Healing is the Only Option

First, I want to tell you a story about how the Universe is always conspiring in your favor, even when it seems otherwise.

Last week, I was bringing in wood for the fire, when a poorly stacked piece jumped off the pile, and landed directly on my foot. I could feel the injury growing, so I screamed to dissipate the energy (yes, it really works). Even after that, I had the nauseating feeling of a broken bone. This wasn’t good.

I already struggle with walking due to a neurological issue, and a broken foot would seriously complicate my life. I quickly went through blame and anger, then onto options for living with a break. It didn’t take long to reach the only reasonable solution: healing is the only option.

This all happened quickly, maybe 20 minutes. I got my ice pack, hobbled to the couch, and took off my slipper to reveal the already black, blue, and spreading bruise. I applied the cold, and spent the next 30 minutes mentally repeating with every single breath ‘healing is the only option‘. When I was done, the pain had stopped, the bruise was smaller, and I could wiggle all my toes.

Then the epiphany hit… this was the answer, not just for my foot, but my whole life. And not just for me, but for each individual, as well as the collective. Healing is the only option.

Then the symbology started… we spend so much time and energy “trying” to manifest something, that we’ve missed the simplicity. We think manifesting takes great effort and emotion, and usually ends up looking like a toddler having a tantrum (I want!). In reality, it’s more like driving a car. You have to be aware of where you want to go, and make the appropriate turns to get there, but it isn’t an emotional effort. You don’t plead, or demand the can turn left – you just turn. Same thing. Healing is the only option.

When life happens, and you get a flat tire or run out of gas, it may be inconvenient, but you address the issue and keep driving. Both driving and living require awareness to get you to your destination. When you notice your awareness slipping, just get your focus back on track.

For yogis, the goal is to be aware of every breath. My goal is to be aware of every thought. I’m sure those two are linked… complete awareness. It’s good to have a goal. Something to strive for.

So for yourself, and the collective, always return your wandering mind to one thought: healing is the only option. Love heals all, so really, love is the only option. Find a personal mantra that resonates with you, and we will all benefit.

See? The Universe is always leaving a trail of bread crumbs, even when it looks like misfortune. With everything that happens, know it’s happening for you, not to you. Let’s do this… together. Healing is the only option.


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6 Responses to Healing is the Only Option

  1. John V Love says:

    A beautiful message, Natha. I had a similar epiphany recently and I love how you’ve put words to it.

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  2. Joie Bourisseau says:

    WoW Natha ~ WE are on a similar trajectory at this NOW moment. About 9m mos ago, I made an intention to remain aware with every thought ~ Was it contracted? Was it full? Was it Love or not-love? Now I’m committing to become more conscious with my racing thoughts and overstimulated mind, when I’m able to catch it, and breathe an inner OM, repeat repeat repeat. Grateful for our reUnion. * ONE HEART *


    • NathaJay says:

      I’m so glad it resonated! We must be on the same wave of ascension. I’m not leading edge, but I’m in the first big wave before the masses. Glad to know a fellow way-shower!


      • Joie Bourisseau says:

        I am so grateful to meet another awake, first waver. I look forward to more sharings. At this moment, I’m about out-downloaded!!! I’m considering making a sign to wear around my neck that says, “Please Pardon my Poop Puddle”. All bodies unraveling simultaneously. When I feel I’ve imparted a profound wisdom, I’ve dropped a small bomb instead! So I’m stepping back for awhile, until the rewiring is online. With Blessings, Love and Grace to you, and to US ALL.


      • NathaJay says:

        Right? I’m clearing genetic coding, and the last couple of weeks have been crazy! I can only take so much, then it’s nap time – I do a lot while “sleeping”. Take care of your precious self!

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