Creation & Creativity

I wrote this piece for my next book, but it keeps ringing in my head. Apparently, it wants to be shared now. Please note that ALL the chakras are equal, and need to be open for proper health and functioning. This is just my observation of the extreme emphasis some put on the sacral (2nd).


When we think about creativity, we automatically envision painting or singing or dancing or some other form of art. The word “creation” might smack with Divinity, or some origin story. In the spiritual community, creativity is generally associated with the sacral (2nd) chakra, along with sex, and some muddy darkness that can’t quite be defined. I want to take you on a journey of possibility, to reconsider these ideas. As usual, take what’s helpful, and leave the rest.

Unconscious creation is how nature exists. Growing a baby doesn’t take conscious thought, it just happens. Plants grow. Animals procreate. Nature happens. What if the second chakra is just about creation of physical life? That energy would control the hormones and genetic expression, with the primary goal of keeping the cycle of life going. It is a vital function not to be understated, but it is a subconscious physical process. Karma and childhood conditioning are stored as cellular information, therefore also part of the subconscious.

The art we associate with “creativity” is always a conscious expression, because it requires a conscious decision to share it. I’m not saying all art is high vibration, just that it doesn’t enter the world without our applied will. People make art from both Light (Higher Mind) and Dark (ego) inspirations, but it requires conscious effort either way. This is a throat (5th) chakra function. The energy of creation may flow through the 2nd, but human creativity flows through the 5th.

Physical creation is essential, both for new life, and for healing. It requires our support only in giving it an environment to flourish, not it any direction of how to complete a process. The body has its own wisdom. In fact, the subconscious system runs best if we don’t try to consciously dictate and control its workings. Shadow (ego) work brings subconscious beliefs into the light of consciousness to be reevaluated, and that bit is necessary for spiritual evolution, but the body is fully capable of healing itself, given the opportunity.

So if the physical has its very own system of creation, that frees the conscious mind to explore creativity. Every word you speak, every step you dance, every piece of music you sing or play, every kind of art, even every interaction, flows through your 5th chakra of expression. Being fully aware of this fact lets your creative energy flow freely out to the world. Creativity isn’t limited to art; your very energy changes the world around you.

Think about this a bit… What if we really are creators in training? This doesn’t have anything to do with the 2nd chakra (or sex), because nature has that one covered. What if people are looking to creation (2nd chakra) for their connection to creativity (5th chakra)? What if fulfillment is only found in our own expression of creativity? What if the only part of our very life force we are responsible for is our unique expression? Humans are unique to nature because we aren’t just animals; we also have access to the Higher Mind. Combining those two results in the ego, which takes some management, but our focus needs to be on integrating the Higher Mind, not playing as the animal.

Another thing this brings up for me is how strange people’s energy becomes when their lifestyle centers on sex. This would include sex addiction, promiscuity, pornography, and various sex-based systems. Is the constant emphasis on the 2nd chakra also empowering the subconscious ego? Is the obsession with the 2nd chakra an attempt to touch the power of creation (nature)? Is it to avoid their own power of conscious creativity? I imagine it’s different for everyone. Please don’t misunderstand, sex is perfectly normal, and an open 2nd chakra is essential to health, but all of that can be done within reasonable boundaries, and without special emphasis. Some folks are just spending a whole lot of time there, and I’m exploring the possible reasons.

It seems to me, the happiest people are those who are creating something. We all need to spend more time creating. I don’t mean do it for a living; I mean do it for a life. Be it a painting or a community garden, when people let creative energy flow through them into the world, everyone wins. Divinity flows through us as creativity. Creativity is a 5th charka thing. Our throat chakra gives us our conscious expression, which is how creators learn how to create.


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3 Responses to Creation & Creativity

  1. Brandon Bloom says:

    I love this post! My body pendulum was giving me a noticeable tug towards “yes” throughout it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Looking forward to your book!

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  2. NathaJay says:

    Reblogged this on Walking In Both Worlds and commented:

    Thoughts about creating a new world. Even more important today than when this was first shared. Enjoy!


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