Awakening DNA

2019 has been an amazing year so far – timelines collapsing, new codes integrating, and the return of true free will. That last one has been tough for me, after finally getting used to surrendering to Higher Will. A couple months ago, I did my usual ask to my guides ‘what do I need right now?‘ It was a surprise to hear ‘We don’t know. Free will is back. What do you want right now?‘ Well… I had no idea what I wanted, and I’ve been a bit lost trying to figure it out.

Lucky for me, I just attended a DNA class, given by Sandra Walter and Giselle Koy. It is always a nice validation to hear others present the information I’ve been getting. They also solved my free will issue. My take-away was ‘command and decree’. It’s nothing like the ego demanding things go a certain way. It’s more like firm but gentle guidance for your DNA. Just like telling a small child ‘this is what we’re doing now’, you also need to communicate to your cells.

If you think of DNA as many strands of potential, then choosing a timeline is actually a physical thing. Just like our brains, we are only actively using 2%-5% of our DNA, the rest is non-coding. But it’s waking up. Even science is getting interested in the changes going on. You are no longer a victim of your DNA, you are in charge of which path to follow. Exciting times!

Your cells are subject to every thought you have. This is why awareness matters so much. Once you are aware of your background thoughts, you can stop negativity, and replace it with gratitude. Gratitude opens the heart, allowing your DNA to resonate with it. This heart coherence brings you to a place of healing, of remembering who you are.

Keep bringing your thoughts back to the unconditional love of higher dimensions. We are building a bridge with our very DNA to cross into our next level. Science calls this evolution. Yes, it’s happening either way, but we have the option to consciously guide it, in our own lifestreams.

That said, DNA is seriously responsive. The downside is that the lower timeline you were on falls away quickly. As I said, evolution is doing its thing to everyone, so maybe I’m just aware of the changes, but it sure seemed quick. Buckle up!

Also, be aware that it really feels strange at first. I feel amazingly upbeat like everything is peachy, but my nervous system is struggling to integrate the new info. Lots of sleep, lots of water, and give it a week. And don’t worry if things get worse at first. Work with your DNA daily, and give it time to adjust. The old has to collapse to make room for the new.

This can (understandably) bring up fear. Just be sure you are running toward something, not away from something. Keep your focus on the future, and let the past go. My goals are Love and Service, so that’s where I return my focus when I get knocked off balance. Please remember we all get knocked off balance. Life happens, we fall. The important thing is how you respond. Do you stay there for days, hours, or minutes? Be aware of how long you wallow in the pit. We all do it (I can wallow with zest), but the real mark of progress is a faster recovery time than you used to have. Allow yourself to keep moving.

Our DNA is activating to bring in the new. You are welcome to join in that process. Parent your cells. Partner with your body. It’s a physical ascension process. Time to rise and shine!


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