Forever Conscious

Sounds lovely, to live in a world of conscious people. And it will be. Getting ourselves there is where the struggle lies. No more stories, no more blame, lots of self-evaluation and honest introspection, to bring us to a place of personal responsibility and integrity. Delusion and denial run rampant in the ego-based reality, and we are about to see exactly how much we participate in that version of reality.

Expect epiphanies to be falling out of the sky this week, and some of them will really hurt when they hit. Your intuition has been growing louder, and if you’re still ignoring it, expect the volume to get turned up a notch. As we ascend into the 5th dimension (fully anchored now, by the way), the ego is no longer being supported. The ego is a tool of separation, and we are headed for unity. This is just evolution, not any kind of judgement. The sooner you choose to leave the ego and focus on your soul, the easier this process will be. And you can always chose to remain, but the ego structures are crumbling, so it doesn’t look like fun. Free will is a thing. Own your decision, no matter what it is.

Once you release the ego stories, situations in your life just start to shift. Some people vanish, others magically appear, jobs change, relocations happen – all to align you with your soul’s purpose. But you have to be willing to release the old. This is where the epiphanies come in – suddenly you realize how you have been limiting yourself, the story comes into your complete awareness, and you have to choose to keep it or let it go. No more ignoring it, no more going back to sleep. The snooze button is broken.

A big piece of the collective being worked right now is the martyrdom / entitlement thing, and they are two sides of the same coin. They are both ways to avoid personal responsibility, by either giving too much or taking too much, and both base their worth on interactions with other people (outside validation). The cure for both is focus on your own personal development. If you are prone to martyrdom, remember the very highest gift you can give others (from your spouse, to your tribe, to the world) is to be the best version of you. If you are prone to entitlement, know the only way to feel fulfilled is to develop your inner connection to your soul. In other words, awareness and dedication is required on both sides. Time to wake up.

It is never about someone else. It isn’t loving to play small just to stay in a story (relationship, job, etc.). Only you can step up to your life, and you will become more and more aware of how your choices are limiting your potential. It will become painfully obvious, and painful to experience, until you are ready to release the story. Our job as individuals is to become our highest potential, so we are adding our light to the collective. It is now about “we” not “me”.

For those who have been consciously doing this work, your dedication is appreciated more than you know. Even when it felt like the darkness you were transmuting was very personal, you were also helping to clear the collective. Whenever we blaze a path, it makes it possible for so many more to find their way out of the illusion. Thank you. Your work has been endless and thankless, but only in 3D. In Higher realms your efforts are celebrated. Please know you are loved and supported always.

New awareness. Examine it. Embrace it. The lower ego timelines don’t even exist anymore. Dedicate yourself to yourself. And we all become forever conscious.


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