Stay the Course

Well, 2017 doesn’t disappoint. Never a dull moment at this point. A weird, disconnected, anxious moment now and then, but never dull. As time gets less linear, and we begin to live in the eternal NOW, it can be overwhelming when NOW sucks, and sometimes it does. You start to wonder if you ever knew what happiness was, or what you did to get to this place of endless suffering. This too shall pass, I promise. There are also fleeting moments of bliss and ease. Again, these pass. The 5th dimension is anchored, but our experience goes back to the lower realms on occasion.

You didn’t do anything wrong, so stop judging yourself. We just dropped back down to pick up a few more souls who are ready to launch. And with 7B+ people on the planet, the whole spectrum is covered – some are now permanently in the 5th, some are firmly embedded in the 3rd, and some of us work the transition. I feel like I am rowing a ferry boat, constantly moving people from one shore to the next. I wonder if I will ever just stay on one side… I wonder if some of us were just built for this work… either way, you aren’t alone.

The very best thing you can do this week is get out of your own way. Know this isn’t just you & stop judging yourself. If possible, meditate on anchoring peace and abundance. If you can’t stop your stories, then distract yourself. Overthinking is making this transition so much harder. If you just keep replaying old stories go read a book, or watch a movie, or play a video game. There are so many physical changes happening right now, and they will happen by themselves if you don’t block them with ego stories. This is one of the very few times I recommend distraction… not drugs or alcohol (they physically block you), but distract your mind, unless you can stay focused on higher outcomes.

And solar flares. Wow. See? I can’t even focus for more than 3 paragraphs. You aren’t alone, this will pass, and distract yourself from your old stories. Let the New Earth settle into your bones.


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