* New Trajectory *

We are already being moved into our new roles and locations. 2019 Year of the Gathering really means business. Even before my latest book was published I was already getting information for the next one. Yesterday, I even got specifics on my latest spiritual assignment. This one isn’t going to win me any popularity contests.

I’ve always known I came here to assist in raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Apparently, the collective is now vibrating at a level that can support physical ascension. No, I have no idea how that will look after it’s done, but I do have some insight on the process of getting there. My writings have always leaned toward free will, and respecting the body. Now it’s all coming together.

Let me try to verbalize the intel… We live in 3D (third dimension), and the vibration is really dense and oppressive. It takes a glass of wine, puff of pot, much caffeine, or some opiates just to get through a week. It can suck here, I totally get it. We are shifting to 5D (fifth dimension), where the vibration is much lighter. There is no need, or desire, to self-medicate. In fact, it would seem silly to be altered in any way, to be less than fully present and fully alive.

Here’s the sticky part: Your body can’t cellularly upgrade to the 5D template until it is clean and fully supported. In other words, if you keep self-medicating you will remain where you need to keep self-medicating. If you stop, there will be a detox period (never fun), and then your DNA can upgrade naturally. We are only holding ourselves at the lower vibration. The higher is up & running, and available to all.

This is why I’m about to be unpopular: This info applies to ALL toxins, no matter how little the dose. One glass of wine with dinner? Too much. Smoking pot on the weekend? Too much. One cup of delicious caffeinated beverage? Too much. Even my junk TV shows are kicking back at this point, disrupting my sleep, and limiting my dreamtime travels. I’m not thrilled about this information either. I don’t have many questionable habits, but I like TV, and I take Advil. At least I did.

If you feel like you need a substance to function, please look honestly at addiction and victim mentality. Using a substance (prescription, legal, or illegal) in lieu of learning a coping skill just never ends well. If you need to be numb to do regular life, please seek the support you need. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Just because your friends do it, doesn’t make it a good idea.

Metaphysically speaking, all of the physical world is one unified field. Many people voice concern about all the pollution in our environment, while eating fast food and drinking soda. Your body is of the same energy field as Gaia. Clean the pollution out of your own body, and you are cleaning the Earth. It’s not symbolic, it’s literal.

So, the point of all this is simply that your body needs your full support to continue evolving. No one is wrong, and every choice is valid. Some will carry on the way they always have, while others will try something different. My job is just to keep you informed. Free will matters. I just want you to make an informed choice. I completely trust that you will do whatever your path calls for.


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