Integrity happens when your thoughts, words and deeds are in agreement. When we take this one step further, we get alignment. The catch is you can be aligned with your ego or your soul. This is the heaven and hell polarity split. Many people are pretty good about their integrity, meaning their thoughts, words, and actions agree, but the question becomes: Who are they agreeing with?

The ego is an illusory fraction of ourselves, and illusions are fading fast. Quite rightly, the ego is afraid of its own destruction. Fears are running really high at the moment, as the ego constructs are falling. The ego simply isn’t being supported anymore. That game has run its course. Letting it go will be much less painful than hanging on. Really.

How do you identify the ego? It’s the one that acts from fear. My ego prefers anger to fear, but it’s a derivative. There are really only two basic platforms to operate from: fear or love. Every emotion we have can be traced back to one of those two states. Fear always contracts, and love always expands. When you think of something, feel how your body reacts… think of a loved one, and feel the relaxing and expanding sensation. Then think of politics, and feel the physical contraction. Hierarchy is an ego power construct, and will always cause discomfort, on some level.

Ego death is never a fun process, and grieving is appropriate. Sometimes it is a series of small deaths (of beliefs), sometimes it’s all at once. You just don’t know you’re living in a house of cards until they fall. Just know it is part of the journey, and many have gone before you, and lived to tell the tale. That said, it is indeed a necessary process for human evolution. Plus, it really is pretty amazing on the other side of it.

The soul is always love-based and expansive. The goal isn’t to ignore the ego, but to integrate it, as you align with your soul. Yes, you need to vote, and be as involved with politics as you are called to be, but keep checking to be sure you’re aligned within. If you can’t just do your civic duty and recenter yourself, it may be time to meditate or take a walk. Everyone gets caught up in the world from time to time. That’s totally normal. Just don’t live there. Always take time to align with your eternal self.

Why? Because your Higher Self is descending into your body. If you are full to the top with ego, there is going to be a mess when that ego gets displaced. If you are consciously (and constantly) making room, your Higher Self can fit into your life more easily. I wouldn’t say it’s “easy” for any of us, but it will be decidedly more difficult for the ego-bound. It’s happening either way… evolution happens to us all. Just know you can make it easier on yourself by aligning on a soul level.

Let your thoughts change. Let your beliefs soften. For goodness sake, turn off the TV news. Look within. Spend more time with wonder than judgment. Be in the world, not of it. Still function here, but always return your gaze inward. The outer illusion is crumbling, while the inner reality is blooming. Align with the future. Align with your own soul.


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