11/11 Portal

This energy just isn’t messing around. So strong! I’m going to just mention a few tips, and include some links that may be helpful.

Consume lightly – Not just food, but also entertainment and interactions. Put off anything heavy or dramatic until next week.

Stay grounded & rested – Spend time outside & take a nap. This is a time of integration, not pushing the boundaries.

Let go of the past – New timelines are starting up, and the past will be popping in to see if you really want something different. It’s just checking, and it’s ok to be different now. Let yourself evolve.

The ego likes to stay in known territory, even when you would rather let go of old patterns. Let go anyway. This mass awakening will bring many insights and possibilities. Take a chance. Remember to stay in your power. You have more than you think. Always seek balance within. It’s a moving target, so keep moving. And above all, keep questioning your beliefs. Know Thyself.

Be kind to yourself, others, and mostly your body. This is a physical ascension process, and it isn’t an easy thing for any of us. Exciting, but not easy. Please feel free to look over some of my pages on this site. Not the archived posts (more time sensitive), but the pages at the top. The pages have more broad subject matter. It’s free, and my hope is that it will inspire (or at least ease) your journey. We’re all in this together. Here we go!


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