Mass Awakening

This past week has been really intense for all of us, especially those actively being Stargates, consciously or not. On Tuesday the Human Heart grid was tied into Gaia’s ascension grid. This is a really big deal, because it means the human collective is finally vibrating at a level that allows us to safely join the planetary ascension. For those just joining in, the ascension that’s happening is Earth, and all Her inhabitants are just along for the ride, including humans.

What this means for humans, is that we are physically shifting, or evolving. Many Way-showers out there have been preparing us for years, explaining how to master the thoughts and the ego, to allow for the smoothest transition possible. The body is evolving, and the level of emotional distress that causes is purely a result of our thoughts, nothing more. All the plants and animals are also going through this shift, but they don’t have the ego to contend with, so they just sleep it off.

Before, there was more of a choice about how fast this physical process went for each individual, but now we are all on the ascension bus. Free will definitely still exists, and your level of suffering and drama are entirely up to you. Just because this Mass Awakening is in full swing now doesn’t mean suddenly everyone is conscious, just that physical reality is changing. If someone is attached to their story, the will remain so until they choose otherwise. Misery loves company… don’t give it to them.

You can tell how attached you are to your story by how personal you make things. Is it your body having trouble, or is just a physical shift? Is it your relationship, or a collective karmic clearing? Do you look around you to see if everyone is angry, or just assume it’s your bad day? Sometimes it is yours, and this is not meant to be used as an excuse, but it’s time to expand your awareness. Look outside yourself, and your life. Moving from separation to unity consciousness requires a new level of awareness.

Support your body! I can’t stress this enough. You are changing at a cellular level, and it’s a lot of work. Remember, the body always strives for health and balance. It has its own intelligence. Treat it with love and patience, and it will show incredible resilience. Extra sleep, extra water, time outside and any supplements it asks for. Your body is half your being, and the only thing that makes incarnation possible. Without it, you wouldn’t be here. Prioritize your body.

Joy and gratitude are what to focus on right now. Everyone is at a different place on the path, so some may need to focus on love or discipline or some other area, but the big thing coming in right now is joy. Not meaning that joy is falling out of the sky, but that we need to create it, prioritize it, consciously feel it. If that’s a stretch, be sure to at least utilize gratitude lists, or some kind of daily appreciation practice. There is an amplifying energy out there, kind of like an attractor field. so mind your mind. What you focus on pops into reality rather quickly.

Expand your awareness. Move from ME to WE. Feel the wave of the Awakening.


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