*Creating You*

My dreamtime work has been really intense all week. Last night was full of the wonder of creation, and all we do with our power. It was mostly visual and clairsentience (inner knowing), so I’ll do my best to put it into language. None of this is new information to the Mystery Schools, but it was so vivid it seemed worth sharing.

We create our own lives – We are creators in training. We have access to both the void (potential) and the creation. We can adjust the creation from within it, or make something entirely new. Our imaginations are vast, but limited to prior experience and exposure (books, movies). Our unseen team (Guides, etc.) will step in, if asked, to help us create. They can’t create for us, but they can point things out. We are solely responsible to do the work of creating.

We choose our timeline – For simplicity, imagine a spiral staircase, with five strings going off the edge of each step. When you level-up, it’s like going up a step. There are still five strings (timelines) as options. No matter how high your frequency, free will and action decide your experience. You must choose, and you must act. There isn’t a “leave it in god’s hands” option of passivity. After you act, then you can leave it to god.

Your body is both creator and creation – If the body is compromised, so is the ability to create. Willfully poisoning the body (smoking, alcohol, drugs, overindulgence) is willfully limiting your creative power. If the body is ailing, the creation will be distorted. Support the body above all else.

Dismantling the personality – All the stories that have made up your life are no longer relevant. The stories (emotional memories with stories attached) are housed in the cells of the body. Human DNA is now upgrading. Old cells are dying and leaving, while new cells are being incorporated. The body normally goes through this type of cell-shedding process, except now the new cells have a different structure. The old stories won’t transfer to the new DNA.

Self-mastery is mental mastery – Discipline only relates to the mind. Never use discipline on the body or emotions. Support the body. Feel the emotion. Discipline the mind. Master your thinking, and all else will relax into health. How we think, what we choose to dwell on, effects everything else. A healthy mind will result in a healthy body.

Detox your whole life – Not only what we eat matters. What we consume for entertainment matters. Who we spend time with matters. How we prepare for sleep matters. Everything is effecting everything else. Be aware of the correlations, and make adjustments. If it doesn’t make you feel light and alive, question it’s place in your life.

Suffering is optional – Change is inevitable. Let go, or be dragged. We have to train ourselves to relinquish the past with grace, rather than holding on. The only time that actually exists is now. The past is already gone, so stop living there. We can go through a grieving process for losing something, without keeping ahold of it. Grieve the loss of the past, and move on. Attachment causes suffering.

Then there were geometries, and chakra activations, and time with my healing team. It was like a tour of the human experience. Pay attention to your dreams, they may not be just dreams. There is a whole Mystery School inside you, just waiting to be unlocked. Remember this, as you create you.


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  1. What a beautiful post (and dream!) and so much wisdom here. Thank you for sharing this!


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