Breathe as the Divine

I have been playing with ways to maintain this blissful energy, instead of being rocked so hard by the fluctuations. I think I finally figured it out! At least it works for me, for now.

It needs to begin on a “good day” when you are feeling joy and gratitude, without forcing it. Be in the flow of life and love, and consciously breathe that feeling into your body. This has to be a conscious act in order to recall it later. Just take a few conscious breaths each time you feel amazing, and store it in your body. I visualize this energy entering with my breath and infusing each cell with its magic. This makes my body feel energized and fulfilled.

When the outer energy comes back down, my cells are still infused with the good stuff, I just need to remind myself of that. I have devised a phrase that reminds me of the light: “Lighten up, Buttercup!” When I think this phrase to myself, I can feel my whole body shift to this higher state. I’m not just feeling better, my neurology is also responding. My body actually functions better!

We have been told to “ground the energy” for years. We have been told to “breathe consciously” for millennia. This is the first time I’ve managed to ground the energy in my own body through conscious breathing. Maybe I’m just slow. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s finally time. We can all feel the shift, and we are meant to play an active role. How much more active can we be than lighting up our cells, and recalling that light with intention?

For those who like lists:
* Wait until you are feeling the flow of joy
* Consciously breath that feeling into your body
* Do this whenever you feel good
* Pick a word or phrase that you can associate with this experience
* When the outer energy is less supportive, use your word or phrase to remind
you to turn on your inner light

As with all new skills, this will take practice. Keep tweaking this process to fit your own style. There is no right or wrong way, and we are all different. For me, this is a practical way to change the frequency within. I have been working with this for about a week, and it gets easier each time I do it.

For my next challenge I plan to direct this light to areas of my body needing a little healing. I’ll keep you posted. Also, please share your experiences around this breathing technique!

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8 Responses to Breathe as the Divine

  1. astrobuss says:

    Thanks, NathaJay!!
    Good Timing! I’ve been working with Stresses and Ego Deathes around Dead-Car Syndrome, with success, but reading this **really** upped my frequency!
    Breathing only through the Nose triggers the Vagus Nerve and brings us into the parasympathetic nervous system (“feed-breed-rest-digest”) instead of the sympathetic (“fright-flight-fight-freeze”), and inhaling deeply enough to fill the torso with air from navel to nape often triggers my Joy even when I’m not there to begin with. Adding the “Consciously breath that feeling into your body” expands the process a lot for me, and naming it seems useful too. I like your Buttercup phrase, but I’m calling mine “Breathe, Louise!”
    This reminds me of Gary Craig’s “Unseen Therapist,” and I’m finding that process to be useful with the Ego Deaths. Gary’s “Personal Peace Procedure” In brief, “Close your eyes, take a deep breath and just recall a loving moment. … If you can’t find a loving moment then make one up. That will do. … Next, shift your mental focus to a specific past event [it wasn’t mentally Clear how what popped into my mind was related, but it soon became Clear!] and its emotional crescendo [the emotion that the event triggered]. This tells The Unseen Therapist what you want resolved. Run this movie in your mind and focus on the emotional crescendo. But take it easy. No need to cause yourself pain by running through it in dramatic fashion. If focusing on the emotional crescendo causes you discomfort, then back off the focus a bit so that it is tolerable. … As you focus on the emotional crescendo, imagine it to be a unwanted vibration somewhere within your body [Shame like a vise around my Heart]. Then imagine The Unseen Therapist sending a cool breeze of loving light that ‘cools’ the vibration and, in your mind’s eye, reduces the vibration down, down, down to nothingness. Take about 30 seconds to do this and then repeat it again.”
    Love, Jim

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  2. NathaJay says:

    “Breathe, Louise!” That made me giggle – thanks!


  3. Bob Breeze says:

    Lighten up Buttercup! has stuck already!
    Fantastic strategy and it works!
    You really are an earth grounded angel!

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  4. “Lighten up, Buttercup”! Hilarious!
    Regarding grounding the energy, yes, heard it so many times but never really understood how to do that. I think that’s one of the upgrades going around. In tai chi class years ago we were told to swallow and then follow the saliva down but I could never get further than the stomach. Recently it has begun to segue into it turning into energy and reaching the ground.
    Thanks for the post, as always.

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  5. NathaJay says:

    It must be time for it to reach the ground. Exciting!


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