Dancing with the Divine

We have been doing the dance of creation all year, but now Spirit (our own Higher Selve) takes the lead. In a smooth dance, only one partner leads. It’s a challenge for all of us to “follow”, when we’ve been so conditioned to make things happen all the time. We are now asked to trust the path, at a level we’ve never experienced before. This is when we are moved onto a different timeline. If we surrender to it, it will be much smoother.

It’s still a dance, and both partners need to actively participate. You can’t go limp, and expect to be dragged. Well, I suppose you could, but it would be as painful as fighting for the lead. Let life guide you, and take steps in that direction.

This is embodiment. The true Divine Union of your body and your Higher Self. This is evolution in process. It’s incredibly uncomfortable, and yet, a wonder to behold. The waves of nausea are tied to Gaia’s electromagnet body (pole shift). The waves of exhaustion are tied to integration. The ringing in the ears is a download of new codes. The waves of anxiety are tied to the collapse of linear time. In addition, my eyesight is fluctuating dramatically, and I have an aversion to the sun. Not sure what those are tied to, but both are new for me.

Let the Divine move in – into your own body. Let the light of the new wash away the old. Let go of the ego stories. Make self-care the priority. You didn’t fail. You can’t “do” something to make this easier. Stop resisting evolution. This is happening. Best to support the process.

It’s okay if it isn’t easy. I’m actually terrified, but I’m still putting one foot in front of the other. I have been directed to go on a few road trips lately, and I do it, even when the ego is having a meltdown. I listen to my body, and rest whenever it needs. I even sit with the ego for its tantrums, but I don’t let it decide my course. It’s okay to have a considerable amount of resistance, just don’t mistake your story for the truth.

With all the physical and emotional turmoil going on, remember 2 things: Listen to your body, and keep the observer mind engaged. I feel everything, but I also step back and observer myself. It’s great both to notice patterns, and to keep from being consumed by the process. Care and compassion for the body is essential for it to do the work of ascension. Physical embodiment requires support for the physical vessel.

We were built for this. This is what we came for. You may want to revisit the 2019 energy forecast – 2019 Year of the Gathering. Welcome to the dance.


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