Making Miracles

It’s time. The miracles and magic of 2017 are upon us. While Divine energy is flowing to us at an astounding rate, this is still a co-creative process. This new way of “doing” to make things happen this year (and going forward) requires a whole new skill set. Actually, it’s just a combination of skills we’ve been working on. Now is the time to start playing with putting them together.

Several times a day, for just a few minutes, be fully present and fully aware of your body. Just breathe and feel the breath move in you. Listen to your own heartbeat. Touch, or smell, or hear what’s around you. Then find something in that present moment to absolutely love. Keep it simple. Fall in love with the taste of an orange, or the smell of the coffee, or the beauty of the fresh snow. Be fully present, fully aware, and fully in love… then feel that in your body.

Any gratitude is a good thing, but this is specific to the present moment. Being grateful for things in the past (great time with family over the holidays) or the future (spring is coming) are always beneficial to opening the heart, but the magic is happening in the present. Be fully present, even for two minutes, many times throughout your day.

This is an action. This is a choice. This requires your participation, it just looks different than what we usually consider action. If you are ever feeling stuck, or like you should be doing something, do this, and see how quickly things shift. Really, give it a go. It’s amazing.

What you are doing is aligning with the incoming energy (being present), opening yourself to receive (being in love / gratitude), and grounding it into your cells (feeling your body). Divine Love fixes everything. All you have to do is open up and ground it, and it does the rest. Don’t direct the energy, just receive, and watch your life shift.

Doing this will change your vibration, and your life circumstances will change to match. This is the beginning of embodying your Higher Self. Trust the process. If things leave your life, let them go. This process brings you onto your path. Don’t get caught up in how that looks. The more light you hold in your body, the easier things move. Relax and let it happen.

Emotions may pop up, just feel them and release them. Negative thoughts may pop up, just acknowledge them and release them. Physical issues may pop up, support the body and release them. This Light takes up space, so it will push out what no longer serves you. Let everything go, and see what stays. You might be surprised.

Evolution is happening faster than planned. Every time you do this activity you are helping both yourself and the collective. You are thanked for your service (I hear cheering), and so very loved and supported. Remember to talk out loud to your Guides. They are always eager to assist. The veil is so thin you can feel their presence.

Be present. Be open. Feel it in your body. Actively participate in making miracles. Namaste.


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