* Supporting the Body *

Support is never dogmatic. Support is lovingly listening to someone’s needs, acknowledging them, and making appropriate changes to behavior. It’s based on love and communication, not a list of rules to remember. This applies to interpersonal relationships, as well as your relationship with your own body. Would you speak to others the way you speak to yourself? This is a great insight into your relationship with yourself.

The body needs rest, and exercise, and proper diet, but what that means changes daily. Are you listening? Sometimes I need to do yoga, sometimes I need to sleep in instead. I have set time aside for a disciplined exercise program, yet I am receptive and responsive to my body’s needs. Needs change, and so must we. Right now, my body is leading the way. Evolution requires it.

I always double-check anything that may be a craving or addiction, but those things feel different to me than support requests. The body is constantly striving for health and vibrancy, we just need to support that process. No dogmatic lists (diet, exercise, or rest periods), no feeding of addictions (physical, emotional, or energetic), just true support. Listen with love, and act accordingly. 

If you just can’t see your way to really supporting the body, this is a great time for shadow (ego) work. Why don’t you want to offer support to yourself? Self-worth issues? Conflict about being in body? Unresolved childhood trauma? Whatever it is, now is the time to really resolve it. Nothing is stagnant, so you are either supporting life, or supporting death. There is no “just having fun” middle ground anymore. Both are valid choices, and guilt never healed anyone. Just be honest with yourself, and figure out why you act as you do.

Psychologically, the body is listening to every thought we have. How often do you reprimand your body? How often do you thank it? We live in a culture of body-shame, with size and age being the most emphasized. Most of us will have to break the habit of negative self-talk. Start by thanking your body several times a day for it’s amazing service… “Thank you for healing so quickly!” “Thank you for breathing so deeply!” I had a teacher who said even pooping was sacred, and so it is. Have you thanked your body lately for eliminating toxins? It’s always supporting you.

Grounding is helpful for bringing your loving attention back to your body. Sitting in the sun, rubbing your bare feet, or taking a hot bath, with full awareness of supporting the body, can really shift your perspective. Several times a day, I lie flat on my back, and breathe deeply and consciously for a few minutes. Do whatever you need to do to connect with your body.

Dreamtime is used both for travel, and processing the day. If we are exposed to a lot of drama during the day, much of our valuable dreamtime is spent processing. This includes our exposures to television (video), social media, and books. Especially what you put in your head right before sleep. Many of us end the day with one of these things. Be mindful of the quality of your intake.

Sleep is essential for cellular upgrades to integrate. Are you sleeping enough? If not, why not? This culture teaches us that you must be awake and producing something to be of value. That simply isn’t true. When you sleep, your cells can upgrade. Upgraded cells hold more light. Holding more light changes the world around you. When you are in a period of upgrade, sleep is a sacred service to all of humanity.

There is no universal list of do and don’t. Release all your beliefs of a specific diet. True support is about listening. It’s about building a relationship. It’s about gratitude, respect, and trust. It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Give yourself the support you deserve.


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