Cosmic Reboot

Sorry this has taken so long to write. I have been right there with you, surfing these waves, grounding this energy, and embodying the future. We are changing on a cellular level. I know I keep saying that, but check-in with your own body to feel what’s going on in there.

On the mundane level, it mostly just hurts. Body functions keep flickering on and off. For example, one day my vision is great, the next day everything is blurry. And forming a new body is exhausting. If you are sleeping more than usual, just know that’s time well spent. For me, sinuses have been extra painful. Eyes, joints, and spine are really involved in whatever is currently happening.

Timelines are dropping away at a speed I’ve never seen. New opportunities for Mastery present in each moment, and as the spiral continues upward, the skill set expands. When I am presented with a lesson, it feels like I am underwater fighting for breath, then when I get the message, I can breathe freely. From contraction and struggle to expansion and ease. Then something different surfaces, but at the new level. It’s like I’m challenging myself to rise higher, to  see how far I can go.

I have found that total alignment with myself makes for the most ease. As soon as I even think about someone else’s path, my world gets wobbly. This takes non-judgment to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter what I’m thinking about someone else, just that I’m not focusing entirely on me. On an ego level, this would be narcissistic. On a soul-embodiment level, it is absolutely necessary.

Yes, we are all one, but we each have the responsibility to maintain our own energy, to benefit the whole. No matter what path others have chosen, my job is just to focus on my own energy. I can only do me. You can only do you. The more we work on ourselves, the faster the collective rises. Without self-judgment, I am always challenging myself to do better. For me, it’s more of a game than a goal, because no one else can know what I do.

Remember the Buddhist story about enlightenment? Before enlightenment we chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment we chop wood and carry water. The outside circumstances may look the same, but the mind is liberated. Keep doing your daily routine, but mind your mind. Everything is different when experienced in the present moment, without judgment. Witness your life as a spectator enjoying a movie.

Another key switch for me has been “life is living through me”. I’m not living life, it’s living me. My only job is to align with the creative force doing the living. Resistance only brings suffering. Let life live through you. Flow.

Align with your Higher Self, and support your body. For me, that looks like meditation, time outside, drinking lots of water, and naps. For you it may look different. Just really get in touch with your body and Higher Self, and do whatever they need. Only you know what that is, and only you can provide it.

April 2019 has been intense, but we are already halfway through it. Know that everything happening right now is for you, for your highest good. This is what evolution feels like. We were built for this cosmic reboot.


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