This topic has been coming up a lot this week, so let’s dive in…

Most people consider karma to be a system of punishment and reward, basically just like heaven and hell, but during our Earthly existence. But that would require judgement of right & wrong, and then we need someone to do the judging. It gets weird really quickly. The Universe is beautiful in its simplicity, and so is karma.

Karma is just a vibration. Living within a given vibration allows you to group with other people and circumstances of that same vibration. If you smoke, you will attract others who smoke, or at least treat their body the same way. If you meditate, you will attract others who connect to the inner self. It may not always look the same on the outside (one of my very best friends is quite Christian, and I am anything but), but you will both be working at the same level (in this case, love). So if you are surrounded by addicts, some part of you believes deeply in disempowerment, even if you have no addictions of your own.

To clean up your karma simply means to raise your vibration in order to leave that pattern behind. In this time of ascension, the vibration of the collective is being raised, thus many of us are seeing our karmic patterns up close and personal, whether we want to or not. To those who are really attached to their stories, it feels like the world is ending, because those attachments have to go. To those who have dedicated themselves to understanding their attachments, it feels like heaven, because those attachments have to go. Awareness is everything. Be really observant of yourself and where you aren’t comfortable, and be willing to release those attachments. This might mean forgiving, or having better boundaries, or loving yourself unconditionally – we’re all different, and need different things. Know thyself.

A word of warning – you can only change your own karma. You must be willing to release anyone at anytime. Basically, just love people, but don’t get attached to a story about your relationship. You can’t make others evolve, we are all moving at our own pace, and “holding space” for them is exhausting for the higher vibe, and annoying for the lower vibe. Just do your thing, and allow people to come & go from your life. This is normal, and 2017 may seem like a revolving door, if you are rising quickly. Your body will tell you if you are surrounded by higher or lower vibrations – listen to it. If you are the brightest light in the room, it’s time to find a different room.

Attachments are highlighted by emotional reactions. Look at where you have the most dramatic emotional responses to find your greatest attachments. Attachment just means belief in an ego story. If you have a strong belief in “someday my prince/princess will come”, then you will have a strong emotional response whenever that story is threatened. Anything less than unconditional love will bring some kind of emotional reaction, but the stronger reactions are where to start unwinding the attachments.

When I was a teenager, my Grandma used to warn me about falling in with the wrong crowd. I always replied, “Jesus hung out with lepers and prostitutes, and he turned out ok.” I have always disliked the idea of judgement. But several decades later, I see it in a whole new light. Some of the kindest, most open-hearted people I know are the outcasts of society. Maybe Jesus was hanging out with really high vibe folks who just didn’t fit in. I recommend you find high vibe (low karma) people, to make this ascension process easier.

No one is judging you, and there is no battle of good and evil. In fact, try changing two words in your vocabulary: Change “karma” to “vibration”, and change “evil” to “ego”. “I must have good money vibration.” “Lord, deliver me from ego.” It’s so much more accurate. Stay aware. Watch your attachments. Let people, situations, and things come & go. Now is the time to release the old, and build the new karma… I mean, vibration.


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