Brave New You

Shifts happen all the time. This one feels a bit bigger than most. June 17, 2019, keeps jumping to the front of my brain. I know June 2019 is a really big deal, just because we are finally getting back to our unhindered timelines, but the 17th… Anyway, preparation is the same, no matter how big the shift.

Release the old – On all levels, repeatedly. Physically detox, with herbs or fasting. Emotionally, feel it to heal it. Mentally, reframe your past experiences. Everything is fluid, if we just let go of keeping it the same. I love consistency and control, so I know what I’m asking here. Let go, so you can move forward. The only thing keeping us stuck is our stories.

Electro-magetic attraction – Thoughts are electric, and emotions are magnetic. We fire a thought, which causes an emotion, which attracts similar vibrations. Keeping your thoughts focused on gratitude will help you attract a brighter experience. Self-mastery is  mental mastery. Mind your mind.

Emotions without stories – When you feel something, just feel it. Without a story, it will pass quickly. Stories keep emotional chemicals trapped in the body, which requires detox later. These stored emotions return as the body detoxes. This makes it seem like emotions are coming out of nowhere, because they aren’t thought triggered, they are releasing physically (cellular memory). Don’t tie them to another story – let them go!

Support the body – Whatever your body needs, do it with gratitude. A nap? How wonderful it is to nap! Lots of water? How wonderful it is to have clean water to drink! Sitting in the sun? How wonderfully warm it is! You get the idea. Support your body, it’s doing a lot of work.

Connect – Meditation and nature. The Elemental Kingdoms are very present, and I have honestly never felt this connected to Gaia before. Walk barefoot. Spend time outside. Really feel what’s going on out there. Maybe even chat with a tree.

Childlike wonder – Remember when the world was new, and full of possibility? Find that place in yourself again. Let go of the stories, and the plans. Let the Universe surprise you. Your job is to align yourself (as described above), and then let life happen. Let the Universe co-create your perfect future. Only act when you are guided. Don’t push the river.

Play in the void of creation. Be brave enough to let go of plans, places, and people. Be brave enough to follow an easier (but unknown) path. Be a brave new you.


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