*Worthy of Love*

Everyone is worthy of love. I’ll even go farther – everyone IS loved. On higher dimensions, we are all loved and appreciated more than we can ever know. Yet, in the muggle world, we depend on a chemical reaction to “feel” love. And we depend on our stories to confirm love after the chemicals wear off. Perception and chemicals. No wonder it’s so subjective, and illusive.

We have all heard that we must love ourselves first, before love can find us in the world. Over the years, I have heard many say this advice is abusive, because it tells people if they can’t love themselves, they aren’t worthy of love. Or that they can’t attract a good partner, unless they find a way to self-love first.

First of all EVERYONE is worthy of love. Second, you are always able to find a partner, at whatever vibrational level you’re currently experiencing. But there is also deep value in loving yourself, before choosing a partner. Let’s look at it from another angle, shall we?

The symbology I’ve been getting is aviation radio communication. When an instruction is given, it can’t be considered to be complete, until it is acknowledged. Communication isn’t just speaking, it’s making sure the message is received. So it sounds like this:
Tower: “Flight 432 cleared for takeoff, runway 8.”
Flight: “Cleared for takeoff, runway 8, flight 432.”
The message was sent by one party, then repeated by the other party. Now they both know they are on the same page. Communication.

The reason for this is that so many things can disrupt clear communication. What if the tower radio isn’t working? What if the airplane radio isn’t working? What if someone misspoke? Or misheard? Or was stepped on by another radio transmission? You can see why clear communication is vital.

Now we add in chemicals and perception and stories, oh my. Love isn’t just saying “I love you”, and hearing “I love you, too” in return. It’s communication on an entirely non-verbal level. This is where loving yourself is so important – how else will you know what love feels like to you? If we actually look at what we think we want, it’s based on a story or a childhood observation, not a feeling.

I’m not talking about the chemistry of a new romance, I’m talking about the lasting kind of love. I have found a few things that really make me feel loved, that I didn’t know about me before I truly loved myself. For me, love is safety to express myself… love is consistency… love is clear communication and keeping your word… love is integrity and compassion… love is holding your own space energetically… When I do these things for myself, I glow from the inside. This is my version of love. What’s yours?

After you’ve found what love means to you, ask yourself if you can receive. My experience is on the other side of this one, so I’ll share that. It doesn’t matter how much I love someone if they can’t receive it. We aren’t talking love languages, we’re talking energy. I can tell them, in every love language (words, gifts, quality time, touch, acts of service), but I can’t make them feel loved. I can give someone a sense of validation, but I can’t make them feel loved. No one can make us feel anything. They can’t even trigger us into feeling something we don’t already have internal wiring for. This is why love requires boundaries.

You can only know someone as deeply as you know yourself. You can only heal someone as deeply as you’ve healed yourself. You can only love someone as deeply as you love yourself. And the same goes for everybody else. Self-love is important.

Receiving love requires that we break down internal barriers. This is the deep inner work required of spiritual awakening. Do you know what love feels like? Can you receive? Loving yourself might be the most difficult thing you can do, but it is the end result of the process. The vibration of love is truly Divine, and it will allow your frequency to rise to the level of attracting your soul family, not just karmic lessons. Love yourself… you’re worth it.


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