Embracing Death

Not only is it that time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere), but ego patterns are falling like the leaves. Ego death is a real thing. Doing it in layers is much softer than all at once, but it is still a loss of a fundamental piece of who you thought you were.

It’s okay to mourn this loss, each time it occurs. The grieving process is much smoother once you admit you’re in it. A loss of part of your personality can hit just as hard as the loss of any relationship. Death of the ego is still a death. Grieve all you need to, then go about rebuilding.

The thing with loss is that we don’t like change. Heading into the unknown is even worse. Even if it isn’t scary, it’s a lot of work. You actually have to think about choices, not just run on autopilot. You actually have to decide who you want to be, not just rely on “this is just who I am” programming. It’s a big deal, I know. Just know you aren’t alone… many are going through this, and those who have already been there are showing up to guide.

Sidenote on guides… no one can do this for you. People who guide just offer a reference point, and some suggestions to assist your process. The work is all yours. I am all for groups and paths and guides, but just be aware no one can “fix” you, because you aren’t broken. You are evolving.

After you get through the haze of loss, you will need to spend some time figuring out who you want to be, then acting that way. Who do you admire? Who do you avoid? You will be with you for the rest of your life, so be the person you want to be around. Don’t like the grumpy Aunt at the holiday dinner? Observe and remove those actions and words from your personality. Love the happy shoe shine guy? Find the parts of his personality you can add to your own. Now is the time for these changes. You have a clean slate.

The personality is always less fixed than we usually understand, but when huge pieces die off, we don’t have to work so hard at releasing old patterns. I know the immediate response to these changes is, “Quick, get the old show running again! I want something familiar!” That just isn’t even an option anymore. You can reduce your own suffering by knowing that the old is just gone, grieving its loss, and moving toward the new.

Once you get to accepting that evolution only moves forward, then you can enjoy the creation bit. You actually get to choose personality traits! That’s so amazing! You get to decide who to be, and be that with every action, word, and thought. It amazes me how many people dislike their parents, and then act just like them. This is a perfectly normal unconscious behavior, but now we get conscious choice in some pretty fundamental areas.

Along with humans guides, remember your etheric team is also with you. Your Higher Self is excited to have the ego move aside a bit to allow it to more fully come into body. Light body activation is going great. The Higher Realms are really excited, as are the Elemental Kingdoms. You are loved, supported, and appreciated. You’re doing great!

And always remember to be gentle with yourself, and others. Even though it’s going really well, ascension isn’t an easy path. Reach out and get the support you need. Accept support, and give support. We all in this together. You’re never alone, even as you embrace death.


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