In Service to Love

As I enjoyed a hot bath on this high energy day, the information came flooding in. I was brought to tears several times by the sheer magnitude and beauty of everything I was shown. We are so limited by language, but I will try to describe the messages.

My personal story is that I received my mission quite young, and it always weighed heavily on me. Only in the past decade have I experienced fleeting moments of this mission feeling like a gift, an honor. In the last 6 months those feelings have increased, in both frequency and duration. Today I spent hours in total bliss, knowing that this is how we are all destined to live. Living a life of service isn’t a duty or full of drudgery, it is an expansive act of becoming.  It is to fall completely in love with being. I don’t know if this awareness is a result of the decades of climbing the mountain, or just an epiphany, or part of the physical upgrade we are all getting. I don’t know if I was even capable of hearing this when I was younger. I don’t know if it will make sense to you. I just know it’s real now, and I know it’s where we’re all heading.

The greatest service any of us can offer is our own becoming, our own self mastery. If you think of dedicating your life to serving humanity and you feel martyred, drained, or even useful (need to feel needed), then you are only serving the ego. True service is beyond these human states; it fills every cell and pours out into the world. You can never make someone else evolve, but by becoming who you really are, you change everyone around you. You are a drop of water in: the ocean of humanity, the lake of your community, the bathtub of your soul family, and the glass of water of your twin souls. Your effect changes all, but is less diluted in your smaller groups.

I am never alone in these progressions, and neither are you. I speak to a pretty specific group in the first wave. As this wave ascends, others will need to start speaking to the next wave, and so on. These aren’t clear divisions, and there are always those in-between groups. The point is, if you have been feeling the nudge to start sharing, please do so. It’s like a human chain, and we pass our knowledge from one hand to the next. Some will write, some will teach, some will use video… just do whatever you’re called to. Start now.

Remember to use the intelligence of the body to help guide you. Whatever decision you face, see how it feels in your body – expansive and open, or contracted and limiting. If your emotional and mental bodies are clear, they will give the same answer. The problem we face with those bodies is that the emotions and the monkey mind get caught up in the fear of change. Yes, even good change will require feeling all the human turmoil as it comes up, but the body is a great barometer for decision making before action.

Also remember to talk out loud to your Guides. Once you get into this habit of including them in your daily life, they will start being more present. They will eventually start the conversations. Having a strong team of invisible friends makes all the difference.

And remember to be gentle with yourself on all levels, especially your body. These energetic upgrades are very much physical changes. Even releasing old patterns is a cellular function. Some people will hold on so tightly to their old ways, or their set goals, that their bodies simply won’t make this upgrade. You can’t make them change. Free will is a thing. The best you can do is lead by example, and be who you truly are.

I feel like I’m rambling and jumping all over. I hope this is of some help on your journey. The ego is no longer being supported, but the beauty of true service is divine. Be open to the bliss of being in service to Love. Namaste.


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