Energy Hygiene

I can’t even believe I didn’t write this sooner. I know there’s a need, and I keep getting questions. Please try these techniques. I also posted a home energy clearing protocol on the subtle energy page, if interested.

We are taught how to clean our physical body, but not our energy. Can you imagine someone who hadn’t bathed in years? The stench! Now that we are all waking up, it will begin to be noticeable when people don’t attend to their energy hygiene. Of the two, the energy is more important. For me, it comes across as a stickiness, like wading through mud. It’s also noticeable in the brightness of the spark in the eye (or lack thereof). There are several layers…

Physical Body Energy – Daily. The body needs daily movement to circulate subtle energy within the cells. I’m not talking daily workouts (although those are fine), just something to move air and blood and energy. Intentional breathing, intentional walking (even to your car), massage, or visualization. I am pretty physically limited, but I spend time each day being fully present with my body. I actively move as much as I can, but I also visualize movement quite a bit. If you can move, be mindful of the movement moving energy.

Flush & Fill – Daily. Do some kind of Unity Meditation (ground down to Earth, ground up to the Universe, those two energies meet in your heart, fill your body and surround you, moving old energy out, and refilling with clean.) You can spend 10 minutes here, or just reestablish the connection and feel the flow as you shower, or drive to work. I do this one at least twice a day, more when I feel stuck.

Chakras – Weekly (at least). Start with the Unity Meditation, then visualize the chakras. Focus on one chakra at a time, and breathe through that chakra. Take at least 3 deep breaths through each. If one is sticky, either spend more time there, or come back to it. At the end of this process, all chakras should be flowing and brighter. If they aren’t, do it everyday until they are.

Cord Cutting – Monthly at first, then quarterly. Start with the Unity Meditation, then ask Archangel Michael to join you. Ask that he sever all cords, both known and unknown, with his sword. Ask that all cord ends be given to the Light. It’s important to turn the severed ends up to Source, so they continue being fed, but not by you. If anythings feels emotional, ask Archangel Raphael to fill both ends of the cord with his healing light. Cords are attachments, codependencies, and drains. The only cord we truly share in a healthy way, is a golden cord of unconditional love from our heart. It only flows out, and is given freely. Children under 7 years may still be corded to the Mother, and that’s normal. Everything else needs to go. Regularly.

Entity Removal – As needed. Start with the Unity Meditation, then call a professional. Seriously. Someone with a little experience can do this stuff easily and safely. A few things to always avoid in this process:
Alcohol or drugs, for either party.
Sloppy energy work. They need to have a protocol.
Nonchalant “we just need a salt circle” attitude.
Fear, or battle mentality.
I have removed entities from others, and had them removed from me. It was disgusting to feel them leave my body, but it wasn’t a traumatic event. Find an energy worker with integrity, and get this done, if you have any inkling this may be an issue for you. Life is just easier when you aren’t supporting uninvited guests.

So that’s my energy outline. Sparkle from the inside!


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*Returning to Oneness*

Sometimes the flood of information I get is so vast, it feels like it’s covering several subjects. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, meditation and a nap can bring it into focus, and words. Words can’t really do justice to the experience, but at least they hint at it.

Everything that happens is happening both on the inner and outer, micro and macro, as above so below. Think about how a fetus resembles the spiral of a galaxy. It not just physical, it’s also energetic. We are returning to oneness, on every scale.

Within our own bodies, this means returning to balance of the masculine and feminine energies. It also means returning to our natural relationship between our consciousness and our body. It is a time of great remembering of our true state as humans. We will collectively begin an inner dialog with our bodies. Using our consciousness to support our bodies will result in new levels of heath and happiness.

Between people, with any kind of connection, it will look like a tremendous forgiveness, and release. We will see our past as preparation for our present. We would’t be who we are without whatever we have experienced. Complete forgiveness is a huge release, for both parties. Approach it as a thank you and goodbye, because even if those people stay in your life, neither one of you is the same person you used to be. Likewise, be prepared for the relationship to end, as your work together may be finished. Forgive and release.

Within belief systems, it will look like a lot of people waking up, all at once. This will include religion, politics, money, government, and all power dynamics. People will suddenly realize that true existence can’t fit in a box, and all beliefs are boxes. It will take a bit to fully move humanity out of beliefs altogether, but the boxes will rapidly change, so at least we’ll have room to breathe.

For those that are seeing through the veils of control, yet haven’t quite made it to the understanding that all change is internal, just plant a seed and let it go. I’m talking about folks who feel great during yoga class, but the have road rage on the way home. The ones who love spiritual retreats, and also love to argue politics on Facebook. Be where you are (without judgment), but keep going. Challenge yourself to release attachment. Plant a seed, and walk away. People learn more from your example, than your argument.

For those seeking connection, it’s internal. I promise. I love connecting with others, but nothing can touch the time I spend with my own essence. Do whatever you can to bring body and consciousness together. This is true Divine Union. Move the ego out of the way, and let your Higher Self merge with your body. Only you know what is the best way for you to do this. I meditate. Some chant. Some dance. Some do tai chi. Do whatever it takes, and do it daily. Connect within.

For those feeling energies from other realms, this will mean increased non-human presence. Everything from more telepathy with pets and houseplants, to a stronger connection to the elementals, to visits from “others”. You may find you have a gnome living in your yard, or a dragon on your roof. It will also mean more visits from our inter-dimensional family. They used to be shadows in peripheral vision, but now they are much more visible.

For those already living in a more interconnected way, it will mean greater awareness of the butterfly effect. I had a great dream about this last week… I dreamt I was at a weekend retreat, so I didn’t really know the others, yet during introductions 3 of the 9 identified as recovering alcoholics. When we all went out to lunch, one of the group thought it would be fun to have a cocktail with our meal, and talked everyone into getting one, including the recovering alcoholics. I don’t drink (personal choice), and I tried to explain the importance of supporting the whole group, instead of feeding personal pleasure. No one listened. The alcoholics were now off the wagon, effecting the group energy, effecting the whole retreat, effecting our work together, etc.

We don’t live in a bubble. Just as a toxic nuclear spill in Japan effects the whole ocean, every interaction we have will change someone’s day, for better or worse. Actively choose your interactions. Actively create space between yourself, and those less conscious. Fill your own cup, so you have beautiful energy to share with others. I try to always leave people better than when I found them. It’s good to have a goal.

We are all on a spiral of spiritual development, and we are all at different places. That’s just as it should be. Be gentle with yourself, and others. There is a lot of change coming up, and the best option is kindness. This is when 2019 really takes off, in new and amazing ways. Get ready to dance with the Universe, as we return to oneness.


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Holding Our Breath

There’s a feeling of impending change, both personally and collectively. Way beyond the normal Mercury in retrograde slowness, it feels like someone pushed the pause button on life. More accurately, the reset button. It feels like everything is offline, pending upgrade.

I personally vacillate between still joy, and anxiety over the unknown, but that probably describes my normal existence. Maybe it just fells accentuated now. Or maybe those two extremes are the only things I’m feeling, and they seem to switch at an unreasonable rate, without provocation. And that “last person left on the planet” feeling always happens when we jump timelines, but it’s still unsettling… sort of the void space, between realities.

I know I’m not the only one in this unusual space, but I want you to know you aren’t alone. All I know for sure is that the timeline split is complete. Meaning simply, Gaia has attained the next octave in Her ascension process. More than ever, we have a choice in our personal experience. The lower realities continue to play out (at least for now), but the higher trajectory is set. We are just waiting for the reboot.

When you are in joy, be there fully. When you are experiencing lower vibrations, actively seek higher ones. Read or watch something educational and inspiring. Or try laugh therapy. Or have a deep conversation with a friend. Not a chat over dinner, but a deep connection. Meditate. Sing or chant. Dance. Bring joy into the world. If we are sitting patiently in the void, we might as well use that time to create a new world.

If you are overwhelmed by the downswings, instead of pulling yourself up for you, do it for someone you love. Sometimes it’s easier to push though if your focus isn’t all internal. We are all one, and lifting ourselves up helps all.

In Hindu teachings, the in-breath of God destroys all of creation, while the out-breath creates new worlds. As we collectively prepare to exhale, let’s do it with intention. Imagine peace, love, and joy, as we hold our breath.


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*Creating You*

My dreamtime work has been really intense all week. Last night was full of the wonder of creation, and all we do with our power. It was mostly visual and clairsentience (inner knowing), so I’ll do my best to put it into language. None of this is new information to the Mystery Schools, but it was so vivid it seemed worth sharing.

We create our own lives – We are creators in training. We have access to both the void (potential) and the creation. We can adjust the creation from within it, or make something entirely new. Our imaginations are vast, but limited to prior experience and exposure (books, movies). Our unseen team (Guides, etc.) will step in, if asked, to help us create. They can’t create for us, but they can point things out. We are solely responsible to do the work of creating.

We choose our timeline – For simplicity, imagine a spiral staircase, with five strings going off the edge of each step. When you level-up, it’s like going up a step. There are still five strings (timelines) as options. No matter how high your frequency, free will and action decide your experience. You must choose, and you must act. There isn’t a “leave it in god’s hands” option of passivity. After you act, then you can leave it to god.

Your body is both creator and creation – If the body is compromised, so is the ability to create. Willfully poisoning the body (smoking, alcohol, drugs, overindulgence) is willfully limiting your creative power. If the body is ailing, the creation will be distorted. Support the body above all else.

Dismantling the personality – All the stories that have made up your life are no longer relevant. The stories (emotional memories with stories attached) are housed in the cells of the body. Human DNA is now upgrading. Old cells are dying and leaving, while new cells are being incorporated. The body normally goes through this type of cell-shedding process, except now the new cells have a different structure. The old stories won’t transfer to the new DNA.

Self-mastery is mental mastery – Discipline only relates to the mind. Never use discipline on the body or emotions. Support the body. Feel the emotion. Discipline the mind. Master your thinking, and all else will relax into health. How we think, what we choose to dwell on, effects everything else. A healthy mind will result in a healthy body.

Detox your whole life – Not only what we eat matters. What we consume for entertainment matters. Who we spend time with matters. How we prepare for sleep matters. Everything is effecting everything else. Be aware of the correlations, and make adjustments. If it doesn’t make you feel light and alive, question it’s place in your life.

Suffering is optional – Change is inevitable. Let go, or be dragged. We have to train ourselves to relinquish the past with grace, rather than holding on. The only time that actually exists is now. The past is already gone, so stop living there. We can go through a grieving process for losing something, without keeping ahold of it. Grieve the loss of the past, and move on. Attachment causes suffering.

Then there were geometries, and chakra activations, and time with my healing team. It was like a tour of the human experience. Pay attention to your dreams, they may not be just dreams. There is a whole Mystery School inside you, just waiting to be unlocked. Remember this, as you create you.


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Ascension for Geeks

Many are just fine with the idea of ascension as a spiritual thing. Thinking in terms of frequency and vibration pretty well covers it. Use your free will to align with your Higher Self. Less judgement, more discernment. That all applies, but the geek in me always looks for the scientific side of it, as well. The following is just my geeky mind mess, but you may find some of it useful, especially when dealing with the atheists in your world. (I happen to love atheists!)

On a macro scale, 3D is space and 4D is time, together making the time-space continuum. This is a handy little tool for allowing the illusion of separation, on a grand scale. We seem far away (light-years) and isolated from intergalactic and inter-dimensional life. Adrift in our own bubble of reality. Ascending to 5D will mean living beyond our cosy, little bubble of time and space.

We know that energy work can be done at a distance. Psychic ability doesn’t seem hindered by distance. There have even been experiments using our thoughts to change the past. This stuff is impressive enough to warrant a Remote Viewing program in the CIA (and other intelligence agencies.) Quantum physics has allowed science to finally join the party with string theory, and other explanations of interconnectedness.

On a micro scale, we use a thing called “ego” to promote the illusion of separation. We all share one physical reality, and one spiritual (energetic) reality, but we create a bubble of “self” through perceptions and stories. This is why some part of us always feels alone. The ego is designed for the experience of separateness. It’s doing a great job.

On to ascension… In order to ascend to 5D, both time-space (macro), and the ego (micro) need to thin, and then dissolve. That’s what’s happening right now. It’s been picking up momentum since 2012, and at this point there’s no stopping it. Both the macro and the micro are really just one thing – a veil of illusion. Here’s the interesting part… this veil is held in place by Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Pole shift, anyone?

The Earth’s magnetic field has been fluctuating. The magnetic poles are moving more rapidly than any of our science predicted. Gravity (which is really more of a suggestion, than a force) has been misbehaving. This field also greatly affects our memory. Notice any of this in your experience?

In the Merkaba teachings, it is said when the poles flip, we will lose our memory for three days. Activating your Merkaba is supposed to stabilize your own personal electro-magnetic field (torus), and keep your memories in tact. Most younger kids (under 20) naturally have their Merkaba up and running, without any training or awareness of it. The New Kids really are the future.

As for the changing DNA, flashing solar rays, and extensive list of physical symptoms, it probably has a lot to do with dust. Makes me want to reread the Phillip Pullman books. Our entire solar system is currently entering an interstellar cloud. Science doesn’t know what to make of this yet. Everything is magic, until our understanding (science) catches up. Personally, I think it will promote the natural evolutionary process we’re already experiencing. Not a bad thing, but definitely an intensifier.

From the inside, the loss of 4D (time) feels like a lot of de ja vu. Also, I keep processing (usually during dreamtime) other timelines, not actually lived. And time keeps wrapping around itself. I’ll suddenly feel a huge panic that I can’t get everything done in time, and I’m going to be late… for an appointment I have in three months. Then I have to stretch out time to its linear form again, to see that I really have three months, not a few hours. This is new for me. I used to be very good with time.

The shifting poles and gravity bring nausea, and sudden shifts in balance. I already have balance issues, so that one’s fun. This is a planetary ascension, not a human one. The good news is my health is improving rapidly, which tells me the planet is doing just fine on the inside.

So, when you read articles on the ascension (many are writing about it), know that we aren’t begging you to help us make it happen. It’s happening. We crossed that threshold in 2008. We are trying to pass on tips and tools to make it easier on you. The ascension is  ahead of schedule because so many are adding their light, but it’s happening either way.

Some of the above is science, some Mystery School teachings, and some my personal experience. Are they really separate? I leave that question to your own inner geek.


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*Cellular Flow*

First, just a validation of your experiences… this incoming energy is intense! My physical reactions have included balance issues, gravity shifts, sudden tiredness, insomnia or extra sleep, diet changes, nausea, pain (mostly hips and lower back), ringing or clicking sound, feeling of de ja vu, and intense dreams. It’s been a ride. You aren’t alone. Now, on to the article…

Our physical bodies aren’t designed to hold on to things. Our bodies are designed to process and release. The most obvious example is food. If we process and release, we get to absorb the beneficial parts, and flush what’s left. Only when we can’t release properly do we accumulate toxins, which eventually effect our health. With food, we understand the need to release the old. It works the same way with thoughts and emotions.

Emotions are simply chemicals in the body, designed to get our attention, then be flushed out of the system. We were never meant to hold on to them. We tend to replay the thoughts that stir them up, over and over. After a while, the body develops an addiction to those chemicals, requiring us to keep producing them. It’s a vicious cycle.

The stories we create around any emotion holds that emotion in play. It keeps the chemical active, either by not releasing it, or by reproducing it every time we replay the story. It’s okay to feel an emotion, pay attention to why it’s there, and not make a story to go with it. For example, someone violates a personal boundary, you feel anger, you address the situation (strengthen the boundary, talk to the person), then let it go. Emotions without stories is a new concept for most of us, but it is much easier, once you get used to it.

Emotion still plays a significant role – it give us feedback on our lives. Anger tells us a boundary has been violated. Guilt shows us our deeds are not aligned with our thoughts or words. Grief let’s us know we really loved whatever we lost. Emotion is an incredible learning tool, when combined with awareness and action. It’s a free will training course… but it’s toxic, if stored.

Another way we trap emotion in our bodies is through substance addiction. Have you ever noticed how addicts never seem to mature? It can be said that it’s hard to learn new coping skills if you’re always high (or drunk), which is true, but I think it’s also the equivalent of cellular constipation. Locking out our mental process seems to stop the flow in our cells.

I practice a distance energy healing modality, called PSYCH-K. Over the years, I’ve noticed that people who are heavily medicated (drugs or alcohol) are not only harder to adjust, the results aren’t as deep. The cleaner the system (physically and energetically), the deeper I can go, and the more I can accomplish. I do all my work on an energetic level, so it’s never a matter of mental alertness in my clients. This is the cellular level.

So how do we clear out old emotion? Clear the body, clear the mind. It’s vital to support the body with rest, water, organic foods, and herbs and supplements, movement, and grounding. Clearing the mind is like cleaning out an old basement used as storage. It takes time to look through everything, and a lot of it goes in the trash. Be willing to reexamine everything. Don’t keep anything just because it’s familiar. Only keep what’s useful or brings you joy. You can keep the memory (especially of lessons), but throw out the stories around them. More discernment, less judgment.

Let your emotions flow. Let your thoughts flow. Let your very cells process and release. We were built for this… release and flow.


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* Reframing *

Reframing how we remember an event is essential. With a little distance, we can see a bigger picture, and decide which role to carry forward. Were you a victim, or a survivor?   reframing doesn’t usually happen in the moment, at least not at first. While (and shortly after) an event it’s more important to feel everything that comes up. We must feel, before we can release. But down the road… how do you remember it?

Before we start reframing personal events, I want to consider basic life assumptions. “Life is always supposed to make me happy”and “If I’m not happy, I must be doing it wrong” are two of the biggest lies we have been sold. Life was never meant to make us happy, but to make us aware. The more aware we become, the easier it is to be happy, but still, the point of the game is awareness.

The other big lies that needs reframing are “I will reach the goal of happiness” and “Why haven’t I reached a static state of happiness yet?” Otherwise known as destination addiction. Let me clear this up: Life is never in stasis, it is always changing, either in growth or decline. Additionally, the only time we “arrive” in a mortal existence is when we arrive in the grave. Until you are dead, you will be living, which involves constant change.

The point is this: Stop beating yourself up about not “being happy” all the time, or not “being there” yet. There is always a deeper level of awareness, always room for growth. Just like eating and drinking regularly to sustain the body, we need to regularly, and consciously, digest our thoughts and emotions. That’s all. Reframe how you think about the purpose and mechanics of life, and see what happens.

Now we can take reframing to a more personal lever. Reframing is NOT avoidance. Do not use this technique to avoid dark feelings, or justify an abusive person. After you have fully experienced the emotion of the event, healed the wound, adjusted boundaries as needed, and moved on, you can then decide how to remember it. This applies to everything from hurt feelings up to physical attack.

I know several people who were sexually molested as children. That situation is never okay, and always leaves a scar. As children, they are always the victims of the predators in their lives. As adults, the ones who have released self-blame and victim mentality are more healthy and happy. They aren’t denying it happened, or justifying the abuser, but the trauma no longer defines them. They have moved from victim to survivor.

Our experiences color our lives, but how we choose to remember them is what defines us. It’s okay to have a really rough event, and become the hero that rises above it. It’s so much easier to be the survivor, rather than the perpetual victim. You write your own story. Make yourself a superstar.

Again, the point of life is awareness, not happiness. What do you have in your past that disappointed your happiness meter? What awareness can you gain, looking at the event in hindsight? What gifts of awareness have resulted later in life? Once you can view it with a little distance… It’s worth reviewing your memories. Look at your life events through new eyes, in a new context.

What can you release? How different is your life with a little reframing? You are stronger than anything you have encountered. Remember that. Allow yourself to reclaim your strength.


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Inner Peace

Many of us seem to think inner peace results from either a state of mind, or peaceful outer circumstances. What if that’s only part of it, and a small part, at that? What we experience as emotion is simply chemical reactions in the body. What if these chemicals are the most important thing? What if inner peace really is peace within our bodies?

We all know that outer stimuli cause emotional reactions. Being chased by a lion releases the adrenaline for fight or flight. Even reading something about politics can make your blood boil, as the chemicals of anger saturate the body. Sexual arousal can be a consequence of a visual image, or even just a thought. But what if it works the other way, also? The chemicals cause the thoughts. Chemical imbalance isn’t a new concept for sever depression and anxiety, but it may be more subtle, and important to everyone with a body.

The ego plays a supporting role here, because its job is to maintain our stories, whatever those stories are. When we get intuitive information, the ego tries to make it fit into our existing storyline. When we get chemicals of emotion, it does the same thing. If the chemicals of anger are felt, the ego looks for a story to go with the emotion. That’s what we pay it for.

So, if you’re happily driving to work, then suddenly feel angry, you make up a reason. “I hate my job!” “My spouse always upsets me!” “That political commercial is turning my stomach!” When in reality, it wasn’t anything on the outside. Maybe your breakfast just hit your liver, and it’s talking to you the only way it can. Maybe we need to spend more time listening to our bodies, and less time looking outside for a story.

Clarity and peace are mental, but also physical. We need to pay attention to both body and mind, to feed each properly, and keep each clean and clear. Most of us put the body last, but maybe it’s the foundation of our overall wellbeing. We have been taught to ignore our bodies in industrialized countries. We are expected to use our will power to force our bodies to look or act a certain way, regardless of how we actually feel. Not only that, but our food and water has been altered almost beyond recognition to our bodies. It no longer promotes health.

There isn’t one specific diet that will benefit all. Some thrive as vegans, some really need meat. But there are a few things that all of us should avoid: GMO, factory farmed meat, processed sugar, alcohol and recreational drugs, and excess of any kind. These things aren’t healthy for any body, not even your pets. Our bodies weren’t designed for what has become “normal”. What’s worse, GMO and factory farmed meat (usually fed GMO) aren’t required to be labeled as such in the USA. If it’s not labeled organic, then it’s probably GMO. Care enough about your own health to do some research before you buy.

Emotional chemicals were meant to be fleeting in nature, used as feedback as a teaching tool. Anger lets us know a personal boundary has been violated – we feel the surge of anger, notice where something went wrong, and it dissipates naturally. With our diets gumming up the process, emotional chemicals can’t leave the system as quickly or completely as they should. Additionally, the body itself is sending distress signals in the form of chemicals. It’s just a big chemical soup inside. Ew.

The discussion can go further, by looking into the gut-brain ties. The gut is considered the second brain, and healing the gut makes significant improvements in cognitive abilities. In many spiritual traditions, we are taught we have three brains: the brain, the gut, and the heart. In my observation, we need to heal both the mind and the gut, before we can reach the wisdom of the heart.

Instead of searching for inner peace in our circumstances, let’s focus on creating it in our bodies. Befriend your body. Treat it like the center of wisdom and awareness it is. Pay attention to how your diet affects your emotions. Your body is talking. Are you listening?


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My Path

As I was doing yoga today, it occurred to me that I have been misunderstood. Not by everyone, of course, but by enough that I feel compelled to clarify. I write, both blog and books, based on my own experiences and observations (I think everyone got that part), and how they apply to my personal path. My path is self-mastery and embodiment. Yours may be different. Use whatever resonates with you, and leave the rest. Seriously, only you know what direction you need to go.

Self-mastery isn’t a destination, it is a constant evolution. Every time I find my way to the edge of something, reality expands. It’s a constant journey, with introspection at the center. It’s self-improvement at every level. It’s a driving need to touch my own soul; to relinquish ego constructs, so this beautiful body-temple can hold more of my very essence. It is unending, and worth every second. I am my mission.

The thing I want to clarify is judgement vs. discernment. Not everyone is on a path of self-mastery, and I know this. Hedonism isn’t “wrong”, it’s just the opposite direction. Nothing you ever do as a conscious choice is wrong, but it needs to be conscious, so you can discern if it is in alignment with where you want to go. Never let anyone tell you you’re on the wrong path. Yes, it might be the more difficult one, but all I’m concerned with is awareness.

My Grandma was amazingly strong, and her stories always had an impact. In her late 20s, still unmarried, her severe shyness turned into extreme anxiety. Now, she had every reason for shyness and anxiety. She endured a lifetime of abuse (including sexual), and got to witness the same with her eight younger siblings. One day, her favorite Aunt & Uncle came to visit. Hearing the knock at the door, she immediately hid under her bed, when she had an epiphany. If she kept up this behavior, she knew it would end by eventually being institutionalized. She decided, at that very moment, to make different choices. She was now aware of the bigger picture.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but she managed to find ways to calm herself, and eventually led a normal life. The combination of awareness and choice helped her overcome her phobia, and to set her own course in life. She inspires me to this day. If you have ever been gripped by fear, you know the determination it takes to break away. This story might be the foundation of all my writings. Awareness and choice. Thanks, Grandma (1916-1990).

Neither one of her options were wrong, but once she had her head above water (awareness), she decided against the more difficult life she was heading for. My point is always this: Look at where you are, look at where you want to be, make choices (and changes) accordingly. Only you know where you want to end up. Only you can change your  actions to align with your goal. Only you know your “best” path.

So, if you want a lifetime to pursue pleasures of the flesh, then go for it. It isn’t “wrong”, and you only have your own Higher Self to answer to. It’s between you and You. My guess is, if you are reading these words, at least part of your journey is about awareness (self-mastery). And if any of my ramblings can ease your process, then I am truly honored to walk this path with you.


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Kundalini Activation

Having hot flashes in your chakras? Followed by a cold wave? It’s happening, and you aren’t alone. It’s completely different than the standard hot and cold sensations we’ve experienced in the past. These hot flashes are definitely centered in various chakras, and you can feel the energy surging through the body.

The heat is almost unbearable. It feels like everything old is being cleansed by fire, from the inside. Then the energy surge can be felt up the spine, and blood rushes to the face, feet, and hands. This isn’t something I can sleep through. It wakes me several times a night. It happens at random times during the day also, but it isn’t quite as jarring when I’m already awake.

As I understand it, these are kundalini activations, meant to move out the old, and make room for the new. I’m exhausted today, because last night I spent ALL my dreamtime working with my Higher Self to integrate these new codes. I usually work some while I sleep, but this felt like overtime. So much coming in.

Funny story… at one point, while talking with my Higher Self, she activated my throat and heart chakras. I jumped awake from the heat. As I fumbled back into my body, I heard my one dog panting, and the other one ran for the water dish. This is a planetary ascension, not just a human one. My dogs remind me of that all the time.

The new codes are new geometries to create a new experience. Everything is based on Sacred Geometry, and our world is no different. There has been much talk about our bodies changing from carbon to crystalline base, and now I see how that’s possible. Just do it a little at a time, so the system isn’t overwhelmed. Extra toxins make your body work harder to clean out the old. My system is pretty darn clean at this point, and I’m still exhausted. Many people have been getting various levels of sick, just because the upgrade is a lot to put on an already taxed system.

There are two distinct things going on. First, the incoming codes are just coming in. It’s just evolution. Solar activity and cosmic stuff is way above my pay grade. Second, free will matters. We get to decide if we want to clean out our systems to make evolution easier, or not. We can choose to support the inevitable, or fight the change. Spoiler alert – change always wins.

As I said, this is happening to all Gaia’s creatures. Animals handle it better because they don’t use toxins as recreation, and they don’t have the cache of beliefs to clear. Our free will allows us to build stories, and to dismantle them. It allows us to use the body, or support it. Animals don’t have the ego, so they are just doing whatever feels right (like running for the water bowl at 1 a.m.)

I’m not lecturing, just reminding you that you have a choice. I just want you to be aware these energies are coming in either way, so your choice lies in how you handle it. Yes, there are further choices, mastery choices, like aligning your vibration with your highest timeline. This is the first choice. Beyond whatever you think about the body being a temple, there is no doubt your consciousness is only here as long as you have physical host, your body.

The nice part is that many of the old archetypes have been cleared from the collective consciousness. It is easier to make personal changes now than ever before. Victim mentality, addiction, poverty, power hierarchy, and so many more, have fallen. The conditions will persist for a bit, but the archetypes holding them in place are gone. This means things that used to be a real struggle personally are just easier now. Even if you have tried to shift something before, try it again. Beliefs and patterns shift much easier at this point.

Also, remember that all physicality is all one thing. As we feel these activations in our chakras, Gaia is activating, as well. Earthquakes and volcanos and cold snaps, oh my. We are all feeling the kundalini awaken… feeling the power surge. We were built for this. We are here to ride this wave. Extra sleep, extra water, extra awareness… you got this!


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