*Cellular Flow*

First, just a validation of your experiences… this incoming energy is intense! My physical reactions have included balance issues, gravity shifts, sudden tiredness, insomnia or extra sleep, diet changes, nausea, pain (mostly hips and lower back), ringing or clicking sound, feeling of de ja vu, and intense dreams. It’s been a ride. You aren’t alone. Now, on to the article…

Our physical bodies aren’t designed to hold on to things. Our bodies are designed to process and release. The most obvious example is food. If we process and release, we get to absorb the beneficial parts, and flush what’s left. Only when we can’t release properly do we accumulate toxins, which eventually effect our health. With food, we understand the need to release the old. It works the same way with thoughts and emotions.

Emotions are simply chemicals in the body, designed to get our attention, then be flushed out of the system. We were never meant to hold on to them. We tend to replay the thoughts that stir them up, over and over. After a while, the body develops an addiction to those chemicals, requiring us to keep producing them. It’s a vicious cycle.

The stories we create around any emotion holds that emotion in play. It keeps the chemical active, either by not releasing it, or by reproducing it every time we replay the story. It’s okay to feel an emotion, pay attention to why it’s there, and not make a story to go with it. For example, someone violates a personal boundary, you feel anger, you address the situation (strengthen the boundary, talk to the person), then let it go. Emotions without stories is a new concept for most of us, but it is much easier, once you get used to it.

Emotion still plays a significant role – it give us feedback on our lives. Anger tells us a boundary has been violated. Guilt shows us our deeds are not aligned with our thoughts or words. Grief let’s us know we really loved whatever we lost. Emotion is an incredible learning tool, when combined with awareness and action. It’s a free will training course… but it’s toxic, if stored.

Another way we trap emotion in our bodies is through substance addiction. Have you ever noticed how addicts never seem to mature? It can be said that it’s hard to learn new coping skills if you’re always high (or drunk), which is true, but I think it’s also the equivalent of cellular constipation. Locking out our mental process seems to stop the flow in our cells.

I practice a distance energy healing modality, called PSYCH-K. Over the years, I’ve noticed that people who are heavily medicated (drugs or alcohol) are not only harder to adjust, the results aren’t as deep. The cleaner the system (physically and energetically), the deeper I can go, and the more I can accomplish. I do all my work on an energetic level, so it’s never a matter of mental alertness in my clients. This is the cellular level.

So how do we clear out old emotion? Clear the body, clear the mind. It’s vital to support the body with rest, water, organic foods, and herbs and supplements, movement, and grounding. Clearing the mind is like cleaning out an old basement used as storage. It takes time to look through everything, and a lot of it goes in the trash. Be willing to reexamine everything. Don’t keep anything just because it’s familiar. Only keep what’s useful or brings you joy. You can keep the memory (especially of lessons), but throw out the stories around them. More discernment, less judgment.

Let your emotions flow. Let your thoughts flow. Let your very cells process and release. We were built for this… release and flow.


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