Fake News

Apparently, ‘as above, so below’ applies to more than I gave it credit for. I’m not a fan of the term ‘energy protection’, because it is based in fear and polarity, but ‘energy awareness’ is always a good thing. I used to spend a ton of effort to protect my energy, now it seems there’s a new angle.

A friend of mine brought to my attention that not all of her ascension symptoms were authentic. She knew this because when she would feel an energy wave come in, she would say “I will only receive true ascension energies for my highest good, anything else must leave my field,” and sometimes this stopped the download. I tried it myself last night, and sure enough, many of the ‘symptoms’ cleared. Even the ringing in my ears stopped. I can’t even remember the last time I heard silence.

Some ringing tones resumed, but much quieter and different frequency. I again asked for only true ascension codes, and this time nothing changed. The point being, just like our in current world of information, you need to fact check. Don’t get caught up in the cosmic battle of good and evil, because that’s just an extension of polarity and fear. Just be aware of your own power to deny what isn’t for your highest good, and use that power. Free will is so important.

Think of this as energy awareness and hygiene. I was going to insert a link to my page on energy hygiene, and realized I don’t have one. What? How did I miss that topic? Guess there’s some writing to be done. Anyway, energy hygiene is of major importance. This means some kind of daily flush and fill, along with periodic cord cuttings, and maybe even removal of more ingrained stuff. As needed, seek help with the bigger stuff. Learn to do a flush and fill on your own, and make it part of your daily routine.

Flush & Fill – Some do this in the shower in the morning, others during meditation, others outside. Basically, you ground down into the heart of Gaia, then ground up into the heart of Source (Father Sky, the sun, God), let those two energies meet in your heart and surround you in a bubble, then circulate though your body and field. Ask to release all old energy, and refill with energy from Source and Gaia. Keep this up until the energy flows smoothly and easily. This brings your attention to stuck spots, and keeps everything moving and fresh. The visual I get is one of those circulating pet water bowls, opposed to a dirty, stagnant one.

Keep up on your own energy. Really get to know yourself, so you know when something foreign tries to enter. And even if the foreign thing seems like an ascension code, be ready to fact check… “I will only receive true ascension energies for my highest good, anything else must leave my field.” Always learning. Who would have thought there is energetic fake news?


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4 Responses to Fake News

  1. Tracy Roe says:

    Such good info!!! Very practical. I’ll use immediately.


  2. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

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