Walking In Both Worlds

It’s literal, you know. Seeing realities, both visible and invisible, from different vantage points in different dimensions. It’s just like Neo seeing through the Matrix. You begin to see layer on layer of cause and effect, timelines, and progressions. You see your own life as an observer… then you fall back into the game, briefly believing this experience is “real”, with bills to pay and a broken heart to tend to. But only briefly. It doesn’t take much to remember the vastness of multi-dimensional reality.

Enter Christ Consciousness. I’m not fond of that term, simply because of its ties to Christianity, so feel free to use your own words. Simply put, we all carry the seed of higher consciousness within us. We, collectively, are the savior. We are the ones we have been waiting for. 2017 will be known as the beginning of the New Earth. But free will still exists, it’s rather the point actually, and we need to choose the grow our seed of Light. Just because you were born Divine, doesn’t mean you can’t get lost in the human experience. Humans are driven by basic emotions and hormones, like all animals, but we have the capacity of discernment. Just like I.Q. is only a measure of potential, this seed of Light only allows for possibility. You must cultivate it yourself, as an act of free will.

Once you start down this path of self-mastery, things start to change. You will find you are supported in completely unexpected ways. Especially now. The ego, with all its fear-based reality, is no longer being supported, so it is difficult to stay there. The minute you decide to align with your Spirit, things just line up and flow. If you are swimming upstream, you are working with the old paradigm. Some people will refuse to let their old stories go. Say goodbye with love, and let them be where they are. They will either follow or they won’t. Lead by example.

Meditation for any reason is a good thing (for relaxation or health). If praying is talking to the Divine, meditating is listening to the Divine. Once your meditation practice becomes about active listening to guide your actions, you start getting jobs. Put on committees, basically. For the last couple weeks, my every breath (as often as I can be conscious of breathing) has been dedicated to accessing the highest timelines possible (for us all). Many of you have been doing this during dreamtime. There have been literally millions of us doing this work, and we have done a great job. Now we get to integrate for a couple weeks. To help this process, simply be aware of the flow of energy entering your crown chakra, and grounding through your root chakra. Take a few deep breaths, and feel the flow.

The good news is we pulled in a lot of Light. The bad news is it will disrupt the dark. The ego-driven human world is going to crumble faster than we originally thought. To escape the pain and fear, you must align with your Spirit. This is evolution, it isn’t personal. But you no longer have the luxury of wandering around lost. I don’t at all mean you need to “find your purpose” and switch jobs, I mean you are your purpose, and you need to make personal development a priority. If you focus on nurturing that seed of Light in you, everything else will fall into place.

Stay in the flow, and listen to your body. All physical reality is one thing. Your body isn’t just symbolic of Gaia, it is literally one being. If you feel like Gaia is being polluted, stop polluting your body. Befriend your body, and don’t try to force it (extortion) to perform. There are cellular upgrades we are experiencing, at a much faster rate, to keep pace with Earth’s ascension. Talk to your body. Listen to your body. It has a wisdom all its own. As you begin to know and respect your body as a sentient being, everything shifts. This will be vital this year.

And then there will be times when we fall into forgetfulness, into human drama. That’s ok. The time spent there gets shorter with each remembering. This is what happens when we walk in both worlds.


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