So Much

I want to do an energy update, but the thoughts keep flashing by so quickly I can’t seem to narrow it down to one topic. That’s okay, let’s just do bullet points on each. I’m sure it isn’t just me, so small bits are probably better. April 2019… this is going to be one for the books!

Time – Time has been non-linear for a while, but now it really means it. I am getting scolded (from above) every time I drop back into linear time thinking. Meaning, whenever I think I can’t wait for this or I wish I did something in the past differently, I’m reminded that I’m not present. This is a big step in my personal journey. All creation happens in the present moment. I have future goals, and past lessons learned, but they are stored in memory, so I don’t need to keep looking at them. Creating in the present affects both past and future, but there is no need to dwell. The present moment is the opening to Grace.

Peripheral Epiphanies – Have you ever seen something in you peripheral vision, but when you look directly at it, it’s gone? The last few days have been that way with thoughts. Something profound and life-changing floats into my brain, but when I try to focus on it, it disappears. I feel like these are previews for my next step. Maybe it won’t seem so unsettling when they all come into focus, because I’ve seen the trailer. Some of them were really amazing. When I remember what they were, I’ll let you know…

Body Dynamics – It’s been 9 months since I set out to heal my gut. I must say, it is probably the most worthy thing I have ever done for my body. A functional gut lets me absorb and eliminate properly, making food and supplements effective. The next level of physical healing is sound. Not chanting or singing, but speaking out loud directly to the body. I tell my body how amazing it is, and how impressed I am with its healing ability. It’s listening. Every cell is listening. And just like a child, what you say to it becomes its inner voice.

Wobbly Reality – We are in this space of flux, before taking the next step. As is mentioned in the 2019 forecast, we are being moved like chess pieces, dancing with the Divine. Keep your focus inward, and let Life lead. Everything seems both uncertain and inevitable right now. Like I know where I’m going to end up, but without any idea how to get there. That’s perfect. This is the part where we get to trust in life. Keep doing your own inner work, and let life meet you. If all else fails, clean and declutter your house. Free up the energy.

Creating from Feeling – All creation includes feeling. Okay, I have to be a geek for a minute… We control what thoughts we dwell on. Different thoughts release different chemicals of emotion into the body. The body vibrates at the level of those chemicals, thus attracting like vibrations. “Feeling” is the thought causing emotion mechanism. So we set our vibration largely by our predominant thoughts, which is why it’s imperative to become aware of our thoughts. End geeky explanation of vibration. Anyway, when you find yourself in a state of joy, take note. Feel it in every cell. Let it find a home in your body, thus attracting more joy.

Special Thanks – To everyone out there doing the inner work. You are shifting the trajectory of an entire planet. You are learning to be Creators. You are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. You ARE the Great Work. You are seen. You are appreciated. You are more supported than you know. And you are loved so very deeply. Thank you for taking on this mission. From Above and Below, thank you!

That’s all I have for the moment. April is going to be amazing! They aren’t showing me any previews, so it must be a surprise. I feel really good about our future. The ascension process is going great. Take good care of yourselves, as we integrate all this energy. You aren’t alone. We are moving quickly into Unity Consciousness.


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