Ascension for Geeks

Many are just fine with the idea of ascension as a spiritual thing. Thinking in terms of frequency and vibration pretty well covers it. Use your free will to align with your Higher Self. Less judgement, more discernment. That all applies, but the geek in me always looks for the scientific side of it, as well. The following is just my geeky mind mess, but you may find some of it useful, especially when dealing with the atheists in your world. (I happen to love atheists!)

On a macro scale, 3D is space and 4D is time, together making the time-space continuum. This is a handy little tool for allowing the illusion of separation, on a grand scale. We seem far away (light-years) and isolated from intergalactic and inter-dimensional life. Adrift in our own bubble of reality. Ascending to 5D will mean living beyond our cosy, little bubble of time and space.

We know that energy work can be done at a distance. Psychic ability doesn’t seem hindered by distance. There have even been experiments using our thoughts to change the past. This stuff is impressive enough to warrant a Remote Viewing program in the CIA (and other intelligence agencies.) Quantum physics has allowed science to finally join the party with string theory, and other explanations of interconnectedness.

On a micro scale, we use a thing called “ego” to promote the illusion of separation. We all share one physical reality, and one spiritual (energetic) reality, but we create a bubble of “self” through perceptions and stories. This is why some part of us always feels alone. The ego is designed for the experience of separateness. It’s doing a great job.

On to ascension… In order to ascend to 5D, both time-space (macro), and the ego (micro) need to thin, and then dissolve. That’s what’s happening right now. It’s been picking up momentum since 2012, and at this point there’s no stopping it. Both the macro and the micro are really just one thing – a veil of illusion. Here’s the interesting part… this veil is held in place by Earth’s electro-magnetic field. Pole shift, anyone?

The Earth’s magnetic field has been fluctuating. The magnetic poles are moving more rapidly than any of our science predicted. Gravity (which is really more of a suggestion, than a force) has been misbehaving. This field also greatly affects our memory. Notice any of this in your experience?

In the Merkaba teachings, it is said when the poles flip, we will lose our memory for three days. Activating your Merkaba is supposed to stabilize your own personal electro-magnetic field (torus), and keep your memories in tact. Most younger kids (under 20) naturally have their Merkaba up and running, without any training or awareness of it. The New Kids really are the future.

As for the changing DNA, flashing solar rays, and extensive list of physical symptoms, it probably has a lot to do with dust. Makes me want to reread the Phillip Pullman books. Our entire solar system is currently entering an interstellar cloud. Science doesn’t know what to make of this yet. Everything is magic, until our understanding (science) catches up. Personally, I think it will promote the natural evolutionary process we’re already experiencing. Not a bad thing, but definitely an intensifier.

From the inside, the loss of 4D (time) feels like a lot of de ja vu. Also, I keep processing (usually during dreamtime) other timelines, not actually lived. And time keeps wrapping around itself. I’ll suddenly feel a huge panic that I can’t get everything done in time, and I’m going to be late… for an appointment I have in three months. Then I have to stretch out time to its linear form again, to see that I really have three months, not a few hours. This is new for me. I used to be very good with time.

The shifting poles and gravity bring nausea, and sudden shifts in balance. I already have balance issues, so that one’s fun. This is a planetary ascension, not a human one. The good news is my health is improving rapidly, which tells me the planet is doing just fine on the inside.

So, when you read articles on the ascension (many are writing about it), know that we aren’t begging you to help us make it happen. It’s happening. We crossed that threshold in 2008. We are trying to pass on tips and tools to make it easier on you. The ascension is  ahead of schedule because so many are adding their light, but it’s happening either way.

Some of the above is science, some Mystery School teachings, and some my personal experience. Are they really separate? I leave that question to your own inner geek.


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