*Biological Personality*

I have been posting about the dissolution of the ego for years now. The ego is nothing more than the keeper of our stories, both good and bad. Everyone has one. What matters is whether you identify as your ego, or as your soul. I highly recommend you start (or deepen) your identification with your soul, because it turns out the ego is located in your rapidly evolving cells.

You’ve heard me talk about the subconscious as cellular memory. Science has even shown that trauma is passed on genetically. The energy work I do (PSYCH-K) doesn’t do much if a person is physically toxic, with drugs or alcohol clogging up the cells. So it really shouldn’t be a shock that evolving DNA would effect personality. Shouldn’t be, but it really is anyway. I just didn’t quite grasp the genetic component.

I was thinking living a cleaner lifestyle was just part of the ascension process. And it is. There just isn’t the need to numb out as much, when you really make your spirituality a priority. But this is so much more fundamental. If our stories are held in our DNA, and DNA is changing… now what? You’r guess is as good as mine. It’s all new territory.

I can tell you my memories are more like a movie, than an actual experience. My die hard personality traits of dark humor and swearing like a sailor are dissolving rapidly. My mood is almost entirely based on how my body feels. It’s like I am no longer triggered by mental input (stories). And when my body is functioning well, the world is a happy place.

I also have more trust in the Universe than I have ever experienced. I was always a planner, with several back-up plans. Know what my plan is now? Meditate, and let myself be guided. The only way this is even possible is with newly activated DNA. I’m not the least bit concerned for the future. It’s almost like riding a ski lift – it will take me where I need to go, without my trying very hard. Might as well sit back and enjoy the ride.

Linear time is almost gone also. I have to write everything down, because once it happens I can’t tell if it’s been a week or a year. This is another area I’ve never had trouble with. I can tell you the month and year of every major life event, at least until this year. Living in the now is much easier, if I act the minute I think of something. Procrastination isn’t even possible in non-linear time.

If the world is getting very strange indeed, you aren’t alone. If you aren’t there yet, just know it’s coming. Everyone is on a different path, and we are all ascending at a different pace. I had my emotional awakening in 2014, and there are still many who haven’t opened that door yet. Not everyone will. But if you are reading this, the odds are you are on the ascension bus, not getting dragged behind it.

With all this presence and trust comes a definite lack of attachment. I just don’t care. Not in an apathetic or superior way, more like floating on a bliss cloud knowing everything is okay. I don’t care because everything is perfect, and we are supported and loved more than we can ever know. The physical has always seemed so dense and immovable. Now it seems like an ever changing landscape. If DNA is changing, everything is. Evolution is happening.

I have a couple tips for this process…
Detox – Carefully choose what you put in your body, because it’s also detoxing old cells. Support your body with gentle detox herbs (Herb Pharm has a good liver health and herbal detox). Take the supplements you need. Eat less, and consider fasting, if your body needs it. Lots of sleep and water.
Command & decree – Talk (out loud) to your body, always in a positive and loving way. Tell your DNA to only express perfect health. Tell your DNA to activate ascension codes, with grace and ease. Your body is listening.
Release – If you are having trouble releasing ego stories, I highly recommend Bach Flower Remedies. I use Chicory, for unconditional love. Also, meditation is priceless for keeping me unattached and centered.

I’m not sure where we will end up, but the carbon-based personality of old won’t be coming with us. You are so much more than your stories! Let’s see what’s next…


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