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This energy just isn’t messing around. So strong! I’m going to just mention a few tips, and include some links that may be helpful.

Consume lightly – Not just food, but also entertainment and interactions. Put off anything heavy or dramatic until next week.

Stay grounded & rested – Spend time outside & take a nap. This is a time of integration, not pushing the boundaries.

Let go of the past – New timelines are starting up, and the past will be popping in to see if you really want something different. It’s just checking, and it’s ok to be different now. Let yourself evolve.

The ego likes to stay in known territory, even when you would rather let go of old patterns. Let go anyway. This mass awakening will bring many insights and possibilities. Take a chance. Remember to stay in your power. You have more than you think. Always seek balance within. It’s a moving target, so keep moving. And above all, keep questioning your beliefs. Know Thyself.

Be kind to yourself, others, and mostly your body. This is a physical ascension process, and it isn’t an easy thing for any of us. Exciting, but not easy. Please feel free to look over some of my pages on this site. Not the archived posts (more time sensitive), but the pages at the top. The pages have more broad subject matter. It’s free, and my hope is that it will inspire (or at least ease) your journey. We’re all in this together. Here we go!


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Integrity happens when your thoughts, words and deeds are in agreement. When we take this one step further, we get alignment. The catch is you can be aligned with your ego or your soul. This is the heaven and hell polarity split. Many people are pretty good about their integrity, meaning their thoughts, words, and actions agree, but the question becomes: Who are they agreeing with?

The ego is an illusory fraction of ourselves, and illusions are fading fast. Quite rightly, the ego is afraid of its own destruction. Fears are running really high at the moment, as the ego constructs are falling. The ego simply isn’t being supported anymore. That game has run its course. Letting it go will be much less painful than hanging on. Really.

How do you identify the ego? It’s the one that acts from fear. My ego prefers anger to fear, but it’s a derivative. There are really only two basic platforms to operate from: fear or love. Every emotion we have can be traced back to one of those two states. Fear always contracts, and love always expands. When you think of something, feel how your body reacts… think of a loved one, and feel the relaxing and expanding sensation. Then think of politics, and feel the physical contraction. Hierarchy is an ego power construct, and will always cause discomfort, on some level.

Ego death is never a fun process, and grieving is appropriate. Sometimes it is a series of small deaths (of beliefs), sometimes it’s all at once. You just don’t know you’re living in a house of cards until they fall. Just know it is part of the journey, and many have gone before you, and lived to tell the tale. That said, it is indeed a necessary process for human evolution. Plus, it really is pretty amazing on the other side of it.

The soul is always love-based and expansive. The goal isn’t to ignore the ego, but to integrate it, as you align with your soul. Yes, you need to vote, and be as involved with politics as you are called to be, but keep checking to be sure you’re aligned within. If you can’t just do your civic duty and recenter yourself, it may be time to meditate or take a walk. Everyone gets caught up in the world from time to time. That’s totally normal. Just don’t live there. Always take time to align with your eternal self.

Why? Because your Higher Self is descending into your body. If you are full to the top with ego, there is going to be a mess when that ego gets displaced. If you are consciously (and constantly) making room, your Higher Self can fit into your life more easily. I wouldn’t say it’s “easy” for any of us, but it will be decidedly more difficult for the ego-bound. It’s happening either way… evolution happens to us all. Just know you can make it easier on yourself by aligning on a soul level.

Let your thoughts change. Let your beliefs soften. For goodness sake, turn off the TV news. Look within. Spend more time with wonder than judgment. Be in the world, not of it. Still function here, but always return your gaze inward. The outer illusion is crumbling, while the inner reality is blooming. Align with the future. Align with your own soul.


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Creation & Creativity

I wrote this piece for my next book, but it keeps ringing in my head. Apparently, it wants to be shared now. Please note that ALL the chakras are equal, and need to be open for proper health and functioning. This is just my observation of the extreme emphasis some put on the sacral (2nd).


When we think about creativity, we automatically envision painting or singing or dancing or some other form of art. The word “creation” might smack with Divinity, or some origin story. In the spiritual community, creativity is generally associated with the sacral (2nd) chakra, along with sex, and some muddy darkness that can’t quite be defined. I want to take you on a journey of possibility, to reconsider these ideas. As usual, take what’s helpful, and leave the rest.

Unconscious creation is how nature exists. Growing a baby doesn’t take conscious thought, it just happens. Plants grow. Animals procreate. Nature happens. What if the second chakra is just about creation of physical life? That energy would control the hormones and genetic expression, with the primary goal of keeping the cycle of life going. It is a vital function not to be understated, but it is a subconscious physical process. Karma and childhood conditioning are stored as cellular information, therefore also part of the subconscious.

The art we associate with “creativity” is always a conscious expression, because it requires a conscious decision to share it. I’m not saying all art is high vibration, just that it doesn’t enter the world without our applied will. People make art from both Light (Higher Mind) and Dark (ego) inspirations, but it requires conscious effort either way. This is a throat (5th) chakra function. The energy of creation may flow through the 2nd, but human creativity flows through the 5th.

Physical creation is essential, both for new life, and for healing. It requires our support only in giving it an environment to flourish, not it any direction of how to complete a process. The body has its own wisdom. In fact, the subconscious system runs best if we don’t try to consciously dictate and control its workings. Shadow (ego) work brings subconscious beliefs into the light of consciousness to be reevaluated, and that bit is necessary for spiritual evolution, but the body is fully capable of healing itself, given the opportunity.

So if the physical has its very own system of creation, that frees the conscious mind to explore creativity. Every word you speak, every step you dance, every piece of music you sing or play, every kind of art, even every interaction, flows through your 5th chakra of expression. Being fully aware of this fact lets your creative energy flow freely out to the world. Creativity isn’t limited to art; your very energy changes the world around you.

Think about this a bit… What if we really are creators in training? This doesn’t have anything to do with the 2nd chakra (or sex), because nature has that one covered. What if people are looking to creation (2nd chakra) for their connection to creativity (5th chakra)? What if fulfillment is only found in our own expression of creativity? What if the only part of our very life force we are responsible for is our unique expression? Humans are unique to nature because we aren’t just animals; we also have access to the Higher Mind. Combining those two results in the ego, which takes some management, but our focus needs to be on integrating the Higher Mind, not playing as the animal.

Another thing this brings up for me is how strange people’s energy becomes when their lifestyle centers on sex. This would include sex addiction, promiscuity, pornography, and various sex-based systems. Is the constant emphasis on the 2nd chakra also empowering the subconscious ego? Is the obsession with the 2nd chakra an attempt to touch the power of creation (nature)? Is it to avoid their own power of conscious creativity? I imagine it’s different for everyone. Please don’t misunderstand, sex is perfectly normal, and an open 2nd chakra is essential to health, but all of that can be done within reasonable boundaries, and without special emphasis. Some folks are just spending a whole lot of time there, and I’m exploring the possible reasons.

It seems to me, the happiest people are those who are creating something. We all need to spend more time creating. I don’t mean do it for a living; I mean do it for a life. Be it a painting or a community garden, when people let creative energy flow through them into the world, everyone wins. Divinity flows through us as creativity. Creativity is a 5th charka thing. Our throat chakra gives us our conscious expression, which is how creators learn how to create.


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Embracing Death

Not only is it that time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere), but ego patterns are falling like the leaves. Ego death is a real thing. Doing it in layers is much softer than all at once, but it is still a loss of a fundamental piece of who you thought you were.

It’s okay to mourn this loss, each time it occurs. The grieving process is much smoother once you admit you’re in it. A loss of part of your personality can hit just as hard as the loss of any relationship. Death of the ego is still a death. Grieve all you need to, then go about rebuilding.

The thing with loss is that we don’t like change. Heading into the unknown is even worse. Even if it isn’t scary, it’s a lot of work. You actually have to think about choices, not just run on autopilot. You actually have to decide who you want to be, not just rely on “this is just who I am” programming. It’s a big deal, I know. Just know you aren’t alone… many are going through this, and those who have already been there are showing up to guide.

Sidenote on guides… no one can do this for you. People who guide just offer a reference point, and some suggestions to assist your process. The work is all yours. I am all for groups and paths and guides, but just be aware no one can “fix” you, because you aren’t broken. You are evolving.

After you get through the haze of loss, you will need to spend some time figuring out who you want to be, then acting that way. Who do you admire? Who do you avoid? You will be with you for the rest of your life, so be the person you want to be around. Don’t like the grumpy Aunt at the holiday dinner? Observe and remove those actions and words from your personality. Love the happy shoe shine guy? Find the parts of his personality you can add to your own. Now is the time for these changes. You have a clean slate.

The personality is always less fixed than we usually understand, but when huge pieces die off, we don’t have to work so hard at releasing old patterns. I know the immediate response to these changes is, “Quick, get the old show running again! I want something familiar!” That just isn’t even an option anymore. You can reduce your own suffering by knowing that the old is just gone, grieving its loss, and moving toward the new.

Once you get to accepting that evolution only moves forward, then you can enjoy the creation bit. You actually get to choose personality traits! That’s so amazing! You get to decide who to be, and be that with every action, word, and thought. It amazes me how many people dislike their parents, and then act just like them. This is a perfectly normal unconscious behavior, but now we get conscious choice in some pretty fundamental areas.

Along with humans guides, remember your etheric team is also with you. Your Higher Self is excited to have the ego move aside a bit to allow it to more fully come into body. Light body activation is going great. The Higher Realms are really excited, as are the Elemental Kingdoms. You are loved, supported, and appreciated. You’re doing great!

And always remember to be gentle with yourself, and others. Even though it’s going really well, ascension isn’t an easy path. Reach out and get the support you need. Accept support, and give support. We all in this together. You’re never alone, even as you embrace death.


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Dissonance: lack of agreement, the dissonance between the truth and what people want to believe, especially inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs 

The theme for 2019 is The Gathering, where soul families come together. The only problem is how many people are still living from the ego instead of the soul. The parts of the soul family that have really been doing their inner work for the last several years almost have super-powers right now. Their ability to pull the planet up to the next level is at an all time high, and some will definitely feel dragged along behind the bus.

Please remember no one is actually aiming to drag you to the next level kicking and screaming. Those leading the way have their gaze firmly fixed inward and upward, not at all on outside attachments, including other people. Also remember that your soul desperately wants to grow and evolve, it is only the ego objecting to the change. Any discomfort in your reality right now is caused by the dissonance between your ego and your soul.

If you have been doing the work and life still hurts, this is a time of clearing for proper alignment. This could look like relationships ending, physical disturbances, or financial problems. The very best thing to do is to step back and say, “Maybe this is for me,” instead of “Why is this happening to me?” The Universe is always conspiring in your favor, no matter how it looks on the outside. Stay out of victim mentality, and allow yourself to release what no longer serves you.

As we near this soul family reunion, keep in mind that souls only recognize each other by soul vibration. Ego stories serve as masks to your true light. As you align your ego and your soul, life just gets easier due to lower friction caused by dissonance. If your soul has a very carefree energy, but your chosen beliefs are very dogmatic, then there will be a bigger gulf to span than a dogmatic ego and very serious soul energy. I can easily see some of those with the greatest dissonance having sever health issues right now.

That isn’t to say that all health issues are caused by dissonance. I live very closely to my soul vibration, and I had a pretty dramatic heart event last week. I really thought it was the big one, told my significant other my final wishes, took an aspirin and went to bed. I was actually a bit surprised when I woke up in the morning. Wasn’t planning on it. It must have been a clearing of old cellular debris. The point is, I had the option to panic or release. Follow your inner guidance, as usual.

So, where are you living out of alignment with your soul? Only you know the answer to that, because souls are unique. Check your sense of self-identification. Are you identified as an outer reality? We all identify to outer stuff, but I’m talking about to vs. as. “I am working as a pilot” vs. “I am a pilot.” Completely different orientation to the situation. Be in the world, not of it. This goes for jobs, relationships, physical attributes, hobbies, and pretty much everything in 3D reality.

Live in alignment with your soul. Ego realities are dissolving, and attachment to them will only cause pain. The pain of dissonance.


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Fake News

Apparently, ‘as above, so below’ applies to more than I gave it credit for. I’m not a fan of the term ‘energy protection’, because it is based in fear and polarity, but ‘energy awareness’ is always a good thing. I used to spend a ton of effort to protect my energy, now it seems there’s a new angle.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that not all of her ascension symptoms were authentic. She knew this because when she would feel an energy wave come in, she would say “I will only receive true ascension energies for my highest good, anything else must leave my field,” and sometimes this stopped the download. I tried it myself last night, and sure enough, many of the ‘symptoms’ cleared. Even the ringing in my ears stopped. I can’t even remember the last time I heard silence.

Some ringing tones resumed, but much quieter and different frequency. I again asked for only true ascension codes, and this time nothing changed. The point being, just like our in current world of information, you need to fact check. Don’t get caught up in the cosmic battle of good and evil, because that’s just an extension of polarity and fear. Just be aware of your own power to deny what isn’t for your highest good, and use that power. Free will is so important.

Think of this as energy awareness and hygiene. I was going to insert a link to my page on energy hygiene, and realized I don’t have one. What? How did I miss that topic? Guess there’s some writing to be done. Anyway, energy hygiene is of major importance. This means some kind of daily flush and fill, along with periodic cord cuttings, and maybe even removal of more ingrained stuff. As needed, seek help with the bigger stuff. Learn to do a flush and fill on your own, and make it part of your daily routine.

Flush & Fill – Some do this in the shower in the morning, others during meditation, others outside. Basically, you ground down into the heart of Gaia, then ground up into the heart of Source (Father Sky, the sun, God), let those two energies meet in your heart and surround you in a bubble, then circulate though your body and field. Ask to release all old energy, and refill with energy from Source and Gaia. Keep this up until the energy flows smoothly and easily. This brings your attention to stuck spots, and keeps everything moving and fresh. The visual I get is one of those circulating pet water bowls, opposed to a dirty, stagnant one.

Keep up on your own energy. Really get to know yourself, so you know when something foreign tries to enter. And even if the foreign thing seems like an ascension code, be ready to fact check… “I will only receive true ascension energies for my highest good, anything else must leave my field.” Always learning. Who would have thought there is energetic fake news?


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Starting Over… Again

2018 just keeps shifting faster and faster, with something totally unexpected at every turn. I’m not saying we’re done, by any means, but the firehose effect is decreasing, finally. Since the equinox about three weeks ago, we’ve experienced some pretty major timeline shifts, and are now starting down our new trajectory. Again.

The reason for the intensity is actually a good one: the more people who actively join in raising consciousness, the faster it happens, thereby awakening others who then add to the momentum, and so on. The level of intensity and change is a good thing, yet still not comfortable on any level. Please take care of your body… it really is doing the most changing, and needs to be supported.

Even if nothing major has changed in your life, it is completely normal to feel disoriented and lost after all that timeline jumping. Things are going to start changing in a practical way in the next year, but right now there is a sense of confusion. That’s fine. Even my body feels confused, because along with timelines moving, there were some abrupt shifts in the electromagnetic field, resulting in vertigo and nausea. Not much fun.

Take a few days to recover. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Take time to adjust to this new trajectory. Keep your focus small… clean out a file drawer, read a book, work in the garden, watch an inspirational documentary. Personally, I’ve been avoiding electronics and reading or watching anything heavy. Not on purpose, just by following my gut feelings. It’s like my body is deciding what it needs without much input from my mind.

The theme for 2019 is The Gathering, when soul tribes unite. (I would love to tell you more, but it hasn’t come in yet.) Getting as many of us as possible on intersecting timelines was part of this last push. It doesn’t mean someone can’t level-up later, nor does it mean your whole group is ready right now, but many of us are in place for new soul family adventures. Keep in mind that soul groups recognize each other from a place of soul vibration, not from ego stories. Finding your tribe does not mean finding a bunch of people who agree with your opinions. In fact, opinion tends to be the gateway drug to the ego. Live from your soul, so the others can find you.

I have had both grief over losing my old life, and excitement at starting the new, all without any outer changes thus far. I know it’s easier said than done, but try to embrace change. There will be much more coming. Be brave as you start over… whatever that looks like.


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Becoming One

As we continue the journey to unity consciousness, with ever increasing speed, it is more noticeable than ever that we are no longer alone and separate. This is both good and bad, and definitely uncomfortable. If you have a tendency to internalize every emotion that drifts into your awareness, now is a great time to stop. Most sensitives (or empaths) have learned how to shield themselves from the emotions of other individuals, but now we are talking about joining the collective. It’s a whole new skill set here.

Joining the collective does not mean losing your individuality. It does, however, mean losing the illusions of the ego. Think of it like this… to be a global citizen, you have to see the value of every other person, regardless of race, religion, or geography, but you are also aware that everyone (including you) has unique gifts to offer. The only thing being lost is feeling superior (based on race, religion, geography), which is just an illusion of the ego. This isn’t a loss of individuality, this is gain of intrinsic value. Individuals supporting the whole, in their own unique way.

I have spent most of the last decade working at the level of collective consciousness, so I’ve at least got some awareness of the process. Still, my skills are constantly growing and shifting, to accommodate the current level of ascension. I say skills, but honestly, it’s more like coping mechanisms. Very little has remained relevant, except this: It’s not yours, so don’t try to fit it into your story. The very worst thing you can do is to make it personal, because we hang on so tightly to our baggage. Let it go.

Yes, you will still feel the waves of whatever the world is experiencing, but if you just feel it and let it go, it passes quickly. For example, earlier this week I was overwhelmed by a feeling of failure, like I was a major disappointment to myself, my friends, and even God. This is definitely not one of my personal scripts, but the feeling engulfed me. All I could do was be present with it – feel it, cry, and let it go. It was only about five minutes before it shifted, and it came through again later that day, for about as long, then it was gone. It moved quickly because I didn’t internalize it, and try to make a story to justify it. Just feel it, and let it go. It isn’t yours.

Conversely, if it is yours to deal with, it will keep coming up. Things are being uncovered on the personal level, as well. This Unity thing is easier on everyone if we each face our own shadows. This also helps you discern what is your and what isn’t. Know Thyself. Awareness is always the way forward.

Time is also extra-bendy as we become one consciousness. For some, things are moving way too fast, for others it’s a waiting game. It’s all a matter of ascending at a speed that will allow maximum inclusion. That start-stop feeling is just the collective merging, and again, it’s not personal. Keep moving in your own life, even if group projects seem to get delayed. Still do what you need to support your own evolution, and your body. If frustration sets in, go for a walk.

Let your coping skills evolve. They are changing quite regularly. At one point, baths were really helpful for me, then they started making my feet swell. At one point, sunlight was very healing for me, then I started needing a nap if I spent more than a few minutes outside. My diet has changed. My supplements have changed. Our bodies are changing, so adjust your practices accordingly. Support your body. Remember to give the same changing support to your mind and emotions. Forget habit – everyday is new.

Support and celebrate your individual self, as we become One.


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Universal Archetypes and Soul Groups

I’m really more of a doer than a dreamer. I’ve been in a holding pattern for a couple weeks already, and it’s been even worse the past few days. I’m not having fun here. I’m trying to focus on the blissful lightness of this energy, visualize my fabulous future, count by blessings, and relax into the moment, but truth be told… I’d like to “do” something, as well.

I keep asking myself what I need, and keep getting nothing back. Great. And I’ve been getting more and more obnoxious about facts, which I’m sure is just delightful to be around. Then today, I finally got the drift that these things may be related somehow. I can be pretty slow sometimes.

Before we go on, let’s look at universal archetypes. These are just really big energies (almost archangelic) packed into a concept humans can kind of grasp, like Truth, Justice, Sacredness, Beauty and others. These are living universal energies, not just words. Some people agreed (pre-incarnation) to carry an archetype or two with them, to ground the energy here on Earth. I bring Truth and Faith. I know those words are heavily used in religion, but the energy of them is totally different. It’s more like Transparency and Trust.

So, my personal holding pattern is to let these universal energies sink in and ground. This is also why I’ve been overly sensitive to half-truths. After these archetypes settle, we can get back to “doing” in our daily lives. Whew! Having these energies embodied will also allow for gathering our soul tribes. Yay!!! I know many of us have been eager for this stage. But here’s the catch… your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you want to connect from the soul, you have to live from the soul.

Only you know how much of your soul is buried behind social norms. Only you know if your life is expressed as a soul, or as an expectation placed upon you. Only you know if you are more wounded or healed, and which place you act from. Soul groups will start gathering soon, based on soul vibration. Those still living from unconscious wounds will continue to draw in people and experiences that mirror that level of existence. That’s what we call karma.

So, there’s a lot going on out there, even if we just have to sit still and wait for its completion. Really focus on the highs and on self-love. For me, it’s hard to remember the Universe has its own agenda for its own evolution, and sometimes I’m just the witness. I never doubt it will all work out in the end. I have Faith.


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Supporting Your Evolution

Almost everyone writing about ascension has mentioned how important it is to support the body right now, but no one is giving much detail on what that means. This is probably because we are all so different, and while one needs a nap, someone else needs to go for a walk. It is definitely an exercise in discernment, and developing a much deeper dialog with your own body.

That said, I like details, and it really helps me to know what others are doing. Not so I can do the same thing, but it lends context, and also tends to give me leads on my own physical journey. I want to share some of my own experiences, only to get you thinking about yours.  In Chinese medicine, I tend to run hot and dry, with my liver being the biggest issue. What works for me obviously won’t work for everyone. More than ever, take what is helpful and leave the rest.

This is only my personal experience. In no way is this intended to treat or diagnose anyone else.

Diet – My diet jumps around with what my body wants. My body, not my cravings (of which I have very few). I never eat fast food or soda, and it’s rare that I have alcohol (like twice a year). I eat organic, minimally processed food, and avoid anything they didn’t make 100 years ago. My body requires meat, and I am careful to buy only humanely treated animal products. Supplements are really helpful for me. My current favorites are: Daily liver support by NOW Foods, two kinds of drops and a skin gel by Cellfood,               L-glutamine by Jarrow, and mind care by Himalaya. Even eating very cleanly, I find supplementation to be necessary. The food available at this point just isn’t as nutrient dense as it needs to be. It has been quite obvious to me that I need to focus on healing the gut. It is probably the first brain, not the second.

Exercise – My body needs some kind of movement daily. I am disabled, and sometimes all I can manage is gentle stretching, or ten minutes on the chi machine, but I need to move. There are definitely times during the day when my body demands I lie still, flat on my back, and if I listen right away I feel amazing in about 5 minutes. Also, there are times that I feel an urge to breathe deeply and consciously, so I do, and again feel amazing in just a few minutes. Being aware of the body’s needs is half the battle, complying is the other half. Sometimes its need pop up in the middle of other chores, and I am learning to prioritize the body.

Mind – We tend to think of our brain as separate from our body, but it isn’t. The Higher Mind (observer consciousness) is a separate thing, but that isn’t the part concerned with entertainment, and ego thoughts. Like the rest of my body, I’m selective about my regular intake. I currently have a little more leeway here, occasionally watching an action movie or a drama, but I stay away from horror and suspense because they actually hurt physically. I can feel the chemicals of emotion and adrenaline flood my body. Not a fan. For my regular diet, I prefer comedies or documentaries. Gaia has some great spiritual and health documentaries.

Spiritual Development – I meditate daily, and connect with my Guides often. I also firmly believe we are always either in a state of growth or decay, as change is the only constant. Because of this idea, and to avoid dogma in my life, I learn a new spiritual path every year or two. I pick up pieces that I keep (like my Merkaba training), but I enjoy different perspectives on spirituality. This year, I’m doing the Gene Keys Golden Path, and it has been amazing for me. I am planning to explore their other offerings next year. And I am also practicing connecting with nature in a new way. Just sitting outside, and being fully present. It’s also been a great experience.

My Pups – This is a planetary ascension, not just a human one. I support my dogs with Ever Pup supplement, and also liver support from Herb Pharm. I don’t have cats or other animals, so I don’t know what is safe and helpful for them. Do some research, and support your fur-babies. I’m sure plants could use a little something, also.

So, that was a glimpse into the amount of support this process is calling for. Ascension is happening either way, but it is much more comfortable if you are supporting the process. This means everything is a deliberate choice… no more auto-pilot through life. Be aware, and make choices that support your evolution.


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