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I know there’s a lot going on out there, and there isn’t a ton of practical guidance. At some point, most of your guidance comes from within. That said, we all still need a little support sometimes, so I want to share some of my own tools that help me find clarity. They all still rely on awareness, so these tips are for folks who have developed the skill of observation, both of self and others. Hopefully, these tips will smooth your unique journey.

Listen to your intuition – Seems simple, but how do you know if it’s intuition or ego? It helps to figure out what part of your head got the message, and what it sounded or looked like. Exercise: Pick a single-syllable, non-emotional word, like book or chair. Close your eyes, and say this word silently. Notice the sound (or color, or sensation). Now say the word only in the front of your head. Then only in the back. Then one side at a time. Notice how it changes in tone, or visual, or whatever. Practice this everyday. When a story pops in that you know for sure is your ego, what area does it come from? This one takes practice, but it’s a useful tool.

Follow your gut feeling – The problem here is your feelings may be drastically different before, during, and after an encounter. Be really aware of your feelings at each stage. If you feel great, almost special, when you are with someone, then horrible afterward (like coming off a drug), then something is terribly wrong. If you feel horrible when they go, yet still long for their return, please consider there may be some serious codependency, or an entity, at work. Maybe both; they aren’t mutually exclusive. People and situations that are truly good for you leave a blissful, or at least happy, feeling in their wake. Really pay attention to how you feel after an encounter.

Just open your heart – It’s not a light switch; hearts open when they are ready. You can, however, make a supportive environment for your open heart. You can also create the chemical cocktail of emotion to encourage openness. Creating the environment includes practicing gratitude daily, breathing consciously, and being present. The emotional chemicals can be stirred by thinking of things that bring you joy, or even watching joyful videos. Why do you think so many people watch video clips of cats, dogs, or baby animals? It creates chemicals that relax us, and open us to love. Do, think, or watch whatever opens you, and feel how the body feels in that state. As you practice this, it creates a path to your heart, and leaves an invitation.

Heed advice from trusted friends – I am a total ask-hole (the asshole who asks for advice, then doesn’t take it). For this one, you have to be really aware of where your friends are operating from. I have friends who are very mental, and friends who are very intuitive, and several other options in between. I listen to each (I really do listen), then I decide which style of thinking suits my current situation. I then compare their solution to my own intuition, and make a choice. I’m not ignoring your input, it just might not be in line with my goals for the situation. Listen to those that care about you, but only you know what’s best for your path.

Listen to your body – There’s a good deal of trial and error here. Two big things: actively build a positive dialog with your body, and respond when you get a message. Be sure you speak to your body the same way you want to be spoken to. When someone tells me, “You suck, and you look like crap! Do better, and suck it up, Buttercup!” they just won’t get my full effort. On the other hand, if they say, “Are you okay? You have my full support to heal. Let me know what you need.” then I will be all in. Your thoughts and words matter more than I can say. And once your body asks for something, just do it, even if it’s not part of your routine. More sleep? More water? A steak? A handful of grapes? Respond to its requests, and thank it every chance you get.

View your life from the observer mind – The thing here is we can only observe briefly. There are several levels of ego mind, so use the observer to choose an ego level. For example, I love to reframe everything to “this is happening for me”, and that’s just refining the ego. The observer mind only observes. If there is any hint of self-judgement, right and wrong, then you are still in the ego. The observer mind watches without preference. It’s a great place to go to choose the ego response you want, but you still have to choose an ego response. Do I throw a fit, or do I laugh at myself? Is this situation happening to me, or for me? Do I get wrapped up in the past/future, or do I focus on the current moment? The ego is essential, but moldable. The observer mind gives you the pause to make a choice.

Doing these things on a regular basis raises our awareness, allowing us to make choices that support our best timeline experience. If you have other tips and tricks, please share them in the comments section. We are all on this crazy ride together, so let’s help each other any way we can!


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Clearing Cobwebs

So much clearing! So much integration! So much going on! From an energetic standpoint, it’s amazing out there. From a physical standpoint, it’s exhausting. Emotionally, it seems to be quite a roller coaster. The trick is to clear as much as you can, as quickly as possible, so you can return to the amazing energetics. The nice part is old stuff is ready to move, you just have to release it.

I’ve written endlessly about not holding on to old stories, and this is more of the same, except faster. In my life, I was faced with a trigger of people “not showing up” (flakey people). I followed that trigger, through many layers, to my birth. There were complications and my Mom’s life was at risk, so when I popped out, instead of “welcome to the family!” I got whisked away to an incubator for 24 hours, while they worked on Mom. This became a running theme in my life… everything works out, but if it’s important, I’m on my own.

You don’t need to know the origin event, but the themes in your life are up for examination. At this point, just bringing them to full awareness, and deciding to discard them, is enough. I decided that I have learned I am fully capable of succeeding on my own, and I no longer have to do it that way. That was a great story, and now I am ready to have a story of mutual support. It’s that simple, but you must own the original story, sit with it and fully feel it, then release it with love.

Why is feeling it so important? Cellular memory. Fully experiencing an emotion is a physical process. It acts like a key, opening the cells to release what was stored. If it isn’t released, it just keeps repeating. So yes, this can get emotionally messy. The other option is to keep it bottled up, and just keep finding the same nouns (persons, places, things). Your choice. Neither way is “wrong”. Rip the bandage off and move on, or just let it fester uncomfortably. I personally find more distress in long-term low-level suffering than just a really bad day (or month, or year). Each to their own.

On a physical level, it’s this same thing. Strange symptoms of past illness or injury are showing up to be released. For example, last night I started coughing. I’m not sick, nor do I have allergies, but in the middle of the night I had this rattling cough. I could feel the remnants of childhood pneumonia breaking loose. I’m totally fine today. The point is, let things move. You know when you actually need a doctor. If it’s quick, just thank your body for clearing it out.

How can you ease this process? Energetic hygiene seems to be the ticket. I recommend breathing through the chakras. Take at least three deep breaths per chakra, with the intention of clearing. Keep the energy in your body moving… visualization, hot baths, walks, etc. Just really support “out with the old, in with the new”.

The flow is happening, we are just removing personal blocks. On that note, anyone choosing to stay stuck will really start to feel the pressure of the incoming energies. It isn’t personal in any way, it’s just evolution. We are designed to be a free-flowing conduit. Stories of the ego try to build a container. Containers can overflow or burst. This is why it is recommended that we remove old stories, as soon as we see them. Remember, changing the noun (person, place, or thing) doesn’t change the story. Changing the story is an internal process. Mental mastery. Awareness is everything.

And once again, please be kind to your body. This physical ascension process is extremely taxing. Your body is doing an amazing job with all this detox. Be kind to your liver. Please eat organic whole foods, and avoid processed sugar. Drugs, alcohol, and fast food (think chemical shit storm) are completely out. Be a good guest to the body hosting your consciousness. Your body is your feminine expression, while your mind is your masculine. It is personal misogyny to make choices that hurt the body. Stop beating yourself up.

Also, be kind to yourself emotionally and mentally. Once you know better, do better, but forgive yourself for prior missteps. We are all learning, we are all growing. As long as you keep personally evolving, you’re right on track. Be kind to yourself. Your invisible team is always supporting you, and they are so proud and excited! We got this! Keep clearing the cobwebs…


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Peripheral Epiphanies

You know how sometimes you glimpse something at the edge of your vision, but when you look right at it, it’s gone? It’s just like that, only with personal psychology (shadows). Things keep coming up that seem familiar, but somehow less invasive. These patterns are being gently brought to our attention so we can consciously choose whether or not to continue with them. They aren’t as triggering as they once were, so now we can see them from a distance, and pick a path. A beautiful combination of awareness and clarity.

Another nice thing happening right now is all the mirror help from others. Even more than usual, if I miss the subtle signs, I’m surrounded by people and situations that make it impossible to miss. The trick here is to always return to your own psychology. No blaming. It really is all about your own inner work, and what you are either attracting, or tolerating, around you.

For example, I’m not triggered by misogyny. I know it’s out there, occasionally I meet someone with those views, but they never linger. I am, however, triggered by flakiness. When I am suddenly surrounded by people who don’t follow through on their word, I am forced to look at what is going on inside me. My list includes: Being impeccable with my own word, my respect for other’s time, abandonment issues (by not knowing if I can count on others), control issues, and not trusting in life’s timing. I’m sure there’s more, but you get the point. Then I need to look at what I’m doing, as well as what I’m tolerating. Your boundaries are always as important as your behavior.

Side note – I attended a talk by Sandra Walter in May, and of all the amazing information presented, this part sticks with me: “An oversoul consists of about 350,000 human lives, so generally I’m just talking to a room full of me.” I love that. Lee Harris says we pay others to be outer demonstrations of ourself. I love that, too. Nothing is happening to you, it’s all happening for you. All of it. Blaming only takes away your own power to change.

Along with these amazing epiphanies comes a clarity of where these paths lead. Do I want a reality based on the mental plane? Once I reach the core issue, do I release it, or keep it? There is no right or wrong, this is just a push to make a conscious choice. This is just the subconscious bubbling up to the light. You must look at it directly, but then you get to choose if it’s worth keeping. No one is judging you. Just be fully aware of what you’re choosing.

Denial, delusion, and avoidance will be pretty rough now now. If you are one of those people with a selective memory, or a penchant for people-pleasing then this might get pretty rough. The object of the game is to reveal our own hidden psychology, and the signs will continue to get bigger until they are acknowledged. This is not the time to pretend it will just blow over. Don’t be afraid of your own dark, it just wants to be brought to light.

After you identify the core issue, imagine what life feels like if you release it, and also what it feels like to keep it. One of those options will feel better in your body. For me, one way always relaxes and opens my body. Don’t think about the process of change, that’s never pleasant. Just think about the other side of the change. That lets me know if the change is worth it. You may also want to review the last post, What’s Driving You?

Remember that we are all connected, and we are returning to Unity Consciousness. The people around you are just fragments of yourself, asking to be healed. You can’t “inflict a healing” on others, but you can heal yourself, thus affecting the whole group. That really angry driver that just honked at you, might be begging for you to address your own anger, or to walk away from abuse. We heal each other when we heal ourselves.

Pay attention. These peripheral epiphanies are paving the way to our new selves.


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What’s Driving You?

After an intense week of merging fragmented timelines, you may be feeling the exhaustion and disorientation. It’s totally normal. Rest and relax, and really contemplate your recent experiences. Dig deep, and take an honest look at what has come up for you. Now is the time to move consciously. Meaning, no more reactionary ego-based decisions, only actual choices, utilizing free will and awareness.

As many teachings tell us, there are really only two motivators – love and fear. In other words, spirit and ego. The many options of timelines have basically been reduced to these two. Are you driven by love, or by fear? Only you know, so it’s important that you are honest with yourself on this one. Many times, the same action can be driven by either, and it’s the driving force that matters here. That driving force is where your vibrational set point is, and will attract situations to reflect it.

Are you exercising because your body wants to move, or because you’re afraid to be overweight? Are you eating differently to support your health, or because you need to go with the crowd? Are you with your partner because you are both supportive and growing, or are you afraid to be alone? Are you doing charity work to build a better society, or are you afraid of going to hell? Look at every part of your life, and find the true motivator.

I’m a big fan of “fake it until you make it”, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using that as a stepping stone. Be where you are, without self-judgement. All I’m asking is enough introspection to find out where you really are. It’s never fun to think you are doing all the “right” things, and everything still seems to be getting harder. Fear-based realities will continue to struggle.

Running away from something is completely different than running toward something. Knowing what you “don’t want” or what you “should do” is truly valuable information. It’s an absolutely essential step in finding your personal power. And eventually, you shift to what you do want, and what you love to do. That’s what we’re shooting for. If fear wasn’t part of the equation, how would your life look? Location? Job? Partner? What really sparks your heart?

I’m not asking you to run out and make all these changes today, but I do have a fun homework assignment. Everyday, for at least two weeks, spend 5-10 minutes imagining your perfect life. Don’t think about any practical restrictions, and really feel this space. This brings you into the heart vibration we’re looking for. If what you imagine isn’t even in this reality, I don’t care. Just settle into your body, and daydream perfection. Feel it. 

After you are comfortable with this exercise, notice who and what is different from your real life. Another way to do this, would be to introduce people or situations into your daydream, and see how the feeling changes. Only do this step when you are really comfortable with the feeling of “perfection”. This will help you use your body signals to discern your best path forward. We are trained to ignore our intuition. This exercise helps to remind you of your inner signals.

Look at everything in your life with brutal honesty. Contemplate your motivations. Then feel into the body, for the support of your intuition. Use both faculties, in equal measure. This your own inner balance of masculine and feminine energies. The answers lie within. Only you know what drives you.


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That Strange Pull

There are so many different levels of ascension going on right now, it’s hard to find a common theme. Some are in the messy work of transmuting karma at an accelerated rate, others are starting to understand and develop intuition, while a few are sprinting towards the next step of human evolution. The only common theme is that strange pull towards your own next step. We are all feeling it. It’s an almost magnetic force, drawing us into the future.

All I can recommend is to follow it. Follow the strange pull of your soul.

If you are being pulled by karma, then it will become quite apparent very quickly. This isn’t bad, it’s just showing you what needs healed for you to keep evolving. Look at the mess straight on, eyes open, and get whatever help you need to stop repeating old patterns. It’s just a wake-up call. Warning: the situation will get worse until you face it. This encourages awareness, and brings personal responsibility and power. It is a needed step. We all go through it at some point. Freedom requires awareness.

This karmic stage is marked by victim mentality, fear, anger and blame. Everything wrong in the world seems to be due to outer situations or people. “I would be happy, if only X were different.” The point of this step is to awaken you to the fact that it all lies within. Everything outside you is merely a reflection of what’s inside you. The ONLY thing you can change is yourself, then the outer world reflects that change.  It brings the power, and responsibility, back where it belongs… in you.

If you are being pulled by intuition, then it will be more of a refinement of your skill set. This stage is about learning to discern intuition from ego. If you think you are following your intuition, but things end poorly, then it wasn’t your intuition. This is about learning which signals are from your body and soul, and which signals are from ego stories and addiction. It’s a lot of trial and error at first, but the feedback is almost instant. Be gentle with yourself. You are learning discernment.

You start to really understand the correlation between your inner world, and the outer. You see how judging yourself attracts judgmental people. It’s like your inner voice is quite obviously demonstrated in your outer world. Not the world stage, but your own circle of people. It’s easier if you take this step lightly, and just make a fun game of changing the inner to see what shifts in the outer. This step is moving from personal power to co-creation with the Universe.

If you are being pulled toward the next step, it’s your soul family pulling you in. I got the guidance six months ago I would be moving. All of a sudden, in the course of a month, I know the town, started packing, and have plenty of support to make it happen. When I meditate, I feel my soul family around me, most of whom I haven’t met yet (in this life). Inter-dimensional connection is heightened. Telepathy is heightened. It’s getting weird, even for me. That’s saying something.

This is an exercise in mastery level awareness. It’s still a learning curve, believe me. It takes a lot to be aware of your every passing thought, knowing it might be overheard by the telepathically sensitive. It requires a whole new level of self-love, to produce a loving aura. At the same time, there’s no other choice, because the pull to evolve is so strong.

If you are being pulled to the couch for a nap, consider it sacred rest. This is a physical ascension process, and your primary job is to support the body. There are times when I feel a sudden wave of exhaustion, and I think, “But I still have a list of stuff I want to get done!” And in reply I hear, “Or you could do your primary job.” Embodiment is the whole point. Integration is the whole point. That’s what we are really doing here, not the “life stuff” we put so much emphasis on.

Sidenote – Just as crystals are programmable, crystalline DNA is programmable. Be careful what you think and say to your body. It’s listening, in a whole new way.

And these aren’t clear-cut stages. You don’t graduate to never again dealing with karma, but it does take less energy and time. These are just waves – where the bulk of your time and focus are. They are fluid, and we are all at different points. Be where you are, without judgement, and keep moving forward.

So, here are my coping skills:
Mantra – Everything happens for me. This event was perfectly orchestrated to show me something important.
Observer Mind – Step outside my own drama to observe what I’m being shown.
Body Love – I speak lovingly to my body whenever I can – at least before bed.

Follow that strange pull of the soul. Evolution calls.


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Relax Into Presence

Now is the time to be fully present. Forget the disappointment and grief of the past. Forget the fear and anxiety of the future. Both only exist in the imagination, anyway. When you bring your awareness to the present moment, you can see the perfection of your life. You can feel where your body is holding tension, and release it. You can witness your own existence. And most importantly, you can experience fully.

We are each the star of our own story, as it should be, but sometimes we forget others are also living their own story. As we move into Unity Consciousness, we automatically start to incorporate the timing of other’s. I know many of us were taught we need to “make life happen”, but it’s time to revisit what that means. Life has its own timeline. We can’t push a river.

Now, instead of pushing through life, we are asked to flow with it. This means being very active when it feels right, and being very still, yet fully present, at other times. Being present may look like nothing is being accomplished, but much is happening on the inner planes. As above, so below; as within, so without. Being fully present with your body is one of the most important things we can do at the moment. It activates codes. It shows your body you support it. It accelerates ascension for all of us. And it aligns us with our highest trajectory.

We are gathering our soul family for the next step in our mission. This means two things are happening – we are aligning our energy with similar vibrations, and we are allowing time and space for our group to gather. Many of us don’t want to “wait” anymore. Impatience lowers your frequency, because it places the focus on the future. We create only in the eternal now, so keeping all our energy there is a powerful thing. We are never truly “waiting” and doing nothing. When we feel unaccomplished, it’s time to refocus inward. We can always “do” more by being fully present.

This is a new skill set for many of us, so be gentle with yourself. I need to mention that being fully present means having clear focus. You may not think only one drink, one cigarette, or one puff of marijuana makes a difference, but it does. Being fully present means being fully aware, and fully in your body. If you can’t relax without the help of a substance, there is more shadow work to do.

Ascension happens in waves. Some stopped using alcohol long ago, others are only drinking socially, while still others don’t see a problem with daily use. We are all at different places on the path. I use alcohol as an easy example, but it can be any means of distraction – substances, excessive socialization, video games, arguments on social media, pornography, the list goes on. Anything that you use to stop being present with yourself is merely a distraction. Be right where you are without judgement, but observe your behaviors. Address any aversion to presence.

For me, when I sink into the present moment, I feel my body relax. As I sit there, I feel my heart open and love surround me. It feels like meditation used to. Then life happens, I get all wound up, and I have to remind myself to be present. It’s a learning curve. It doesn’t just happen, you have to build a new habit pattern. We are all learning. We are all evolving. We are all changing. Be kind to yourself in this process.

So, for now, our work is mostly internal. Self-mastery. True freedom is freedom from time,   living in the eternal now. Presence brings peace, to mind and body. The power of creation rests in the stillness. Relax into your own presence.


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Embodying the Codes

Ever been to one of those automatic car washes that move the car for you? You just put the front wheel on the plate, put it in neutral, and stay off the brake. That’s what life is doing right now. Our biggest job is to stay off the brake. Don’t try to steer, or stop, just enjoy the ride. We are integrating so many new codes, our bodies are pretty much maxed out just with that. Be gentle with yourself, and prioritize self-care.

While we are integrating and embodying, it gives us time to pause to reconsider our trajectory. Are you really heading where you want to go? Or are you escaping where you are? Are you running toward something with joy? Or are you running away from your current situation? This is an important distinction right now. Really think on this.

This is about the current Age of Aquarius (astrological Ages last a little over 2000 years). The last Age, of Pieces, was about the individual fitting into the social norm – think religion, marriage, gender roles – following orders to strengthen the whole through a united front. The Age of Aquarius strengthens the whole through individual diversity. We all use our individual unique gifts, in support of the collective. This requires each individual to find and share their true gifts.

For an example, let’s say you want to be a yoga teacher. What could be wrong with that? Well, if you love yoga, and you love teaching, then it’s probably a fantastic idea. If it just sounds like a better way to pay the bills than your office job, we aren’t there yet. Don’t get me wrong, stepping stones are great, I just want you to ponder what really lights you up inside. That’s where we’re going.

Ultimately, the current Age supports service to the whole. If money wasn’t a factor, what would you do? If your answer is some form of permanent vacation, we really aren’t there yet. And I’m not saying to quit your day job, just to think on this a bit. Where is your joy, your spark? What makes you happy to be alive? I bet it has something to do with others. I’m a pretty extreme introvert, and still the collective (and even a few individuals) play a big part in my happiness.

Most of September 2019 will be about embodying, and refining what our gifts really are. The top priority is taking care of your body. The past two months have included many downloads, and your body is trying to find space for them all. Let this happen. Allow your thoughts and plans to change. Let life move you, without hitting the brakes.

And something I’ve found helpful… When I am grumpy and overwhelmed, it means I’ve changed my focus from running toward joy, to running from circumstance. That shifts me from attracting support from the Universe, to “I have to make things work”. I start trying to hard. I rev the engine, forgetting the car is in neutral. So if things suddenly get hard, look at where you need to relax into the flow.

And a tip for the control freaks (people of my heart)… Make self-care a “thing”. If you need to be doing something to feel okay, redefine what counts as “doing something”. Taking a walk is doing something. Fixing a fresh meal is doing something. Taking a bath is doing something. If it has to be external, reading a book, cleaning out a closet, and playing with the dog are all doing something.

We no longer work to fit into social norms. We now use our unique gifts to lift each other up. Welcome to New Earth. May we each embody the codes.


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Dancing with the Divine

We have been doing the dance of creation all year, but now Spirit (our own Higher Selve) takes the lead. In a smooth dance, only one partner leads. It’s a challenge for all of us to “follow”, when we’ve been so conditioned to make things happen all the time. We are now asked to trust the path, at a level we’ve never experienced before. This is when we are moved onto a different timeline. If we surrender to it, it will be much smoother.

It’s still a dance, and both partners need to actively participate. You can’t go limp, and expect to be dragged. Well, I suppose you could, but it would be as painful as fighting for the lead. Let life guide you, and take steps in that direction.

This is embodiment. The true Divine Union of your body and your Higher Self. This is evolution in process. It’s incredibly uncomfortable, and yet, a wonder to behold. The waves of nausea are tied to Gaia’s electromagnet body (pole shift). The waves of exhaustion are tied to integration. The ringing in the ears is a download of new codes. The waves of anxiety are tied to the collapse of linear time. In addition, my eyesight is fluctuating dramatically, and I have an aversion to the sun. Not sure what those are tied to, but both are new for me.

Let the Divine move in – into your own body. Let the light of the new wash away the old. Let go of the ego stories. Make self-care the priority. You didn’t fail. You can’t “do” something to make this easier. Stop resisting evolution. This is happening. Best to support the process.

It’s okay if it isn’t easy. I’m actually terrified, but I’m still putting one foot in front of the other. I have been directed to go on a few road trips lately, and I do it, even when the ego is having a meltdown. I listen to my body, and rest whenever it needs. I even sit with the ego for its tantrums, but I don’t let it decide my course. It’s okay to have a considerable amount of resistance, just don’t mistake your story for the truth.

With all the physical and emotional turmoil going on, remember 2 things: Listen to your body, and keep the observer mind engaged. I feel everything, but I also step back and observer myself. It’s great both to notice patterns, and to keep from being consumed by the process. Care and compassion for the body is essential for it to do the work of ascension. Physical embodiment requires support for the physical vessel.

We were built for this. This is what we came for. You may want to revisit the 2019 energy forecast – 2019 Year of the Gathering. Welcome to the dance.


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Emotional Clearing

Everyone I talk to is going through a deep emotional clearing. This makes it sound like lots of tears and turmoil, but it could be just insights you never had before. For me, it’s an insight, followed by seeing the pattern in my whole life, followed by a wave of nausea. At this point, I just want to crawl into a hole, to avoid the dysfunction of any relationship. It feels endless, even though I understand it’s just a clearing. Add the physical ascension symptoms, and it’s been a rough week.

I lean toward the codependent (empath) side of the narcissist trap, but just enough for the initial attraction. I highly recommend the book ‘Whole Again’ by Jackson MacKenzie or a youtube video about the Human Magnet Syndrome (Ross Rosenberg)   . I know there are truly unstable people out there, but I also believe most of us fall on a spectrum. Instead of seeing good guys and bad guys, it’s most beneficial to know we all have some elements of dysfunction. The important parts are awareness and effort to heal. If someone won’t put in the work, just walk away. It feels like a good time to repost this…

~The Empath and the Narcissist~

There are so many articles out there right now about the toxic relationship between an empath and a narcissist, obviously written by those who have been hurt, and feel manipulated and betrayed. I have a different take on the situation. Saw that one coming, didn’t you?

First, let’s change the labels of the groups. No more good vs. bad stuff. Instead of empath we will say awake (soul driven), instead of narcissist let’s say asleep (ego driven). Language matters. We can reduce the polarity, as well as provide a much more accurate assessment. Not only that, but I personally know people who are empathically gifted (they can physically feel other people’s emotions), but are very much asleep.

Second, know that all of us operate on a sliding scale between the two, and we change position regularly. We can be very awake, then suffer a loss (like a death or an illness), and go back to sleep to avoid the pain. People self-medicate all the time with alcohol, social excess, and promiscuous sex to avoid living consciously. Being awake can be tough. We all check out from time to time.

Third, and probably most importantly, we need to understand that most manipulative behavior is subconscious. People (generally) don’t consciously manipulate; that takes much more energy and planning than most are even capable of. The ego, however, has full access to the power of the subconscious, and will do anything to avoid harm. All of us are manipulated by our own egos, to some extent. It still isn’t right by any means, but thinking someone is consciously manipulating you is giving them way too much credit (and power).

Communicating with those still asleep is almost impossible, at least about anything important to the relationship. Ego defenses go up, and rational thought goes out the window. This is where we get all the passive-aggressive behaviors, and the emotional manipulation. Ever try to voice a concern about your feelings, only to have your partner turn it around, and point out how hurt they are? This is the kind of subconscious behavior that runs the muggle world. You can’t break through their ego shield, but many of us keep trying for way too long.

Another issue is projection… mostly on the part of the awakened person. See, we think projection is limited to negative stuff, but it isn’t. As we awaken, we get more sparkly, and we tend to see our own Light reflected in others – we see Light that hasn’t been embodied yet. The fact is everyone has an amazing soul, but not everyone lives from their soul. When you begin to live from your own soul, you see the highest potential in others. I don’t mean “he would be so successful if he just had confidence,” I mean “Wow! He embodies the Divine Masculine!” In reality, he could embody Divinity, if his ego wasn’t running the show. It is entirely up to us to distinguish potential from embodied reality.

I think the hardest part for the awakened one in these relationships is taking full responsibility for getting sucked in, having to leave, and not repeating the pattern. In other words, to awaken even further, become more aware, and reclaim our personal power. It’s tough to admit there were signs you ignored. It’s not fun to know you allowed this damage to happen. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for being human. We all do crazy things for love, even forget who we are. You always get lessons in the process. You will heal.

Instead of a list of things to avoid, I want to offer a few things to pay attention to. As we become more aware, we can make choices that support our evolution.

Do actions and words mach the sparkly soul? We all have off days, and no one is perfect, but is there constant negativity going on, in word or deed?
Are words followed by action? Do they do, or just dream? We all need a little daydream in our lives, but plans require action to materialize.
Are they consistent? Again, we all have off days, so don’t expect perfection, but intermittent reward is a major ego trick. If some behavior is really important to you, and the other person agrees to it, it should be a permanent change. If it only changes briefly after a fight, that’s a big sign.
Is communication open? Are you comfortable raising concerns? If your communications are filled with tears, blame, and guilt, then there isn’t much actual communication going on.
Do you both own your baggage? We all have baggage, but insisting the other person carry yours is completely unreasonable.
Are you both dedicated to becoming better people? If you are both dedicated to your own evolution, then you can help each other grow, instead of tearing each other down.

There are those who see the signs, but think they are strong enough to wait for the person they love to wake up. It just doesn’t work that way. People don’t wake up by following your example, people wake up by shock. Keeping someone safe in a relationship is just giving them a warm blanket to keep sleeping under. I’m so sorry – this one is really hard for me, too – you can’t awaken someone before they are ready. Ever. And forcing yourself to stay at a lower vibration will cause suffering and illness. It just does. The only way out, is out.

The awakened soul must reclaim their power by forgiving themselves, being clear with their boundaries, and letting go of those who are still sleeping. You will heal. You will love again. But first, you must come to terms with the situation. Leave them to their slumber, and move on. Reclaim your power.


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* Your Unique Path *

Although I have always promoted the idea of being yourself, and honestly I’ve done that pretty well, there is always more growth to be had. We never stop growing, because evolution (or ascension) is an ongoing process. We always see with fresh eyes, as we ascend the spiral of spiritual development. That said, this past week has been full of epiphanies for me. I am never the only one going through this, so I want to share the more profound stuff, in the hope it will prompt your own revelations.

Humans pattern themselves subconsciously by exposure. We learn to be how, and who, we are. Add to that the cellular information given to our bodies, and it’s no wonder things “run in the family”. Not only physical characteristics, but personality traits. Yes, with introspection we can see some of these learned traits, but more pop up as we keep digging. And dig we must, or we never truly live our own lives.

Add to this formative and traumatic events. These can come from someone close, or not. We spend much of our subconscious energy on either trying to be like, or not like, someone else. But who are we? That’s the million dollar question. Even if we choose to emulate someone we admire, is that authentic? How can we tell if we are really aligned with our unique selves?

I have an Uncle who spent his entire life trying to imitate the loving devotion of his Mother, and the charismatic wit of his Father. He failed. He was a pale shadow of his parent’s beauty. What’s worse, he never found himself. It was a life un-lived, always trying to fit himself into someone else’s shoes. I’m sure he had gifts of his own to share.

In my early twenties, I was really trying to be as loving as my Grandma, with little success. She was an amazing woman that truly shaped my life, and died when I was 18. When I realized I couldn’t be like her, I actually wept. I knew I had to live my own life, or continue to feel the failure of trying to be someone else. Eventually, I came to the thought that she was amazing because she was so very her. I decided the best way to honor her memory was to be so very me.

I thought I had been doing that, I truly did. Then I read a book called ‘Whole Again’ by Jackson Mackenzie, for a totally different reason, and traits I picked up from my Mom started standing out. Once again, she was an amazing woman, because she was so very her. This time, I wasn’t consciously trying to imitate her, I just picked up some of her traits as a child. I only now see how far from my own path these traits are.

I started realizing some of my reactions weren’t even my own, but they sure sounded a lot like my Mom. After I gathered together some of the seemingly unsolvable inner conflicts, I could see clearly the conflict was in trying to live her path, as well as my own. We have very different paths. Both beautiful, but very different. She died in 2010, but I’m quite sure she would want me to be fully me.

Even our numerology points to different life work. She was fiercely independent, while I am here to work in partnership with others. She had a lot of struggle with authority and power, but probably due to all her inner work, I don’t have that one. The part in the book that tipped me off was about codependency. She had issues with it, while I have always felt I have two voices in my head on that one. Makes sense now. Her voice, and my voice.

When these dots aligned, I felt such a wave of energy through my body. Warm, and happy, and light, with lots of giggles. It’s like my body said “Finally! Welcome home!” Listen to your body. It knows more than we do, and it’s always trying to steer us toward our path. If your body isn’t healthy and happy, really make an effort to see where your ego or subconscious is out of alignment with your path. And when you find your way back, plan on purging the old. I haven’t had nightmares in years, but this past week has been like my subconscious is vomiting. Really unpleasant dreams.

The healing never ends. We just do what we can with the layer we’re on. Keep reading. Keep taking classes. Keep doing the work of remembering who you truly are. Everything we do brings us closer to our unique path.


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