The Story of You

I get the best downloads in the bath. I highly recommend a hot bath with epsom salt and maybe some essential oils. Bless the water while you’re in there.

Here’s what I got… the veils are lifting faster than planned, so the illusion of separation is rapidly dissolving. The down side is that most of us are pretty attached to our separation, meaning the ego story. Just as the 3rd & 4th dimensions (space-time) create our illusion of separation on a grand scale, the ego creates for the individual. The idea that you & I are fundamentally different people is based in the ego experience. At an ego level, we are all different, and all alone. Separation is now becoming unity, and the ego is grasping at straws.

For those that have been dedicated to self-mastery, the process is still painful at times, but things move so quickly. If you have trained yourself to process thoughts and emotions as passing energy, then this is an exciting time. Keep it up!

To the extent you have been anchored in your human story, this time is really painful, on multiple levels. The story of “you”, as a separate self, is being challenged on every front. I wish I had something uplifting to say here, but all I get are images of suffering. I guess the uplifting part is that suffering is optional, and only continues as long as you hold on to your old stories. Let go. I know the practical stuff is more complicated (relocation, divorce, etc.), but it starts with releasing the story mentally. Let it go.

Many people are living their lives in pursuit of pleasure – everything form addictions to “I just want to be happy” – with only themselves as the ultimate goal. It’s no longer about “you”, except in your pursuit of self-mastery. Funny thing is, all that happiness is waiting on the other side of the door marked “unity”. Once your goal is for the collective, then everything opens up. Disclaimer: Self-mastery doesn’t give the instant gratification of selfish stuff, but it offers sustainable joy. Totally worth the effort it takes to change direction, and build a spiritual practice. But you have to be willing to let go of the old, and make room for the new. This is what free will looks like.

The next thing I got was about self-delusion. Many of us lie to ourselves on a regular basis. Not a blatant lie, but a lot of justification. Please don’t judge yourself, that isn’t the point. Try to evaluate yourself with complete honesty, but don’t judge. Once you feel judged, then you have to defend, then you are back to justifying. Just observe. Is any of this going on?
*You say you love your body, but don’t give it proper food, exercise, or rest.
*You say you believe in spirituality, but don’t have a daily (or even weekly) set practice.
*You say you believe in positivity, but judge yourself (or others) almost constantly.
*You say you believe in love, but only give it if it’s returned.
Like I said, don’t judge yourself, just look at your life, and find where your actions don’t match your words. To be operating in integrity, you must walk your talk. Look at all your beliefs, and be honest about which ones you actually act on.

This is also good to help you evaluate your circle. Again, not to judge them, but to help you discern what relationships to invest your time in. I tend to see people at a soul level, and everyone has a sparkly soul, so I have to pay attention to their actions (not their words) to see who is living with integrity. We all falter, and I never expect perfection, but not many people actually walk a spiritual path, even though they use all the lingo. I call it the New Age bubble.

Lastly, people are where they are. Let them be there. The only person you can change is you. The very best gift you can offer, both to the world and your circle, is your own self-mastery. In the short run, this means leaving some people behind. In the long run, you are making a path for them to follow, when they choose to do so. Dedicate yourself to your own growth, no matter what the costs seem to be. It’s only the illusion falling away. Let go of the story of “you”, and join the wave of “we”.


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