Up Indigo, please leave me a review… people tell me personally how much they enjoy my writing, but reviews on Amazon really support the work. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!


2019 will bring Soul Family reunions, in some pretty unexpected ways. The Tribes are gathering to prepare for our journey of the next decade, which begins with our First Steps in 2020, to live in a whole new way on Earth. It’s time to do this thing we came here for, and being surrounded by soul family will make it possible.

Not all the uniting will be in physical proximity. Online activity will increase, for the sharing of support and ideas among like minds. Still, there will be more relocation than we think. It could take the form of moving for a job, or a refugee escape, or anything in between. We are definitely being placed like chess pieces. This is a good thing, even if change can be challenging.

Think of 2019 as a dance with the Divine. Both partners have to do their part, but only one leads. Let life lead. You can’t just go limp, and expect life to gracefully swoop you across the floor. And you can’t both lead, and expect the dance to be smooth and beautiful. Each one of us needs to be fully present to do our part, but also to relinquish the lead. Life (the Divine) knows what it’s doing.

This could be a challenge for the control freaks among us. Relinquishing control, even to one’s Higher Self, can be quite the task. And it is only your Higher Self, not some form of fate out to undermine your plans. Find a way to reframe that whole concept, so you have a better relationship with the flow of life. Life is never happening to you, it’s happening for you. The Universe always has your back, even if it seems otherwise at the beginnings of a shift.

With this in mind, everything inside you that is blocking the full expression of your soul must go. Old beliefs, old relationships, old patterns. 2018 brought much of our shadow to light, but if you’re still clinging to something that no longer serves you, this could get messy. It doesn’t have to. Be willing to let go. For example, if deep down you know you need a divorce, then your spouse asks for one, you can react with fear and drama, or with love and appreciation. The grief and loss will still be there, and require you feel them fully. But your reaction to the overall situation is a choice. Be mindful of your choices. Be thankful for endings, because they make room for beginnings.

In 2019 we will also see an increase of conscious relationships. This can appear as friendship or romance. To be clear, a conscious relationship is one where the highest good of all concerned is the priority. This also means more honesty and integrity, shown by open communication, and each party owning their own process – no emotional dumping. Some people confuse “conscious relationship” with “happily ever after”, which a dying archetype. Relationships are meant to help us grow, not make us happy. Growth usually brings happiness, but the emphasis is on the growth.

I feel we need to be really clear about soul family and conscious relationships. These are both happening at a soul-vibration level. If you are still seeking outside validation, and comfort from those around you, then you are still operating at an ego level. This will mean you will unconsciously attract ego-based people, to teach you the difference. What this will look like is very short, probably painful relationships. This is designed to keep your focus inward, nothing more. Your soul family will find you, as you live more from your soul.

The soul family will, of course, bring validation and comfort. The difference is what is motivating your actions. When you think about gathering with your soul family, do you think, “Now I will finally be comfortable, loved, and happy” or do you think “Now we can really make a difference to the world”? Is it about me or we? Is it about your personal feelings, or the greater good for all? Be where you are, and never beat yourself up. At the same time, be really aware and honest about your motivations.

Please remember we aren’t all on the same timeline anymore. What is shown in the media doesn’t reflect the experience or trajectory of everyone. It’s fine to stay informed, but don’t be lured into the illusion of different realities. Be aware of your focus. Also remember that not everyone signed up to be part of the physical ascension. Some won’t ever wake up. Some will die naturally. Not many are on the ascension path presently. You can only do you. Live your own life in alignment, and prioritize your own becoming.

So, our side of the dance of 2019 is to keep our focus inward, while life moves us gracefully across the floor. Be present. Be aware. And most important, keep turning your gaze inward. Find a daily practice, or spiritual group, or spiritual course of study, and really make it a priority. Keep doing the inner work. That’s all we really have to do this year… the Universe will handle the rest. Enjoy the dance of the Gathering.


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Goodbye 2018

You know, I really love my end-of-year reminiscence. It’s so much better for me to look back at all I’ve accomplished, than to make a list of New Year’s resolutions (that will be forgotten by spring). I highly recommend it. I’ve also been looking over past goodbye letters, and it’s interesting which lessons keep coming up. 2018 was full of lessons, and so much integration for me. Much of what I learned mentally in previous years was actually fully accepted and embodied this year. Just some of the highlights…

People are where they are. I can’t change that. This is an ongoing lesson.
The reason this one is tough for me is that I outgrow others so quickly.
I need to grow anyway.
Self-awareness can raise your frequency, but a naturally high frequency doesn’t increase self-awareness. Awareness takes effort.
Generosity is a spiritual state of being, not a calculated human action.
At least 50% of my communication is energetic or telepathic.
Having to verbalize 100% of my communication is exhausting.
I have let things go unsaid, because I assumed others communicate like me. They don’t.
Consistency grows trust.
Communication and consistency are vital to my mental health.
I admire naturally kind people.
My reality is now so far away from the muggle world, the conversation is limited to the weather. Even then, it feels like we’re missing an interface.
I meet more magical people all the time.
Inner peace requires healing the body. Healing my gut has changed my world.
My body won’t process GMO food. At all.
Ascension is physical, not just spiritual.
For me, self-mastery is the only point of the game.
It’s ok for me to expect the same level of self-mastery from all in my inner circle.
For the first time in my life I feel like my inner circle is full of Masters of mastery.
My consciousness is only able to be here by the grace of my host, the physical body.
I prefer to be a good guest, and honor my physical temple.
Even though my life is complicated, those who truly love me never treat me like a burden.
My life is more about change than I am really comfortable with.
At the same time, lack of inner change feels stagnant.
Others don’t leave me, I leave them. I grow faster than most can handle.
I’m not slowing down.
Inspiration may come and go, but discipline will always be there for me.
Discipline isn’t drudgery, and flowing isn’t a free fall. I can do both.
I find dedication and discipline attractive.
I learn who I want (or don’t want) to be by watching others.
I love to emulate traits that I admire. It’s like new clothes.
I experience polarity most in my outdated definition of gender roles. That seems silly.
My biggest struggle this year was between my own happiness vs. the greater good. My will vs. Thy Will. As if they are different. More a struggle of illusion vs. truth.
Initiative is attractive. I am tired of dragging people along, so I wait for them to initiate.
Being truly present and fully engaged in life is a rare occurrence.
It’s no wonder that presence is so healing.
Judgment is the opposite of Love.
Loss of the story is always harder than the loss of the actual situation.
Partnership is about mutual support. Always.
Bringing in the new relationship dynamic has been both beautiful and terrifying.
Relationships (all kinds) bring expansion. Time alone brings integration.
I need my alone time.
Love can be the foundation of everything in my life, if I accept it.
I learn new things all the time.
In hindsight, my whole life has been a gift.
This life is truly blessed by Divine Grace.

May 2019 Year of the Gathering bring us all Divine abundance of  joy and peace. May all life on Earth be touched by Grace. I integrate the old, and welcome the new. A blessed New Year to you all!


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* The Story *


You can’t save anyone from life, not even yourself.

People are fond of saying life is about the journey, not the destination. This never made sense to me, because the only reason we journey is to reach a destination. Thinking of life as a story makes more sense. We all start with “once upon a time” and end with “happily ever after”, but we get to fill in the blank pages in between. Each life is a unique story, and requires that we live it as we go.

I was recently feeling really bad that I couldn’t stop a friend from certain turmoil. I pointed out where they were heading, asked them to consider the glaring signs, but still, they continued. This isn’t the first time this has happened. People just seem unable to see the issues I point out, once they have decided on a path. People can only hear what they are ready to hear. My Grandma had this same frustration with me… “Why can’t you learn from other people’s mistakes? Why must you always make your own?”

As is my normal, after I felt everything that came up about my friend, I turned the dialog inward. “I’m so sorry I can’t save from your own decisions” became my higher self talking to me. “I’m so sorry life hurts” became me talking to my body. “I wish I could do more to protect you” became my liver speaking to me. After some crying and integration, I realized no one can save us from life. That’s the whole point.

If you think about your favorite story, it’s the exciting middle part that makes it worthwhile. It’s the cliffhangers, narrow escapes, and unintended heroism that make it worth retelling. Many popular stories have some version of the hero’s journey, as described by Joseph Campbell. We are all the heroes of our own story.

None of this information is really new. But, for me, it really changed my whole perspective. Instead of seeing pain and poor choices, I see a new chapter of the book. They just wanted to shake things up a bit to keep us on the edge of our seats. What an interesting story to watch! This goes for my own life, as well. It has truly been an adventure… with death-defying acts, romance, and unpredictable plot twists. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and wardrobe. It’s got a little of everything.

Now that I see it as a story, I can more easily guide the main plot. And I get to choose the character I play. I’ve never been the ‘damsel in distress’ type. Now I can look at my reactions and choices to see who they resonate as… the victim? The martyr? The evil betrayer? The hero? The kind advisor? So many options. Now the rambling of my monkey mind can easily tell me who I’m playing at the moment, and then I can formulate actions to move into or away from a character.

This is just another way to distance myself from my own story, in order to view it with a little objectivity. My story, and also my friends’ stories. Everyone is writing their own book. All are interesting. I just want mine to be on purpose. I want to be aware. I want to write myself as my own hero. And you? What’s your story?


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