Evolution in Progress

Wow. This whole year has been a whole new level of strange, but the world has gone totally sideways since the eclipse. I spend almost 24 hours a day consciously integrating energy now. I still sleep, but most of it is lucid, and very busy. That’s why I haven’t posted in a while… so much going on. I don’t think I have much of a message this time, so I’ll share my experience.

Time – Time has been misbehaving for years, but now it’s so weak as a structure it’s hard to remember how it works. The only moment is NOW, and both the past and future seem like theory. I have also found that making a day last longer is totally possible. Play with this. Stay fully present, and see how time adjusts.

Vertical Reality – I have also found that different levels of perception are available to me at all times. Using the current news frenzy of kneeling rather than standing for U.S. anthem, let’s spiral up the levels… it’s about the flag and patriotism, then it’s about cultural racism, then is us vs. them, then it’s money and indoctrination, then it’s division by country, then it’s the question why, then it’s each playing a role on the spiritual stage, then it’s waking up to the reality of oneness, and so on. The layers of each situation, both personal and collective, are not only visible, but accessible. Meaning, you can choose to live at any of them. All of them are correct at their level, but there is always a higher level.

The Body – This also works on the physical body. You can now change some physical discomforts by simply saying “this isn’t my reality, and I choose to vibrate higher”. This has been quite effective for me with pain management. Also, trusting and praising my body goes a long way. Your consciousness inhabits your body, but the body is an independent organism, capable of healing, and wanting to live. It is programmed for this evolution; let it do its thing, with your full love and support. When a baby develops in the womb, the mother doesn’t try to direct the process. The best thing she can do is provide a healthy, loving environment, and allow life to become. Understand?

Gaia – Even though the human ego likes to think this evolution is about humanity, it isn’t. This is a planetary (or even solar system) shift. Gaia is the one ascending, and we are all along for the ride. You can make it easier on yourself, and all of humanity, with your active participation, but it’s happening either way. All the plants and animals are affected, so be conscious of that. Just because they don’t speak our language doesn’t mean they aren’t also becoming more aware. The whole planet is waking up.

New Wayshowers – If you are being called to blog, or teach, or start a YouTube channel, then do it! This is your call to action. You don’t need a big following. I have very few readers, but they have reached out to thank me for being here, and sharing what I get. As my experience moves farther from the mainstream, others need to step up and guide. Spiritual awakening can be a scary thing, if you don’t know what’s happening. Share your experience, your wisdom, as a light on their path. Let them know they aren’t alone. You got this.

Enjoy this time. Keep your vibration at the level you actually want to live at. Support and allow evolution. Namaste.


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