Ego Identity

It’s getting pretty tough to stay connected enough to this world to write a blog post. This is day 4 of sitting down to do this. If any of you have been getting the urge to pass on your knowledge in some way, please start. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual awakening, and some of you may be at a place to assist others. We all do our part to raise the collective.

Ego identity keeps coming up. The ego is an instrument of separation. That’s what we pay it for – the illusion of separation. It’s doing a great job. But somewhere along the way, we started to actually believe it. Now that Unity Consciousness is on the way in, the ego is being ushered out.

The ego isn’t going without a fight, as you would imagine. This is why we suddenly have a whole variety of new labels. Gender and sexuality used to be pretty simple. There’s nothing “wrong” with any of the options, but it’s the ego that demands labels. It loves boxes. There are also new psychological conditions, medical conditions, any “condition” that makes us feel different and isolated.

The basic problem is that we all want to be seen on the deepest level, but adopting new labels (boxes) only causes more separation and isolation. Remember, the ego is supposed to provide the illusion of separation. It wants us to feel so special that no one else can ever possibly comprehend us, thus isolating us even more. Yes,we are all unique, even at a soul level, but demanding others acknowledge our uniqueness by wrapping ourselves in labels often backfires.

I like labels as a shorthand. I use them as a starting point to find common ground. Labels are useful up to a certain point, then they become a cage. The problem is identifying as the label. For example, I may tell someone my sun sign as a segue into a discussion about astrology, but if I limit my identity to my sun sign alone then I have missed the chance to connect on other levels. We each have so many facets covering the I AM at the core. With a more fluid ego structure, more connection is possible.

Please don’t misunderstand. It’s fine to use a label to find like-minded people. If you want help with addiction, you would find groups for support in that. That’s perfect. Just don’t become the label. Don’t become the issue. Let it be a facet of your bigger picture, and allow room for other connections.

What we really want is connection. What we really want is to be understood. The catch is this: It’s the ego that both longs for understanding, and creates separation. It’s the ego that’s falling, not the real you. At the level of Unity Consciousness, we immediately see the uniqueness, and can easily connect with each other… but not in an ego way. No one can ever truly understand another person from an ego level, because the ego is based on perception.

Think about siblings. Even if they are close in age, and raised in the same manner, they will have a completely different experience and story. Two people can see the same movie, and get totally different messages. No one ever experiences life the exact same way as another. Thus, the illusion of separation.

So what do we do with this information? Be a good listener. Appreciate other people’s stories and perceptions. Really start to love the uniqueness of it all. Then, know that your story is just as unique. Seek out those that appreciate your story, as well. You aren’t alone, you are a beautiful thread in the tapestry of humanity. And on a soul level, you are seen. Always.


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