Clearing Cobwebs

So much clearing! So much integration! So much going on! From an energetic standpoint, it’s amazing out there. From a physical standpoint, it’s exhausting. Emotionally, it seems to be quite a roller coaster. The trick is to clear as much as you can, as quickly as possible, so you can return to the amazing energetics. The nice part is old stuff is ready to move, you just have to release it.

I’ve written endlessly about not holding on to old stories, and this is more of the same, except faster. In my life, I was faced with a trigger of people “not showing up” (flakey people). I followed that trigger, through many layers, to my birth. There were complications and my Mom’s life was at risk, so when I popped out, instead of “welcome to the family!” I got whisked away to an incubator for 24 hours, while they worked on Mom. This became a running theme in my life… everything works out, but if it’s important, I’m on my own.

You don’t need to know the origin event, but the themes in your life are up for examination. At this point, just bringing them to full awareness, and deciding to discard them, is enough. I decided that I have learned I am fully capable of succeeding on my own, and I no longer have to do it that way. That was a great story, and now I am ready to have a story of mutual support. It’s that simple, but you must own the original story, sit with it and fully feel it, then release it with love.

Why is feeling it so important? Cellular memory. Fully experiencing an emotion is a physical process. It acts like a key, opening the cells to release what was stored. If it isn’t released, it just keeps repeating. So yes, this can get emotionally messy. The other option is to keep it bottled up, and just keep finding the same nouns (persons, places, things). Your choice. Neither way is “wrong”. Rip the bandage off and move on, or just let it fester uncomfortably. I personally find more distress in long-term low-level suffering than just a really bad day (or month, or year). Each to their own.

On a physical level, it’s this same thing. Strange symptoms of past illness or injury are showing up to be released. For example, last night I started coughing. I’m not sick, nor do I have allergies, but in the middle of the night I had this rattling cough. I could feel the remnants of childhood pneumonia breaking loose. I’m totally fine today. The point is, let things move. You know when you actually need a doctor. If it’s quick, just thank your body for clearing it out.

How can you ease this process? Energetic hygiene seems to be the ticket. I recommend breathing through the chakras. Take at least three deep breaths per chakra, with the intention of clearing. Keep the energy in your body moving… visualization, hot baths, walks, etc. Just really support “out with the old, in with the new”.

The flow is happening, we are just removing personal blocks. On that note, anyone choosing to stay stuck will really start to feel the pressure of the incoming energies. It isn’t personal in any way, it’s just evolution. We are designed to be a free-flowing conduit. Stories of the ego try to build a container. Containers can overflow or burst. This is why it is recommended that we remove old stories, as soon as we see them. Remember, changing the noun (person, place, or thing) doesn’t change the story. Changing the story is an internal process. Mental mastery. Awareness is everything.

And once again, please be kind to your body. This physical ascension process is extremely taxing. Your body is doing an amazing job with all this detox. Be kind to your liver. Please eat organic whole foods, and avoid processed sugar. Drugs, alcohol, and fast food (think chemical shit storm) are completely out. Be a good guest to the body hosting your consciousness. Your body is your feminine expression, while your mind is your masculine. It is personal misogyny to make choices that hurt the body. Stop beating yourself up.

Also, be kind to yourself emotionally and mentally. Once you know better, do better, but forgive yourself for prior missteps. We are all learning, we are all growing. As long as you keep personally evolving, you’re right on track. Be kind to yourself. Your invisible team is always supporting you, and they are so proud and excited! We got this! Keep clearing the cobwebs…


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