2018 – Illuminating the Shadow

The yearly forecasts are coming in early, so I’m going with it. It feels like September – March (equinox to equinox) is the ramp-up, and then March – September is the full bloom. I think this is just part of deconstructing time, as we commonly use it. The solar calendar is just a human construct.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”  ~C.G. Jung

The only way to dissolve darkness is to shine a light. 2018 will do just that. All the hidden shadows, both personal and collective, will come to light and be dissolved. This is actually a great thing, like finally cleaning out that dark basement closet, but it may seem overwhelming and scary at times. Who knows what’s in there? Or how long it’s been there? Or if it’s moldy, or covered in creepy-crawly things? It’s ok to be apprehensive, as long as you keep cleaning.

With all the work you’ve done in the last few years, these shadows will dissolve easily… if you are willing to expose them to the light of conscious awareness. Once you acknowledge a shadow, and are truly willing to deal with it straight-on, the it will leave quickly. Denial and avoidance won’t serve you this year. In fact, the more effort you put into avoiding an issue, the stronger it will become, until you can no longer ignore it.

This isn’t about battling the darkness, it’s about integrating it with your light. It’s about going from polarity to oneness. The darkness (the shadow, subconscious programs, lower ego) are ready to come to light (awareness), and dissolve. These are just lost pieces coming home to be healed and released. The faster you become aware, the faster the shadow is integrated. Simple as that. But how it looks on the outside…

From a spiritual perspective, this is a much needed deep collective healing. From a human (muggle) perspective, it can be pretty traumatic. The best thing you can do is stay centered, and be a light for others. The minute you start focusing on the chaos of the world, you will sink into that shadow with them, which won’t help anyone. Many of us will be triggered by world events, but the most compassionate thing you can do is stay centered. Feel free to take action as you are called (activism, volunteering, etc.), but only if it is from a centered place, not an emotional reaction. Act, don’t react. Move from Love, not Fear.

There is a significant timeline split in action here. The important thing to know on that one is that we all have access to all timelines at any point, it’s just a matter of free will. Practical example: A human trafficking ring is exposed… if you choose (free will) to react and let fear and anger have their way, it will activate that vibration, and everything you magnetize will match it. If you choose (free will) to feel the emotions, mentally uncover the reasons you were triggered, then take action from a clear and centered space, everything you magnetize will match that vibration. You will be triggered this year, deeply, but how you handle it is crucial. Blame and judgement are a sign you are operating at a lower timeline, as they are based in polarity – if anything is “their fault”, it requires “us” and “them” mentality. Shift out of the polarity, and back into oneness.

Having access to all timelines can be a bit wobbly. Just because you are flying high in 5D one day, doesn’t mean you can’t suddenly drop back down into 3D. The key here is free will. If you are willing to do your personal shadow work, you will quickly move through the rough spots, and return to the higher timeline. Likewise, anyone living in the muggle world can pop up to 5D, as soon as they are ready. Nothing is set in stone, no one is stuck, and no one is left behind. But be fully aware that you can only make choices for you. There is no saving or helping, only leading by example.

Let me be clear – I’m not saying if you raise your vibration, the world will be unicorns and butterflies. No. Shit happens, and shit will most definitely happen this year. This is about your response to it, and taking full responsibility for clearing your own shadows. It is a mastery of integration, and while each lesson can pass quickly if you are committed to your process, it is still a process. Integrating the shadow brings us to a new level of personal power. It’s worth it. It’s time.

The greatest gift you can offer the world is that of your own transformation. As shadows cross the world stage, know that we are all bringing our darkness to Light. We are healing and releasing polarity, which is part of our evolution and ascension. Use your free will to jump in with both feet. And don’t be afraid of the dark.

“The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire.” ~C.G. Jung


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