Dissonance: lack of agreement, the dissonance between the truth and what people want to believe, especially inconsistency between the beliefs one holds or between one’s actions and one’s beliefs 

The theme for 2019 is The Gathering, where soul families come together. The only problem is how many people are still living from the ego instead of the soul. The parts of the soul family that have really been doing their inner work for the last several years almost have super-powers right now. Their ability to pull the planet up to the next level is at an all time high, and some will definitely feel dragged along behind the bus.

Please remember no one is actually aiming to drag you to the next level kicking and screaming. Those leading the way have their gaze firmly fixed inward and upward, not at all on outside attachments, including other people. Also remember that your soul desperately wants to grow and evolve, it is only the ego objecting to the change. Any discomfort in your reality right now is caused by the dissonance between your ego and your soul.

If you have been doing the work and life still hurts, this is a time of clearing for proper alignment. This could look like relationships ending, physical disturbances, or financial problems. The very best thing to do is to step back and say, “Maybe this is for me,” instead of “Why is this happening to me?” The Universe is always conspiring in your favor, no matter how it looks on the outside. Stay out of victim mentality, and allow yourself to release what no longer serves you.

As we near this soul family reunion, keep in mind that souls only recognize each other by soul vibration. Ego stories serve as masks to your true light. As you align your ego and your soul, life just gets easier due to lower friction caused by dissonance. If your soul has a very carefree energy, but your chosen beliefs are very dogmatic, then there will be a bigger gulf to span than a dogmatic ego and very serious soul energy. I can easily see some of those with the greatest dissonance having sever health issues right now.

That isn’t to say that all health issues are caused by dissonance. I live very closely to my soul vibration, and I had a pretty dramatic heart event last week. I really thought it was the big one, told my significant other my final wishes, took an aspirin and went to bed. I was actually a bit surprised when I woke up in the morning. Wasn’t planning on it. It must have been a clearing of old cellular debris. The point is, I had the option to panic or release. Follow your inner guidance, as usual.

So, where are you living out of alignment with your soul? Only you know the answer to that, because souls are unique. Check your sense of self-identification. Are you identified as an outer reality? We all identify to outer stuff, but I’m talking about to vs. as. “I am working as a pilot” vs. “I am a pilot.” Completely different orientation to the situation. Be in the world, not of it. This goes for jobs, relationships, physical attributes, hobbies, and pretty much everything in 3D reality.

Live in alignment with your soul. Ego realities are dissolving, and attachment to them will only cause pain. The pain of dissonance.


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