Goodbye 2016

I have been reminiscing for days about the beauty of 2016. I don’t think I’ve ever learned more in one year. The lessons came hard and fast, but the integration was quicker and smoother than ever. Some of the amazing insights 2016 brought me:

People are where they are, no matter what I want.
Ease of communication indicates the person is close to my vibration.
I simply can’t communicate with those too far from my vibration, and that’s ok.
I project good stuff more than bad, so I need to be aware of other signs.
A sparkly soul in no way indicates self-mastery.
If I see an opportunity for personal growth and jump right in with full awareness of the learning potential, it happens quickly and the situation disappears.
Clearing karma is about coming to awareness, not enduring pain.
Leveling-up (ascension, awakening) is about being aware. All.The.Time.
If I raise my personal frequency, the people in my life magically change (or disappear).
The Universe supports my path, all I have to do is walk it.
Words only describe what people wish for. Rely only on action.
Arrogance is unattractive.
Muggle love is really just attachment.
An open heart is the most beautiful thing in the world.
When personal will isn’t aligned with Divine Will, the body suffers.
Alcohol is only a way to check-out of life. Always.
Being fully present is being fully alive.
Left to my own devices, I’m really freaking happy. All.The.Time.
Animals are amazing teachers.
Forgiveness is important, but trust can never be regained.
A lot of people justify their unhappiness.
It’s wrong to try to constantly hold Spiritual space for someone, because then they never learn to do it themselves.
Elemental magic is powered by personal will and focused intent; mystical magic is powered by aligning personal will and intent with Divine Will.
I am a Mystic.
Sometimes the most loving thing to do is let someone fall, and love them anyway.
Leaving people behind to be my best self is a gift to both of us.
Devotion to a path is vital.
Capacity to love is directly related to the amount of self-work accomplished.
My top requirement for a mate is introspection.
There are amazingly supportive people everywhere, from cashier to close friends.
Mature women hold more personal power than I ever understood.
Love (the unconditional kind) heals everything. Always.
I am amazingly blessed.

I’m quite sure there’s more, but that’s what stands out at the moment. I hope your 2016 was just as expansive. Make a list… it’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t read it yet, here is the forecast for 2017 – Year of Divine Union. May the coming year be blessed with your awareness. Namaste.


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